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First Visit[edit]

Hollow Bastion will serve as your homebase in this game. When you first appear Sora, Donald and Goofy will run up to a stone wall and will regonise this place as Hollow Bastion, with Goofy comenting on that this world is different, somehow. He'll then spot some Soldiers on the rooftops of the shops, and will comment that they might have to do some fighting.

Once you regain control of the party, head down the stairs and you'll notice some shops, along with a Moogle shop, which can be used to cash in your Synthises items. You should also speak with Scrooge McDuck, who is trying to remember an ice cream flavour, but is having trouble with it. Goofy also reveals to Sora that Scrooge is Donald's uncle, and that he is very rich.

Second Visit[edit]

Chicken Little

You will be automatically taken to this world after visiting any two of the following three worlds: The Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum. You cannot leave this world at all during this trip.

Turns out that Merlin summoned us over for a suprise: he found the 100 Acre Wood's book in the Zero District and, knowing that Sora is good friends with Winnie the Pooh, decided to summon the party over to break the news. However, Merlin soon heads off to find Leon and the others. Sora decides to go into the book and see how Pooh is doing.

Gameplay resumes. The door outside is locked, and the save point will not let you leave this world. To go further in with the story, talk to Donald, and enter the book...

Click here to visit 100 Acre Wood >>>>

Sora had been chucked out of the 100 Acre Wood after Pooh suddenly froze in midair. Turns out that Donald used his magic to summon him, due to the Heartless threat. Sora then ran outside, leaving the book to be stolen by three Soldiers.

In this battle, just attack like normal. Use Fire if the Heartless get close to Sora.

Sora then wonders if the book is okay. Goofy suggested that Sora return inside to check on Pooh. You'll be automatically returned to the 100 Acre Wood.

Click here to visit 100 Acre Wood >>>>

As it turns out, the Heartless tore out some pages, affecting Pooh's memories, explaining why he cannot remember Sora or Piglet or any of his other friends. The party agree to keep this a secrect with Merlin for now. Just before you leave, Merlin will grant Sora with the power to Summon allies in battle, like with Mushu and Simba last time. Your first summonable ally will be Chicken Little.

After the cutscene ends, a brief tutorial will show you where you can summon, and how. You'll then automatically leave Hollow Bastion.

Click here to visit The Land of Dragons >>>>
Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>>
Click here to visit Olympus Coliseum >>>>

Third Visit[edit]

You'll be required to visit this world to further advance with Disney Castle. Upon landing, a cutscene will begin. Something is wrong in the castle, and Goofy sugests that they get Merlin to help. Merlin appears, and when he asks if the party has learned anything since the last visit, Donald explains that the castle is in danger, and Queen Minnie needs his help. During this cutscene, you'll be automatically taken back to Disney Castle (via Merlin's magic)

Click here to visit Disney Castle >>>>

Fourth Visit[edit]

If you have not completed either Agrabah, Halloween Town or the Pride Lands, we recommend that you do them before entering Hollow Bastion.

The party starts again in the shops, there they spot Heartless and Nobodies all over the place. After the cutscene, head towards the Moogle Shop, where a cutscene with Cloud will play. After that, head towards Merlin's House, where it's revealed that Leon and Aerith have found the computer that Ansem the Wise used during his reaserch. After the cutscene ends head towards the Bailey, where you'll meet a trio of fairies who appear to work for Maleficent

Soon, you'll reach the exit of the castle, where a save point and some more treasure chests await. Aerith will explain that the king is very interested with the computer. The cutscene ends. Head to the entrance (this is your last chance to save the game, though). Inside, a strange blue monster will climb the ceilings, but the party does not see him. Head through until you reach the back, and then you'll find yourself in a room... without a computer. A woman named Tifa will enter the room and ask if the party has seen "a guy with spiky hair"? Sora pulls his hair to show it's spiky, thinking she wants to see HIM, but Tifa says "spikier", which the party delines. Tifa will look around the room, but soon gets frustrated and punches the wall... so hard that it causes a rumble. Tifa then leaves the room, and Leon appears.

Talk to Leon, and he'll reveal a secret passage to the computer. Head towards the computer room, and a cutscene will begin. Sora attempts to ask the computer for the locations of Riku and Kairi, but Leon tells him to be easy, since Sora, how's probably never seen a computer before, can break it. Suddenly, the blue monster from eariler, Stitch, appears and lands on the keyboard. Donald then tackles him to chase him off. He turns around in an angry matter, but suddenly, a voice claiming to be the Master Control Program is alerted, explaining that further violation of the computer will result on punishment. However, Donald, while attemping to get off, accidently steps on another button. This angers the MCP, who then puts the trio and Leon under arrest.


