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First Visit[edit]

Jack Skellington

It's been awhile since we last heard from Jack Skellington. Sometime prior to this trip, he and Zero found a mysterious door on a tree in the Forest outside the Graveyard. He opened it, allowing some white stuff known as "snow" come out of it. Jack then fell in...

We then see a scarecrow in the Graveyard just outside of Halloween Town. Sora and his friends then walk up to it, and question if they are in Halloween Town. Donald then mentions that this world looks like Hallowee... wha? The party then notice the strange decorations around the town. Suddenly, Zero appears, spooking Donald and Goofy, yet Sora is glad to see him, and ask how he's been. Zero then heads towards the town, and you regain control.

As you can notice, Sora and his friends take on different forms in this world, much like back at Timeless River. In this world, like in the first game, Sora wears a black gothic outfit with a pumpkin mask covering his right eye. Donald is wrapped like a mummy, and Goofy wears stiched up clothing with a screw coming out of his head. If you talk to Donald, he'll mention that he didn't like being a mummy at first, but soon got used to it and even found it to be fun. Goofy will mention that, because Zero likes being around with Jack Skellington, maybe they should follow him. But before heading to the town, open all the treasure chests around the Graveyard.

In the Final Mix and 2.5 versions, Sora and his friends will take on an alternate form set while in Christmas Town, with Sora gaining a black jumper, gloves, and santa hat in exchange for his mask, fangs, and white gloves, but retaining the pants and shoes. Donald is turned into a snowduck, and Goofy becomes half-dog, half-reindeer.

Prison Keeper's rewards (PS2):

Sora = HP+ Donald = Hyper Healing Goofy = HP+ Jack = HP+

Oogie Boogie

Sora = Item Spot+ Donald = HP+ Goofy = Once More Jack = HP+

The reaction command "Fore!"; reminds me of golf. I'll should get to work on this soon... - Uxie


Once you beat Oogie Boogie, here are the next worlds. If this is completed before Agrabah, a cutscene with Kairi will play, unlocking Twilight Town. You also learn Magnet at this point, which is needed for Atlantica.

Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit the Pride Lands >>>>
Click here to visit Atlantica >>>>
Click here to visit Twilight Town >>>>

Second Visit[edit]


Sora = Item Slot+ Donald = HP+ Goofy = Auto Change Jack = HP+


Sora = HP+, Finishing Leap Donald = Jackpot Goofy = HP+ Jack = HP+

Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit the Pride Lands >>>> Click here to visit Twilight Town (original only) >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

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