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First Visit[edit]

The first thing you'll see is the world's logo. After it fades, you'll spot Sora on the ground in the Canyon. He slowly wakes up and gets off the ground, then checks out his new armor. Suddenly, he hears Donald calling out his name. He and Goofy have been captured by some Heartless. Sora then tells them to "show 'em who's boss", but suddenly, a mysterious man appears. The man, Sark, is revealed to be a Heartless Commander, and even proves it by ordering the Heartless to start derezzing Donald and Goofy right in front of Sora, who then surrenders.

A few cycles later, the trio are locked inside a Pit Cell. Sora asks where they were, then a man behind them says that they are in a mainframe computer system. The man then says that the system is a copy of the one created by EMCOM, updated and edit by Ansem for his own personal use, while the orginal one was mysteriously destroyed. He then introduces himself as Tron, a security program.


Sora and his friend have no idea what Tron was saying, and then Goofy suggests that they introduce themselves. Based on their speech, Tron thinks that they are users from the outside world, and decides to help them escape, before the Master Control Program (better known as the MCP) catches them and derezzes them. A nearby terminal could have let them out, but the MCP had already cut the power 50 cycles ago. But if they can restore the power, they can escape. But they are stuck inside the cell. However, Sora gets an idea...

You now have control again. First, you should attack the barrier and collect the orbs that are dropped from it. After collecting enough, use the reaction command to destroy the barrier.

Meanwhile, Sark and the MCP are in the middle of a talk. Sark wants to derezz Tron, but the MCP has not yet found the password to the DTD. Suddenly, news of the breakout reach them, and the MCP dismisses Sark... End of Line.

Now it's time to find the power source. Tron will offer his assistance and will then join the party. There is a save point behind you, so save the game first. A Moogle Shop is also found in this cell, so cash in your synthesis items, then open the two chests outside the cell. Now take the lift out to the Canyon.

Once there, head out to the computer in the middle of the junkyard, and a small cutscene will begin. You should open the Treasure Chests first, and maybe talk to your allies and see what they are saying.

  • Two Minute Warning

One of the pieces of core is missing. Now, you have two minutes to find the piece. It is the pink one. It's not that easy, as once you reach it, the junk will start spinning again. Attack the junk to collect the orbs needed to freeze the computer. Once it is frozen, approach the pink crate and you'll win this challenge. If you are lucky, you might find the needed core piece among the pieces you are attacking.

After completing this, Sora will use his Keyblade to insert the piece into the core, completing it and restoring power. Now just head back to the Pit Cell, and another cutscene will begin.

During the dataspace battle, I forgot to check on the party's rewards. I checked the stats, and I can tell you that Donald learns Thunder Boost, while the others get more HP.


Sora = HP+ Donald = Thunder Boost Goofy = HP+ Tron = HP+

Hostile Program

Sora = Drive Gauge+, Horizontal Slash Donald = HP+ Goofy = Jackpot Tron = HP+

As of this battle, you now have enough Drive Bars to do Under the Sea in Atlantica, but you have to return to Hollow Bastion first.

Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>
Click here to visit Atlantica >>>>

Third Visit[edit]

This visit is actually optional, but we recommend that you visit this place.

Solar Sailer

Sora = HP+ Donald = MP Hastera Goofy = HP+ Tron = HP+

Sark and MCP

Sora = HP+; Reflect Element Donald = HP+ Goofy = Accessory Slot+ Tron = HP+

Click here to visit Twilight Town >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

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