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First Visit[edit]

A young lion cub is shown waiting in a Gorge. Suddenly, a herd of wildebeest begin to charge toward him. The cub, Simba, tries to get away from the stampede, but is unable to outrun them. He then tries to take refuge on a dead tree, but the force of the stampede is so great that it snaps, sending Simba flying. Suddenly, an adult male lion and father of the cub, Mufasa, catches him with his mouth, and takes him to safty on a cliff. However, Mufasa is still in danger of being crushed, and tries to climb the cliff to save himself. Simba tries to see his brave father climb, but soon, much to his horror, witnesses his father fall to his death in the stampede...


...only for Simba to wake up from his nightmare. Sometime after his father's death and his own exile, Simba was rescuced from dehydration by Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and warthog duo, who then took him in and raised him. Simba then heads towards the edge of the cliff, where a lion-shaped cloud watches over him.

Sometime later, Sora, Donald and Goofy land in this world, using beams of light. Thanks to the magic of his clothes givin to him back at the Mysterious Tower, the trio's forms were changed to suit this world's nature, with Sora becoming a brown lion cub, Donald becoming a flying bird and Goofy becoming a yellow tortoise. However, they are soon surronded by Hyenas. Sora tells them that they are just passing through, but the Hyenas want them to "stick around for lunch", even through the trio brought no food with them. Goofy the realizes that they are the lunch, causing the trio to run away. However, Sora trips over, not used to running on four legs. Banzai then attemps to bite his neck... only for Scar to roar out towards them. Banzai says that Scar's got the worse timing, and they go and see what he wants, sparing the lives of Sora and his friends.

Sora then mentions that things are harder on four legs, but Goofy was able to find a trick to it and shows him. You now have control of Sora. Because of his form, Sora can no longer use his drive forms, summon allies, or use certain abilities, but at the same time, gains new ones that would, otherwise, be impossible to use when a human. For example, Sora can run faster, and is able to cast spells at a faster rate. Donald and Goofy still have most of their abilities, but they lose their limits as a result of their new forms.

After you reunite with Simba, one of the chests will contain a Torn Page, which is needed for the 100 Acre Wood

Click here to do a quick visit to 100 Acre Wood >>>>

Once Simba joins the party, you get the Circle of Life Keychain.


Sora = HP+ Donald = HP+ Goofy = Lucky Lucky

Reaction Command: Call Over (call Pumbaa over towards Sora)


Sora = MP+ Donald = Fire Boost Goofy = HP+ Simba = HP+

Reaction Command(s):


Once you beat Scar, here are the next worlds.

Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>
Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit Twilight Town >>>>

Second Visit[edit]

In the original, PS2 version, this visit is optional, as Twilight Town can be accessed again after completing at least six worlds. In the Final Mix and 2.5 version, this visit is mandatory.


Sora = Accessory Slot+ Donald = HP+ Goofy = MP Rage Simba = HP+


Sora = HP+, Thunder Element Simba = HP+

Click here to visit Atlantica >>>>
Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>
Click here to visit Twilight Town (original only) >>>>

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