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First Visit[edit]

Sora, Donald and Goofy enter this world, where they'll notice that this world is kinda different, before hear some people screaming. You'll then gain control of the party, where you'll notice that the HP/MP bars are different color than in most worlds. At the Rampart, there will be a save point and a Moogle Shop. Upon reaching the port, you'll encounter Captain Barbossa chatting with Pete, who tells the cat that he and his men are undead pirates. Pete tells the pirate captain to stay clear of Sora and his friends, especially under the full moon. Sora then appears, and Barbossa will then send some pirates out to attack him, while the others go off into the town. At first, they are immune to all attacks. A cutscene then reveals their true forms. Pete will also say that they are weak against magic; use magic to take them out.

Some of the pirates have ran off into the Town to go after a Medallion. One is shown kidnapping a woman, Elizabeth Swann. A man, Will Turner, goes after them, only to be confronted by Heartless. After defeating the Heartless, run back to the port, where you'll see the pirate ship out to sea. A pirate on the Interceptor will explain that Elizabeth is gone, since the Black Pearl is uncatchable. Will asks him to take them to her, explaining that this is a debut for the time Will broke him out of prison. Besides, he needs a crew. The pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, agrees and lets them on board. He'll then join the party.

Party Member
Jack Sparrow KHII.png

Captain Jack Sparrow

Type- Offensive

Weapon- Skill and Crossbones

Abilites -

  • No Mercy
  • Rain Storm
  • Bone Smash

Limit-Bluff: The Limit begins by having Jack produce a treasure chest which Sora opens, creating a vortex that draws enemies towards it. Afterwards, Jack leaps into the air, and Jackknife causes him to slash the trapped enemies, while Slasher causes Sora to attack them while on the ground. The finishing move is Final Trap, in which the enemies remain hovering in the air as Jack drops a bomb inside the chest and Sora closes the lid. Jack lands next to Sora, and the two look at each other before fleeing to either side as the chest explodes, damaging nearby enemies.

Description - Jack is an extremely offensive fighter, and a skilled swordsman. He uses his weapon, the Skill and Crossbones for his normal attacks, and to deliver the powerful No Mercy ability. He is also shown to be skilled with other weapons, as the Rain Storm ability consists of him throwing knives at enemies, while Bone Smash consists of him throwing bombs in groups of three at opponents.

It's revealed that Barbossa and his men are cursed because of the Aztec Treasure that was brought to Cortéz many years ago. To rid themselves of it, they need to bring all 882 Medallions back with the blood of every soul who touched it on each coin. Elizabeth told Barbossa's crew that her surname is Turner, leading him to believe she is Bootstrap Bill Turner's daughter. Bootstrap had touched the Medallion before, so Barbossa needs his blood to reverse the curse; but turns out Bootstrap is nowhere to be found, and that's why Barbossa has been looking for Bootstrap's children who inherited his blood.

Jack Sparrow knows where Barbossa and his crew are heading to, thanks to his magic compass: the Isla de Muerta, an island that cannot be found except for those who already know where it is. Talk to Jack, then select that location. An ambush involving the Heartless and the pirates will begin. You can either defeat them all, or run into into the ship, exit, then select the location again (which will not trigger a second ambush). Upon reaching that place, Jack tells Sora and his friends to stay with the ship and guard it. He then leaves the party. Sora soon becomes worried about them, and decides to go check up on them. Save the game at the save point, then head towards the next part of the island. Meanwhile, Barbossa and his crew celebrate the obtainment of the final Medallion, and prepare to end their curse...

When you reach the next location, Will and Elizabeth are shown running from the pirates that have been sent after them. Sora tells the blacksmith to get the ship ready and give out a singal once they are ready to go. Now, you must spend one minute fighting the Heartless and pirates. Defeat as many as you can, but remember to heal should Sora's HP gets low. After the battle ends, Sora will notice smoke coming from the Interceptor, and regonises it as the signal.

You'll automatically return to the Interceptor. Sora asks where Jack is. Earlier, before the ambush, Jack and Will were spying on Barbossa, who manages to extract some of Elizabeth's blood onto the Medallion, then make her drop it into the chest. However, the curse remains, and she exposes that she is not the daughter of Bootstrap Bill Turner, making the crew furious. Jack attempts to enter the scene, but Will whacks him with an oar, not able to trust him, then manages to rescue Elizabeth from the undead pirates, causing the chase. The five then suggest that they return to Port Royal.

