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This is a list of Sora's forms in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Game clothes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep version[edit]

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In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Sora wears a white v-neck T-shirt with blue edging, red shorts with a maroon pocket on each of the sides, and brown sandals with orange-yellow velcro straps. As a child, Sora's hair is lighter and flatter, and he has side-swept bangs.

Kingdom Hearts version[edit]


In Kingdom Hearts, Sora wears a red jumpsuit that has a long zipper running through the middle, ending with puffy shorts. He wears a crown-chain on his left side and a loosely worn blue belt. Over his jumpsuit, Sora wears a black hoodie that is blue on the inside, and black on the outside with white sleeves ending in grey edging. He wears white gloves on his hands with blue, black and yellow straps. He wears the crown pendant around his neck. His shoes are mainly yellow and black with belt-straps holding them closed. The lower portions are grey and end with a small triangular patch of blue.

Kingdom Hearts II version[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora wears a black revision of his Kingdom Hearts clothing. The hoodie is colored black, with silver pauldron-like additions to his sleeves and white lining. His undershirt is a navy blue with a red patch in the center. His pants, similar to chaps, are colored black on the outside, and a navy blue on the inside, lined with silver-white edging. Yellow straps criss-cross around his pants, held together with a black belt. The pants feature red pockets with a black cross over them. His gloves are colored black on the outside and white on the inside with a yellow line running around them. He also wears large black-yellow shoes with silver soles, a zipper running across the top, and black straps holding them together with buckles here and there. Sora's crown pendant is present on this attire.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance version[edit]

Render for KH3DHD

In Dream Drop Distance, Sora's appearance in the Sleeping Worlds is younger with a mainly black and red attire. His hair is also colored a blend of his hairs in the two numbered titles. His hoodie is mainly grey, with black lining with the hood being red. His sleeves are grey with white lines separating them from the red edging. His shirt is also black and bears a Recusant's Sigil, the X on his shirt, placed there without Sora's knowledge by the real Organization XIII. His gloves take a similar approach to those of his Kingdom Hearts II, with them being black and yellow and having a grey shape on the center. Sora's pants are red, with a dark blue belt that is held together by a silver belt buckle. His pockets are red with white edging. His shoes take a similar design to his Kingdom Hearts shoes, but the straps are white and the tongue is colored yellow. Sora's crown pendant is present on this form as well.

Kingdom Hearts III version[edit]

New render of Sora from E3 2018/Kingdom Hearts Premiere Invitation events

In Kingdom Hearts III, Sora wears an outfit which appears to be a modified version of his attire from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This outfit is also sleeker then any of Sora's other outfits in the series, with Sora sporting smaller shoes and pants which are less baggy than ones he wore previously. He retains his signature crown necklace.

Sora wears a black jacket with grey pockets and a stripe of the same color on each sleeve. The hood, sleeves and jacket have a red lining, and six buttons can be seen on the front. Underneath, Sora wears a black tanktop with a V-neck style collar and a white lining. His gloves are replaced with gauntlets with a similar color scheme to his jacket. The gauntlets have red linings and grey circles on the backs, with yellow buckled straps wrapped around Sora's wrists. The palms of his hands are exposed.

Sora's shorts are black, and are roughly the same length as they are in his Kingdom Hearts II attire, with several grey pockets. A red band wraps around each pant leg. His shoes also resemble those of his Kingdom Hearts II outfit, with the blue straps and zipper now removed.

Drive Forms[edit]

Main article: Drive Form

Valor Form[edit]

"An image of you utilizing your strength to its fullest flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing Valor Form

Valor Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It turns Sora's clothes red and white with the fleur-de-lis emblem on each sleeve and pant leg. It is obtained at the same time Sora receives his new clothes at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, and costs 3 Drive bars. In this form, Sora wields two Keyblades, and merges with Goofy, removing him from the battle for the duration of the transformation. Sora also becomes very dexterous, sometimes even spinning the Keyblade on a single finger during a combo. No matter what world Sora is in, Sora's hands glow light red and flicker with red electricity. When Sora runs in Valor Form, flakes of red energy fly off of his hands in a streak. To transform into Valor Form, Goofy must be in the active party, and must not be KO'ed.

