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You enter this world after going through Merlin's door. This is the first of five worlds where Sora and his friends change form, since the party are given 1920s-style designs, with Donald and Goofy looking similar to their early shows. Sora's attire resembles his appearance from the first game, but now he is drawn in similar style to that of Osamu Tezuka's manga characters (such as Astro Boy and Black Jack) and is pre-1940s style.

You'll encounter a mysterious version of Pete (who was still a captain of his own steamboat), who asks the trio if they have seen any bad guys around here. The trio point at him, much to Captain Pete's shock. He then runs off towards the Pier. There is a Moogle Shop and a save point here, so save your game and follow Captain Pete. You'll find him on a jetty. Select the "Punish" reaction command to trigger a boss battle.

Boss Fight
Captain Pete TR KHII.png


HP- 123

EXP Gain- 0

Rewards- None

Difficulty-Very Easy

Strategy- Pete is an extremely weak boss. If he charges toward you, use About Face to send him the other way. He is resistant to all forms of magic, so it's best to just hit him with your keyblade.

After defeating Captain Pete, Goofy will suspect that Captain Pete may not be the same as the Pete they know, since he has not called up any Heartless. Goofy says sorry, but Captain Pete then demands that the trio find the thief that stole his boat if they really were sorry. Sora agrees, and they help Captain Pete (who hurt his back in the battle).

Later on, they find a window that shows four groups of Heartless (along with some jumping flames) go into windows just moments before the trio entered this world. Your main goal now is to flush out the Heartless from all four windows.

  • Building Site: Defeat all the Heartless before the structure colapess. When the balcony is shacking, use Triangle to spin the Keyblade around, doing major damage.
  • Lilliput: Defeat all the Heartless before the town is flattened. Use the cannons to send the Heartless flying.
  • Scene of the Fire: Defeat the Heartless before the fires consume the whole building. Use magic on the Hot Rods to easily dispatch them.
  • Mickey's House: Defeat the Heartless before the room is destroyed. Attacking the black hole will stop the suction.-->
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