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Status on Final Fantasy XIII:

Ceased...been confiscated for months now...

Journal Entry:

Barely a month left of school~ Sea salt ice cream is calling~

Name Xion Auora732
Title The Phoenix of the Wind/ KazeXyphus
Gender Female
Birthday June IX
Residence Twilight Town
Other Residence United States
Weapon Oathkeeper, Wayward Wind
Attribute Wind, EXOtic, Shawol, Sone, Cassiopeia, A+, VIP, B2UTY

Appearence and Personality

Simple facts:

  • Female
  • Fanatic about Kingdom Hearts
  • Likes reading Japanese mangas
  • K-pop fan~
  • Likes about almost everything Japanese and Korean
  • Will be friends with YOU!

Kingdom Hearts and Me

  • Introduced to Kingdom Hearts by: Oath
  • Started in MMX.
  • Favorite character: Xion

twobecomeoneleft.png Nobody.png twobecomeoneright.png

Kingdom Hearts games

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • Beat the game
  • Unlock every character in mission mode
  • Defeat the Dustflier
  • Get the game
  • Get over level LV


Mission 01: Learn Mission Basics
Mission 02: Learn the Basics of Combat
Mission 03: Learn About Your Field Duties
Mission 08: Eliminate the Watchers
Mission 09: Collect Hearts
Mission 11: Eliminate the Guardian 
Mission 15: Investigate This New World
Mission 16: Eliminate the Fire Plants
Mission 19: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 20: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 21: Collect Hearts
Mission 22: Eliminate the Sergeant
Mission 23: Search for Xion
Mission 24: Investigate the Desert Cave
Mission 25: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 26: Destroy the shadow globs
Mission 27: Investigate Beast's Castle
Mission 28: Collect Hearts
Mission 29: Eliminate the Neoshadow
Mission 30: Collect Hearts
Mission 31: Eliminate the Bully Dog
Mission 32: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 33: Break the Jars
Mission 34: Eliminate the Aerial Masters
Mission 35: Collect Hearts
Mission 36: Investigate This New World
Mission 37: Vacation
Mission 38: Investigate the Castle's Master
Mission 39: Collect Hearts
Mission 40: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 41: Eliminate the Morning Star
Mission 42: Collect Hearts
Mission 43: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 44: Eliminate the Avalanche
Mission 45: Collect Hearts
Mission 46: Collect Hearts
Mission 47: Collect Hearts
Mission 48: Eliminate the Solid Armor
Mission 49: Collect Hearts
Mission 50: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 51: Eliminate the Pink Concertos
Mission 52: Collect Hearts
Mission 53: Eliminate the Wavecrest
Mission 54: Eliminate the Dual Blade
Mission 55: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 56: Eliminate Both Giant Heartless
Mission 57: Eliminate the Commanders
Mission 58: Eliminate the Artful Flyers
Mission 59: Collect shining shards
Mission 60: Eliminate the Avalanche
Mission 61: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 62: Eliminate the Carrier Ghost
Mission 63: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 64: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 65: Eliminate the Novashadow
Mission 66: Restore the Town's Heartless
Mission 67: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 68: Collect Hearts
Mission 69: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 70: Eliminate the Deserters
Mission 71: Prove Your Endurance
Mission 72: Collect Hearts
Mission 73: Defeat Heartless in the Games
Mission 74: Search for the Impostor
Mission 75: Eliminate the Impostor
Mission 76: Destroy the Shadow Globs
Mission 77: Eliminate the Phantomtail
Mission 78: Vanquish the Heartless Threat
Mission 79: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 80: Break the Jars
Mission 81: Eliminate the Emerald Serenade
Mission 82: Eliminate the Spiked Crawler
Mission 83: Search for Xaldin
Mission 84: Eliminate the Scorching Sphere
Mission 85: Collect Hearts
Mission 86: Collect Organization Emblems
Mission 87: Eliminate the Windstorms
Mission 88: Eliminate the Giant Heartless
Mission 89: Eliminate six giant Heartless  --Not the Dustflier...
Mission 90: Place the Device
Mission 92: Xion
Mission 93: Defeat Riku! 


  • Done...

Playing on DeSmuME Emulator.


  • LVL 60 or the other
  • Done w/the game, not all questplorations though

Kingdom Hearts BBS, II

  • Have played before --at friend's house.
  • Don't have a PSP

Kingdom Hearts, Final Mixes, I

  • Never played...
  • Do not have a PSP, PS2, or Gameboy Advance..

Final Fantasy XIII

  • 2 months: Chapter 11, Hecantonoir or whatever Vanille's summon was called...


  • Done~


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