Talk to Will, then select Port Royal. Another ambush will begin; either defeat the foes or run inside, exit, then talk to Will again. Meanwhile, Elizabeth will reveal that she, all along, had the Medallion that Will obtained from his father as a child. The reason why she stole it was because she feared that he was a pirate, which causes Will to relise that it's his father's blood that Barbossa needs to break the curse.

The party is soon attacked by Barbossa and his crew, who have taken Sparrow onboard their ship as a hostage. Sora finds Will's Medallion just before the battle.

The pirates are invincible unless under moonlight, so try to keep them in the moonlight. They are weak against Thunder and Blizzard (and Fire in the Japanese version), so use those to your advantage. Don't let Sora be attacked, as there is a chance he will drop the Medallion; if a pirate takes it, a time limit will begin, and if the pirate is not defeated in time, it's game over. Attacking the Black Pearl with the cannons by using the reaction command "Cannon Bomb" can make things easier.

The party's rewards are more HP for Sora and Goofy, and the Draw ability for Donald. After the battle, the pirates have taken Elizabeth hostage, and Barbossa demands the Medallion in exchange for her life, along with Sparrow's. However, Will quickly appears, revealed to have survived his fall, and tells the pirates that he is the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, and demands that the pirates release Elizabeth, as well as Sora, Donald and Goofy, who are now hostages, otherwise he will pull his trigger and "be lost to Davy Jones' Locker". However, his plan backfires with the help of Pete, who knocks him out with an oar and carries him away.

Barbossa's crew tie the party up and leave them inside the Interceptor along with Sparrow and Elizabeth, with five pots of gunpowder outside, waiting to blow up. Sparrow manages to escape his bonds then unties the others after the cutscene ends. You now have a chance to save the game.

Once you are ready, head out to the deck. Your main goal is to knock the barrels of gunpowder into the ocean before they explode; if you let one barrel explode, it's game over. The Heartless will attack the barrels to hasten the explosions. One easy way is to disable your party members' Auto Limit, along with any auto abilities that Sora would know (such as Auto Summon, then run to each barrel without attacking any Heartless, putting all focus onto the barrels. Once they are all knocked into the ocean, Sora will gain another Item Slot, Donald will obtain more HP, Goofy will learn Second Chance, and Jack Sparrow will obtain more HP.

After the battle, you are automatically taken to the Isla de Muerta. There are plently of treasure chests to be found here, so make sure you open them. Some are hidden behind TNT Boxes; attack them to blow them up. Soon, you'll reach the end of the path, where you will fight Barbossa and the Illuminator.

  • Boss: Barbossa and Illuminator

Barbossa will start the battle by summoning the Illuminator; find it by searching for it's glowing eyes. Take out the Heartless, then simpally pound Barbossa with magic until you run out of MP. You may also use the "Twin Counter" reaction command with Jack to further damage Barbossa. The Illuminator will be called again every often, so look for it's eyes. Sometimes, after being found, the Illuminator will move to another spot, so just keep an eye out. Also, don't let Jack's HP run out, otherwise it's game over; heal him when needed. You can also use Drive Forms in this battle, as there is no risk of Antiform in this battle.

After the battle, Sora will learn Aerial Finish, and his Drive Gauge will power up with an extra bar, while Donald obtains more HP, Goofy learns Teamwork and Auto Limit, and Jack Sparrow obtains more HP. After the cutscene, you'll obtain the Follow the Wind Keychain, and the routes to Agrabah and Halloween Town are unlocked.

Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>

Second Visit[edit]

Grim Reaper I

Sora = Summon Boost Donald = HP+ Goofy = Draw Jack = HP+

Peter Pan

Between these two battles, a chest in the Intercepter remains will grant you the Feather Charm, allowing you to summon Peter Pan

Grim Reaper II

Sora = Magnet Element Donald = Flare Force Goofy = HP+ Jack = HP+

You may now do the "Ursula's Revenge" part in Atlantica

Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>>
Click here to visit The Land of Dragons >>>>
Click here to visit Atlantica >>>>
Click here to visit Agrabah >>>>
Click here to visit Halloween Town >>>>

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