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Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum Logo KHII.png

First Visit[edit]

Upon entering this world, Sora, Donald and Goofy will be in the Underworld, -->

After defeating Cerberus, Sora and Auron run through the door. Sora then joins Donald and Goofy with making funny faces to taunt Cerberus just as the door shuts. -->.

Go through the door, and then you'll find yourself in a room with a while misty sheet overing half of the room. Jump down to the ground, then head for the next room, where Sora will put his left hand on his right sholder, and shake his right arm, commenting that the curse is starting to really get to him. Now, you must find the next door. There are three exits in this room: the one you came from, the one that will lead to a few hidden treasure chests for the preveous room, and a hidden one on the other side of the room.

Once there, go up the stairs, and out of the mist, where you will find a large room with the member of Organization XIII. He will remove his hood, and then regonise Sora as Roxas, confusing him. Demyx then use the Olympus Stone to rid himself of the curse, then will attack the party.

After defeating the clones, Demyx will leave the world. Sora will get more HP, Donald will learn MP Rage and Goofy will aquire more HP. Donald will then spot the Olympus Stone on the ground. He'll hand the stone to Sora, who then cures them of the curse. From this point onwards, Drive Forms are avalable in the Underworld. Now head to the next room, where you will find a save point, several tresure chests, and a large stone with a picture of Megera. Examon the stone, and a cutscene will show Sora unlocking the Keyhole. After saving the game, go down into a white room and you'll find Hades and Meg. Hades will leave but Pete will appear behind you.


Defeat the Heartless (don't worry about Pete for now) and protect Meg until Herc shows up.A cutscene will then show Herc appearing and he'll tell you to leave and get Meg out of here. However, Meg refuses to leave Herc, since he can't keep winning forever. Sora then decideds to stay behind and help Herc out.

After defeating Pete, Sora will learn Trinity Limit, Donald will aquire more HP, and Goofy will learn Hyper Healing. You will automatically be taken back to the Underworld Entrance, where you will encounter Hades, who hints that something is wrong with the Coliseum. After saving the game, head back to the Coliseum, where you now find it in ruins, and with a Hydra attacking it. Hercules loses his will to fight, though Phil, Meg and Pegasus will help with this battle.

After defeating the Hydra, Sora will learn Thunder as well as obtain more HP. Donald will gain a new armor slot and Goofy will get more HP. However, Herc will still continue to blame himself for failing to defeat the Hydra, and Meg tells Sora that she'll take care of him. Sora then hands back the Olympus Stone to Herc, but it soon glows, revealing another gate.

Olympus Coliseum is one of the first three worlds visited in the game. If it is the third world, a cutscene with Maleficent talking to Pete will show, then another with Queen Minnie, which will then unlock Disney Castle. If Olympus Coliseum is the second world completed without a single leave, then you will automatically be taken to Hollow Bastion.

Click here to visit The Land of Dragons >>>>
Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>>
Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>
Click here to visit Disney Castle >>>>

Second Visit[edit]


Sora = MP+, Counterguard Donald = Accessory Slot Goofy = HP+ Auron = HP+

Click here to visit Port Royal >>>> Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

Pain and Panic Cup

Cerberus Cup

Titan Cup

Goddess of Fate Cup

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