Sora (Valor Form) KHII.png

Wisdom Form[edit]

"An image of you utilizing your magic to its fullest flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing Wisdom Form

Wisdom Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It turns Sora's clothing blue and black, with an emblem, resembling blue flames, on the ends of his pants and sleeves. It is obtained after Sora defeats Pete in Timeless River and restores peace to Disney Castle, and costs 3 Drive bars. Sora wields only one Keyblade in this form, and Donald must be in the active party in order to use this form. While in Wisdom Form, specks of light float around Sora's legs. There is also a blue magical mist surrounding Sora's feet that turns into two light blue wisps, one rising from each foot, when Sora slides across landscape. Sora's ability to slide across the ground covers his entire body with him sliding across the ground on his back during some combos. The only time Sora actually stands is when he lands from a jump. These wisps circle Sora in a manner similar to a double helix when Sora is stationary. Sora moves acrobatically in this form, spinning the Keyblade idly behind his back when not moving, and flipping around when shooting magic bullets. He also tosses the Keyblade into the air when he jumps, catching it when he reaches his height. The official artwork shows Sora's sleeves with the blue flame emblems, but in-game, the sleeves have Master Form's saltire emblems. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix uses the correct emblems.

Sora (Wisdom Form) KHII.png

Limit Form[edit]

"An image of you obtaining your old powers flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing Limit Form

Limit Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is obtained alongside the Oathkeeper when Sora returns to Twilight Town to look for Kairi, and changes Sora's clothes into the same colors and style of the clothes he wore in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. However, a red crown appears on his knees and sleeves, whereas in the previous games there were none. This is the only Drive Form where Sora has no auras of light surrounding him (although whenever he enters a new area, his torso glows red for a short time and a few specks of light fall off of him). This is also the only Form Sora can use while he is alone. Using this form takes 4 Drive bars, and will not make any party members disappear if there are any when he enters this form. In this form, Sora wields various abilities he had in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. His combo finishers become Zantetsuken and Ripple Drive on the ground, and Hurricane Period in the air respectively. He also gains 4 Limits based on the special attacks he had previously: Sonic Rave (Sonic Blade), Last Arcanum (Ars Arcanum), Strike Raid, and Infinity (Ragnarok). Another of his old abilities, Dodge Roll, also becomes this form's Growth Ability, and Sora's Guard stance changes to the one from Kingdom Hearts while in this form.

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Master Form[edit]

"An image of you possessing all abilities flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing Master Form

Master Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It has a yellow and black color scheme, and is received from King Mickey after you reunite with him in Hollow Bastion. It is the last Drive Form that Sora gains through the story, apart from Final Form, which is obtained through gameplay. The symbols on his pants are three black crosses arranged in a fancy overlapping pattern. When in Master Form on any world, pale yellow sparkles constantly fall off Sora and create somewhat of a streak behind him when running. Also, the floating Keyblade is held in place by a yellow aura surrounding Sora's hand and the Keyblade he is physically holding seems to have deep yellow electricity flowing through it. Using this form costs 4 Drive bars, and there must be 2 people other than Sora in the active party (though it does not matter who). While in this form, Sora almost exclusively attacks with aerial combos.

Sora (Master Form) KHII.png

Final Form[edit]

"An image of the Keyblade unleashing its ultimate power flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing Final Form

Final Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. Unlike the other Forms, Final Form is not granted to Sora directly, but instead Sora is given the potential to randomly enter Final Form while trying to enter a Form after defeating Roxas. After it has been entered once, it is added to the Drive menu like a standard Form, and can thereafter only be entered by choice. Due to this, the easiest way to obtain this Form is to enter the Cerberus Cup in the Olympus Colosseum, which quickly refills the Drive Gauge. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Two Become One keychain makes this process much simpler through its Light & Darkness ability, which will make Sora automatically enter Antiform or Final Form if it hasn't been activated yet. This form changes Sora's clothes to silvery white and black, with the symbols on his pants somewhat resembling an eye with a wind pattern. This may be a parallel to the Anti-Form, with Anti-Form representing Sora's Heartless side, and Final Form representing, through Roxas, his Nobody side. Each Keyblade seems to move with an arm, though when Sora stops moving they hover behind him. Thus, every move is an attack in itself. No matter what world Sora is on, while in Final Form, he never touches the ground unless he lands from a jump. Sora's hair and clothes slowly flow as if he is being held by the wind. His clothes systematically flicker white while in the form, and there are two large sparkles of pure white light that orbit around Sora, with a white wisp following them. When Sora is standing still, his Keyblades hover behind him, almost like folded wings. When he floats (which he does instead of walking and running), they open, as if Sora is flying.

Sora (Final Form) KHII.png


"An image of you overcome by the power of darkness flows into your mind."
—Mirror in the Mysterious Tower describing AntiForm

AntiForm is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It is strongly reminiscent of the AntiSora Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and Sora's ability to enter this form is due to his transformation into a Shadow.[?][1] Specifically, Sora's AntiForm has more feral behavior in which it runs about on all fours, and instead of using the Keyblade in this form, Sora attacks with claws on his hands. Aesthetically, Sora's skin and hair become ink black, his eyes glow yellow like a Heartless, and his clothes become black with blue accents. Furthermore, he constantly emits Darkness from his arms and back in the form of misty black and violet wisps.