A few seconds later, Leon, who is at a safe spot, suddenly notices a beam coming from the back of the room, and tells Sora and his friends, who are in danger, to run, but it was too late, as the trio are hit by the beam and pulled into the computer system, in front of a horrified Leon.

Click here to visit Space Paranoids >>>>

Fifth Visit[edit]

You've escaped from the computer system, and tell Leon about what your object is. Once gameplay is resumed, investigate the doodle that was behind the painting of Ansem. This will trigger a long cutscene where you are finally reunited with King Mickey. After this, you gain Master Form. Your main object here is to go back into the computer world and keep your promise to Tron. Before you do, open the chest that's now present; you get the Ukulele Charm, which allows you to summon Stitch.

Click here to revisit Space Paranoids >>>>

Sixth Visit[edit]

With thanks to Tron, the party was able to access the DTD. Before you continue on, you should head back to Atlantica and do the next song.

Click here to do a quick visit to Atlantica >>>>

Exit the room. Your first battle will involve several Heartless and Nobodies. Take them out, and you'll see cutscenes involving the Gullwings and Sephiroth. Save the game, then head towards the next area, where you'll fight several Nobodies. After that, you'll be taken to the Bailey, where Sora will see his friends fight the Heartless, with Yuffie being healed by Aerith, Stitch attacking with his blasters, the Gullwings luring one Heartless off a cliff before being chased by others, then Leon and Cloud fighting several Heartless side-by-side. Cloud then encounters Sephiroth, then goes after him as Tifa appears, who is then surrounded by Heartless, which she fights with her arm-to-arm combate.

King Mickey appears and tells the party to leave, as there is already a lot of help here. Donald and Goofy pretend to agree, but the party soon runs off to help their friends. They soon encounter Demyx.

Dammit: Demyx. Quite possibally the 2nd hardest boss prior to The World That Never Was, only beaten by Xaldin in Beast's Castle

I lost the first time I faced the David Bowie parody, because I failed to kill the last water clone in time during the second round. I managed to pass the second time with these: Knocksmash x2; at least 2 Ethers; Ether in the quick-select. Let's just hope there is no powerout (as there is a thunderstorm in my city today), as I am in no mood for a third round, y'know.


Sora = Armor+; Blizzard Upgrade (Blizzara) Donald = Blizzard Boost Goofy = HP+

After this battle, Goofy will be hit in the head by a rock, and will be KOed. He'll leave the party. During the next battle, Donald will be absent, as well.

During this part, Sora will have to go through a path. Several allies (Yuffie, Leon, Tifa and Cloud) will appear and assist Sora in battle.

Once you reach the Crystal Fissure, Goofy will rejoin, revealing that he was unharmed from the blow to the head because of all these years of being "bumped in the head". As he surrendered all his equipment eariler, none of his abilities will be active, so re-equip them, as well as any accessory and armor he was wearing.

You also get a map and some Torn Pages here, but you need to clear the 1,000 Heartless Battle, watch the cutscenes, and re-enter Hollow Bastion before you can return to the 100 Acre Wood.

Both Donald and Goofy are absent in this battle, so that means Sora will be fighting alone. Though this battle looks deadly, it's actually quite easy, especially in contrast to the battle with Demyx earlier. The Heartless can be taken down with magic, Trinity Limit, or by the reaction commands "Snag" and "Rising Sun" (In the Final Mix version, one can also use Limit Form). Your main goal is to defeat all 1,000 of the Heartless, which can take a while, but is otherwise an easy battle.

1,000 Heartless

Sora = Guard Break

And that's that. Cutscenes are now, where you'll learn more about Organization XIII and their plot. During the cutscenes, Sora and that will obtain a Photo (with Hayner, Pence, Olette and Roxas) and some Ice Cream. Once you regain control, you are back on the Gummi Ship. You can now visit one of the following three worlds: The Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Port Royal. If you have not yet visited Atlantica, you should go now, since you know have 5 Bars on the Drive Gauge (and you've had them since the Hostile Program battle in Space Paranoids)

Click here to visit The Land of Dragons >>>> Click here to visit Beast's Castle >>>> Click here to visit Port Royal >>>>

Seventh Visit[edit]

The Claymores are going haywire, and Sora suspects that Organization XIII is up to no good again. Gameplay resumes. Head towards Merlin's House and, you'll be ambushed by some Heartless... from Space Paranoids (the song that plays is even the battle theme for that world!) Defeat the Heartless and enter the house, where you'll learn that the MCP has taken control of the town. Your main object now is to head towards Ansem's Study. Be careful of the Claymores, as they're under the MCP's control, and will attack the party when given the chance.

Once you reach the lab, a cutscene will begin. After it ends, access the computer and select the Pit Cell. You will begin your third and final visit in Space Paranoids.

Click here to revisit Space Paranoids >>>>

When You Return...[edit]

Click here to visit the Cavern of Remembrance >>>>

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