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Gender Male
Date of Birth 13-04-96
Original Name Sam
  • Walkthrough Writer
  • Advisor
  • Mentor
Sig  Shadow 30pxdissiconff4kain1.png
Friend Userbox
userkuckiki.jpg This user fights Hollows alongside Shadow.
Theme Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Instrumental)


Hello there, It is I the one and only DarkestShadow, now that I tricked you into clicking my name, let us get down to the important stuff, I don't edit here as much as I will be on our sister site of [] and I don't plan on doing much here, I'm just saying that I'm here to look around this place as your guest.

Journal Entry


One of the remnants from the rift, He decided that he would fight the creatures from the Darkness known only as Vandals and save this place from death.

Kingdom Hearts Wiki -2011

Journal Entry 2


Back from the dead he has come to help this wiki become more friendly to fans, writing Walkthroughs and destroying Vandals.

Kingdom Hearts Wiki -2011

To do list

  • Finish the rest of BbS walkthrough
  • Be awesome



I'm of average build for a 15 (nearly 16) year old, reddish hair and Blue eyes. I usually dress in a black or white football shirt, or just whatever I can find in my wardrobe, with a white or black jacket (depending on what I feel like) and Jean shorts.



My personality is one of differing aspects, I prefer to stay quiet, yet when someone yells at my friends I yell at them, but overall I'm a pretty nice guy, I don't tend to speak about myself often though, so if you wanna know more you better ask over there ;)



If we're friends then your userbox should be below, if we and it ain't then you haven't given it to me yet ;) and if we aren't then just ask on my talk page, I don't bite... most of the time

Crown (Silver) KHIIFM.png This user had an audience with the mighty King of the Darkness.
This user battled their way through the End of the World to reach FinalRest.
Template:User LegendAqua
roxas4roxas.jpg This user sits on top of the Clock Tower to eat Ice-Cream with their good friend Roxas.
Simba-Roar-Userbox.png This user is a friend of Soxra and just can't wait for him to be king.
Ending 03 KHII.png This user and their good friend Darkheart3 are inseperable.
UserRoxas02.png This user is a good friend of RoxasNobody, who knows originality is for chumps.
After journeying through the void for time immemorial, DarkestShadow stumbled upon the man with obsidian wings...
Ventus's Wayfinder (Art).png An unbreakable bond: This user and Superdog will always remain friends.
DaysDemyxHappy.png This user helped Synchblade on his quest to find Sora, the key bearer.
No watermark This User is a friend of the Australian Hero, Axeken.
Template:User chihuahuaboy
Heartless Emblem.png This user is lost in the endless darkness of CaelumLucisCaliga.
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UserSaxAvatar_zps8693ce95.png This user is a good friend of Saxisai.
Template:User OATHOBLIVION Template:User DDR Template:User CriticalMeltdown
DL Sprite Terra Icon 1 KHBBS.png This user helps bring balance between light and darkness with the aid of Master Vantius

After journeying through the void for time immemorial, DarkestShadow stumbled upon the man with obsidian wings...
Template:User Saxima
riza22-1.jpg This user's back is entrusted well with a real sharpshooter watching over.
uHBQ84k.png Mirror Mirror. This user is friends with the loneliest of them all.
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joshua_by_hnfnation-d2z23wf.gif This user is a trusted colleague, companion, associate, and friend of The Ever-Present Gnome.
UserVentus.png This user helped Secret agent clank to unmask Vanitas and destroy the χ-Blade!
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_Dan da Man36.
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