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Main article: Formchange

Second Form[edit]

Sora (Second Form)

Second Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Second Form changes Sora's clothes into the same colors and style of the clothes he wore in Kingdom Hearts II. While wearing his original outfit during the Olympus episode, Sora's clothes do not change.

Rage Form[edit]

Sora (Rage Form)

Rage Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Rage Form turns Sora's clothes, skin, and Keyblade deep black, with glowing red eyes, an aura of darkness, and a fluorescent white swirling pattern on his pants.

Guardian Form[edit]

Guardian Form

Guardian Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Guardian Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes yellow, with a checkered diamond pattern on his pants.

Strike Form[edit]

Sora (Strike Form)

Strike Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Strike Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes red, with an urban camouflage on his pants.

Element Form[edit]

Sora (Element Form)

Element Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Element Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes blue, with a star pattern on his pants.

Blitz Form[edit]

Sora (Blitz Form)

Blitz Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Blitz Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes green, with a flame pattern on his pants.

Ultimate Form[edit]

Sora (Ultimate Form)

Ultimate Form is a form introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Ultimate Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes white, with a swirl pattern on his pants.

Light Form[edit]

Sora's Light Form

Light Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. Light Form turns Sora's clothes white and grey, with the kanji for "light" (光) on his pants and hood.

Dark Form[edit]

Sora's Dark Form

Dark Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. Dark Form turns Sora's clothes black and dark grey, with the kanji for "darkness" (闇) on his pants and hood.

Double Form[edit]

Sora's Double Form

Double Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. Double Form turns Sora's clothes into a fusion of Light Form and Dark Form, with Dark Form on his left half and Light Form on the right half, and a heart symbol on his hood and sleeves.

World changes[edit]

Atlantica version[edit]

Sora AT KHII.png

In Atlantica, Sora's lower body is replaced with that of a blue dolphin, including the dorsal fin. He does not wear any clothing in this form, including his crown necklace.

During gameplay, Sora can swim up by pressing Circle, and dive down by pressing Square in Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts II, the controls are changed to pushing Up and Down on the right analog stick respectively.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Hero of the Keyblade. Sora continues his search for Riku, separated from him in the great battle some time ago.

In his previous travels, Sora defended Atlantica when Ursula tried to take the Trident.

Halloween Town version[edit]

Sora HT KHII.png

In Halloween Town, Sora's clothing becomes almost completely black, appearing to be made of faded leather. He wears white gloves and has clawed fingers, the shoulders of his jacket are grey, and he has very small, black, bat wings on his upper back. His normal shoes are replaced with large, black ones with pointed toes and a grey stripe on their midsections. His legs are wrapped in what appear to be black and red bandages. Sora's canines become more pointed and his face, particularly the area around his eyes, becomes more ashen and shadowed in appearance. His hair is a darker shade of brown and he wears an orange mask on the right side of his face, covering his right eye. The mask is circular with small horns on the top, a jagged, jack o' lantern-esque mouth, and triangular eyes. The mask's right eye is green and the left one appears to be closed or scratched out. Sora's Keyblade becomes darker and more ashen in coloration like his clothing while he is in this form.

When entering a Drive Form, Sora's mask changes shape. When he enters Valor Form, the mask takes the form of a demonic, red, Bomb-like creature with a large, fleur-de-lis symbol near its top. Wisdom Form changes the mask to a shape resembling a Black Mage. When Sora enters Limit Form, the mask changes to an elegant, curled heart with white edges and a black and red checkerboard pattern on its center. Master Form's mask is a splicing of the Wisdom and Valor Form—Valor Form's mask on the right half and Wisdom Form's on the left—with the two masks unevenly stitched together. The mask for Final Form is a bronze crown. AntiForm's mask resembles a Shadow Heartless.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The hero of the Keyblade who fights against the Heartless and the Nobodies.

Not long ago, he helped unravel Oogie's scheme to take over Halloween Town.

Christmas Town version[edit]

Sora CT KHIIFM.png

In Christmas Town, Sora retains the dark, ashen physical appearance, boots, pants, and legs wrappings from his Halloween Town costume. The rest of his clothing, however, changes radically. His mask is replaced by a large, black hat with a white fur rim and a puff ball on the tip, similar to Santa Claus's, that is pulled over the right half of his face. He wears a black shirt with white fur lining, silver crown buttons lining the front, and a faded, brown belt with a silver buckle around his waist and over the shirt. His arms are shown to be unusually thin and have a slight brown tint to them. His gloves turn black and have white fur lining around the cuffs. Sora's Keyblade is slightly brighter in this form than it is in his Hallowen Town Form.

