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""Everyone wants to eat, but no one wants to be eaten.""
Name Darkheart
Title The Darkness in your Heart
Gender Male
Birthday 21st November
Homeworld Disney Castle
Other Residents Radiant Garden, The Realm of Darkness
Weapon Ultima+, X-Blade
Weapon Type Increase all attributes by Infinite
Trained under Master Mickey Mouse
Attribute Awesomeness

Hey there, and welcome to my profile. I'm Darkheart3, although I prefer Darkheart or DH3. I arrived just in time for the Keyblade War, lucky me! I am a huge fan of Organization XIII and the Darkness. Anyway Kingdom Hearts is absolutely my favorite game and one day I wish to win and own all of them!



If you desire to be friends with me, simply contact me on my talk page, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible :)


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快一点 给我 冰淇凌 !!!



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About Me


Ok, so i'm 12 years old, quite short, and left-handed. The first ever wiki I joined was the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, followed by the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki, the Sonic News Network Wiki, and The World Ends With You Wiki. I'm quite smart for my age, and love gaming. My favourite series of are the Kingdom Hearts series, followed by TWEWY and Sonic. I like to try and challenge myself, by going for Secret Reports, and extra Boss Battles and such.

My Kingdom Hearts Experience


Kingdom Hearts: A Vague Memory

My Kingdom Hearts Experience started off like most others. Pure luck. I was visiting a friend who had a broken arm. He was playing Kingdom Hearts and was fighting the Dream Darkside. He obviously didn't know you didn't have to win, and kept resetting it just before he died. I volunteered to take over for him, playing the game right up to the Guard Armor with no problems. However, by then it was getting late, so we headed back home.

Kingdom Hearts II: Memories Returned

3 years later, I was browsing through local retail store "The Warehouse". I noticed a game called Kingdom Hearts II among the shelves. Vaguely remembering the appearances of Disney characters Donald and Goofy, I persuaded my Mum to buy it for me. Two weeks straight I played the game, my memories of Kingdom Hearts coming to the surface. Parts of the storyline were still touchy, but I was so hooked I didn't care.

Kingdom Hearts: Replay

Once again, while browsing at "The Warehouse" I came upon Kingdom Hearts. Eager to know Sora's backstory, I persuaded my Mum to buy it for me. Another two weeks I was hooked, and it was then that my memories came to the surface, and I finally fully understood the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Or so I thought.

Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A Gift From the Heavens

While browsing the internet, by pure luck, I stumbled upon this wonderful site dubbed the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. Eager to know more about the series, I made an account under the name of Darkheart3. It was there that I discovered new friends, and the valuable knowledge that were even more games out there I didn't know about.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Nobody's Tale

For Christmas 2010 I recieved... a XL! And... wait for it... Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days!! I don't think I ever stopped playing it. Two weeks... three weeks... a month, I discovered the truth behind Organization XIII, and the importance of an unknown character, Xion.

The Keyhole: Starting Anew

The most daunting moment then came. The split from wikia, and the beginning of a very long war. I remained here at The Keyhole, editing at my own will. I did not care about the other wiki, for I was a simple pawn created to edit, and nothing more.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded: Plunging Through the Data

For the third time, while browsing at The Warehouse, I came upon the latest edition in the Kingdom Hearts series - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. I played and I played and I played. In fact i'm still playing. After discovering the secret ending, I was dying to know what was set to appear in the following games.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Living In A Dream

And now I am the proud owner of a 3DS, ensuring my ownership of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.



Kingdom Hearts

  • Complete Standard Mode
  • Complete Expert Mode
  • Unlock Secret Ending
  • Complete Jiminy's Journal
  • Obtain all weapons
  • Defeat all optional bosses
  • Win all Coliseum tournaments
  • Create a walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • Complete Beginner Mode
  • Complete Standard Mode
  • Complete Proud Mode
  • Obtain all Secret Reports
  • Obtain all gear
  • Unlock all Mission Mode characters
  • Create a walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Complete Beginner Mode
  • Complete Standard Mode
  • Complete Proud Mode
  • Complete Jiminy's Journal
  • Obtain all keyblades
  • Defeat Sephiroth
  • Win all coliseum tournaments
  • Create a walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

  • Complete Beginner Mode
  • Complete Standard Mode
  • Complete Proud Mode
  • Compete Critical Mode
  • Complete the Bug Report
  • Obtain all keyblades
  • Unlock Secret Ending
  • Complete the Stat Matrix
  • Obtain all trophies
  • Clear all System Sectors
  • Complete all Quests
  • Defeat Bug Roxas
  • Create a walkthrough




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