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First Visit[edit]

This is one of the first Disney worlds in the game. Upon landing, a cutscene will begin involving your old ally, Mushu, along with a young man named Ping. After this humorous cutscene, Ping will join the party.

Ping cannot be swapped out at this point. You'll also encounter a Moogle Shop. Every time you see one of these, be sure to talk to the Moogle and visit the "Synthesis" section. The Moogle will take note on how many Materials you have gathered and will give you prizes every time a quota is filled. Now, walk down the path and you'll reach a camp. Walk to the line of soldiers, and a cutscene will begin, which will introduce you to Yao, Ling, Chien Po and Captain Li Shang. During the cutscene, a group of Heartless will attack the camp. You must fight them, but don't let the Morale Gauge on the top left corner of the screne run out, otherwise it's game over. The gauge will go down everytime Ping is attacked.

After the battle, the Captain will allow Sora, Donald and Goofy into his army, but will turn down Ping. Sora asks the captain to give Ping another chance, in which he accepts. Now you must do three missions:

  • The Surprise Attack

Description: A strange figure was seen at the Checkpoint! Head there quickly and defeat the enemy!
Defeat 15 Heartless before the Morale Gauge runs out. The bar is connected to a timer.

  • The Ambush

Description: A mob is heading for the Checkpoint. Stop them while keeping an eye out for strange enemies!
Defeat all the Heartless at the Checkpoint without letting the Morale Gauge runs out. It will only drop if Sora is hit by the Assault Riders.

  • The Search

Description: It seems the enemy has invaded the camp. Defeat every enemy you encounter!
Defeat all eight Heartless before the Morale Gauge runs out. The bar is connected to a timer. Use Fire on the tents to spawn out the hidden Heartless.

After clearing The Search, you'll obtain an AP Boost-->

  • Boss: Shan-Yu and Hayabusa

In the first stages of the battle, Shan-Yu will continue to send some Nightwalkers towards the door; the gauge will go down if the door is attacked, so keep collecting the orbs that are dropped. If the gauge becomes empty, it's game over. Shan-Yu's attacks are mostly focused on Sora, so make sure you have at least one Potion on hand. Sometimes, Shan-Yu's attacks will collide with Sora; if this happens, keep pressing Triangle to perform the reaction command "Press"; if sucessful, press Triangle again to perform "Takedown".

Later in battle, when Shan-Yu has only half of his HP left, he'll begin to use a dark sweep across the field. He will always aim at Sora, so watch out. Jump to dodge, or use Guard to enter another collision.

After you defeat Shan-Yu, Sora will get five more HP, and an Aerial Sweep ability. Donald will get 4 more HP, Goofy will get Goofy Turbo ability and Mulan will get twenty more HP. Shan-Yu's sword is revealed to be the item that unlocks the Gate to the next world. Sora then obtains the Hidden Dragon Keychain.

If The Land of Dragons is the first world completed, the route to Olympus Coliseum will be unlocked, and you can enter either Beast's Castle or Olympus Coliseum (after completing the routes on the Gummi Ship for each). If this was the second world completed, and you have not exited this world or Beast's Castle during each trip, you will be automatically taken to Hollow Bastion. If this is the third world completed, Disney Castle is unlocked.

Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>>
Click here to visit Olympus Coliseum >>>>
Click here to visit Hollow Bastion >>>>
Click here to visit Disney Castle >>>>

Second Visit[edit]

Once you have completed the Battle of the 1,000 Heartless, a new storyline here is unlocked.

Sora and co visit the town ruins, where they encounter what appears to be a member of Organization XIII. Mulan appears and explains that she is also following him. The party decide to go together, and Mulan rejoins.

According to Mulan, there is a rumor that a spy in black is wondering the mountains. Suddenly a whored of Rapid Thrusters appear and attack the four. Sora spots the man in black, and fights him.

The man escapes, but he seems to wield a familiar weapon. After the cutscene, your party rejoins you. Head to the next area to trigger a cutscene, where you encounter the Storm Rider.

Storm Rider

Sora = Thunder Element (Thundara) Donald = HP+ Goofy = Tornado Fusion Mulan = HP+

Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>>
Click here to visit Olympus Coliseum >>>>
Click here to visit Port Royal >>>>
Click here to visit 100 Acre Wood >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

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