The color of Sora's hat and the back of his shirt gain a slight tint to match the Drive Form he is currently in. His hat and the back of his shirt also gain a symbol to match the appropriate form. When Sora is in Valor Form, his hat gains a red fleur-de-lis and the shirt is adorned with a thorn pattern. Wisdom Form's hat and shirt both sport a blue flame. Limit Form's hat and shirt both sport a white crown. There is a single gold cross on Master Form's hat, and several more on the shirt. Final Form's hat is emblazoned with a silver, N-shaped rune, and the shirt bears a pair of wings. AntiForm's hat and shirt are both adorned by a stylized Heartless emblem.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

A young Keyblade wielder who fights Heartless and Nobodies.

His first visit to Christmas Town was nothing short of exciting. That feeling combined with the Keyblade's power is the essence of this outfit.

Timeless River version[edit]

Sora TR KHII.png

In Timeless River, Sora resembles a stylized version of his earliest incarnation, in the original Kingdom Hearts. His clothing is much simpler in this form than it was in his first appearance, sporting almost none of the straps and zippers it originally had. As with almost all characters in the Timeless River, Sora is colored completely in shades of white, grey, and black. His face, arms, and figure have a much more cartoonish look, and more closely match the rubber hose-style of cartoons. Sora also transforms into his Timeless River version while using the Phantom Rush and Noise Flux Shotlocks.

When using most Drive Forms, Sora's physical appearance does not change. Instead, the icon of his head near the HP Bar tints color slightly to reflect the Form he takes. The tint is red for Valor Form, blue for Wisdom Form, purple for Limit Form, yellow for Master Form, and white for Final Form. When Sora enters AntiForm, he becomes a black silhouette with grey eyes, a change that is also reflected in the icon.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

A boy who searches for Riku and the King, his Keyblade opening the road before him.

To save Disney Castle from a thorny fate, Sora passed through Merlin's doorway to a world of black-and-white.

Space Paranoids version[edit]

Sora SP KHII.png

In Space Paranoids, Sora's outfit changes to match the suit of a neutral Program. His clothing is replaced with robotic, grey and dark blue armor covered in glowing, cyan computer circuitry, and he wears a sleek helmet that covers his forehead and wraps over the top of his head to the back of his neck, leaving the sides of his head and two tufts of hair exposed, with two cyan prongs jutting diagonally from the back. His skin also becomes light blue and his hair turns grey. Sora does not wear his crown necklace in this form, while his Keyblades take on glowing blue circuit lines to match the world's aesthetic.

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Sora recalls his Space Paranoids form following his battle with Rinzler.

The circuitry on Sora's armor changes color to match any Drive Form he is in. In Valor Form, the circuits are red, in Wisdom Form, they become a darker shade of blue, and Master Form's circuitry is yellow. Limit Form's armor and circuits are colored to vaguely match with the colors of Sora's original outfit; his torso, helmet, and arms are silver, his pants are red, his shoes are yellow, and there is a blue band around his waist and collar. In Final Form, the armor's color becomes more predominantly grey and the circuits become silver. AntiForm's armor is black and the circuitry is grey.

Journal Entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

A boy who carries the Keyblade, opening the world-gates in search of Riku.

Tinkering with Ansem's computer triggered some kind of unique device that warped Sora inside the computer program.

Pride Lands version[edit]

Sora PL KHII.png
Main article: Lion Form

In the Pride Lands, Sora takes the form of a lion cub. His fur is predominantly an ashy shade of brown, though his toes, belly, and the fur around his mouth are very light grey. His mane is shaped like his normal hairstyle, and is the same light brown color. There is a tuft of light brown fur on the tip of his tail, and he has three whiskers on either side of his nose. His eyes are bright blue and his sclera are yellow. His silver crown necklace still hangs from his neck in this form. He holds his Keyblade in his mouth, though when he opens the world's Gate or he goes in Limit mode with Simba, he holds the Keyblade with his tail.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

A boy who fights with Keyblade in hand, opening the way before him as he searches for Riku and a way home. Sora has taken a feline form in this world, but he seems to have two left feet...four left paws? Whatever.

The Grid version[edit]

Sora TG KH3D.png

In The Grid, Sora appears similar to how he does in Space Paranoids, though his armor is now completely black with white circuitry, with the patterns on his chest and back different from before. He lacks his prongs and a visor is now attached to his helmet, which is smaller than it was in Space Paranoids. Sora's crown necklace disappears, now incorporated into his form's design as it appears both on his chest and in the space of his Identity Disk. Sora's Keyblade takes on a similar appearance as well, this time black with white circuitry.

Unlike in Space Paranoids, Sora's skin tone and hair color is the same as in his normal form.

Toy Box version[edit]

Toy Story World Form

In Toy Box, Sora takes the form of an action figure based on Yozora from Verum Rex. He wears a gray jacket with darker gray sleeves and red lining. He also has pockets with a checkered design, and gold buttons on the shoulders. Underneath he wears a red shirt with black diamonds going down the middle. His shorts are a darker shade of gray, with the same checkered pattern. His shoes are now black boots with a gold band and zippers, and he wears similar gloves. His signature crown necklace remains in this form, attached to his neck.

When using Formchanges, Sora's jacket changes color to match that form—red for Strike Form, blue for Element Form, yellow for Guard Form, green for Blitz Form, black-and-blue for Second Form, white for Ultimate Form, and black for Rage Form.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

This is the guise Sora assumes when visiting Woody and Buzz's world.

Monstropolis version[edit]

Sora, as he appears in the Monsters, Inc.-based world in Kingdom Hearts III

In Monstropolis, Sora takes a bestial form covered in pale blue fur. His ears are larger and pointed, his fingers end in black claws, and his legs become somewhat canine in structure, with three-clawed feet. He also has a small, canine tail, and his hair becomes more leaf-like in design, obscuring one eye. Sora lacks pants and shoes in this form, although his gloves and jacket are unchanged.

When using Formchanges, Sora's fur and stripes change color to match that form—orange fur and red stripes for Strike Form, navy blue with white stripes for Element Form, neon yellow and orange stripes for Guard Form, green fur and blue stripes for Blitz Form, yellow fur and blue stripes for Second Form, white fur and black stripes for Ultimate Form, and black[?] for Rage Form. His clothes are unchanged in all forms except Rage Form.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

This is the guise Sora assumes when visiting Sulley and Mike's world.

The Caribbean version[edit]

Sora as he appears in The Caribbean

While in The Caribbean, Sora gains an outfit that greatly resembles Jack Sparrow's, mainly in its mix-matched amalgamation. He sports a dingy white undershirt, striped gray linen trousers (in the same capris style as his normal outfit), and his shoes have merged into a hybrid of period appropriate seaboots and hightop sneakers and have turned a faded black. He wears a fine silk, crimson waistcoat hemmed with gold and bronze buttons which is tied with a faded brown leather belt which sports a small buckle and an anachronistic double tongue. Over which, he dons a patched grey, leather coat with large cuffs, a dingy white or brown fur collar, and fitted with buttons likely made from brass or bronze. Sora's trademark spikes are heavily concealed this time around, beneath a faded blue bandanna and a faded-black tricorne that with a cross-shaped stitch on the right-hand side, and a crown faded in on the left. His signature crown necklace is the only piece of his normal outfit to endure into this one. He also appears to have a golden tooth whenever he opens his mouth in this form.

When using a Formchange, Sora's waistcoat, bandanna, and cuffs change color to match that form—red[?] for Strike Form, blue[?] for Element Form, yellow for Guard Form, green[?] for Blitz Form, black-and-blue[?] for Second Form, white for Ultimate Form, and black[?] for Rage Form.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

This is the guise Sora assumes when visiting Jack's world.

San Fransokyo version[edit]

Sora render from San Fransokyo

Sora's outfit and body do not change when he appears in San Fransokyo. However, after arriving in Hiro's Garage for the first time, he is given an AR headset by Hiro Hamada, which allows him to communicate with the members of Big Hero 6 and gather data for fighting the Heartless. The design of the visor is similar to Hiro's helmet, and colored to match the black and red of Sora's clothes. After receiving the headset, Sora always wears it during gameplay, although he does take it off on occasion in cutscenes.

Journal entry[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

This is Sora wearing the AR device he received in San Fransokyo.

Quadratum version[edit]

Sora as he appears in the secret episode. Don't know what the proper name should be

Sora's outfit and body do not change when he appears in Quadratum. However, his clothes are more detailed and textured, along with a darker shade compare to his normal game model.

Other Forms[edit]

Main articles: Card Form and Die Form

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Famitsu Interview; Interviewer: "Is AntiForm originated from when Sora got turned into a Heartless?" / Nomura: "Story-wise, yes. Drives are very strong so AntiForm exists as a side-effect of using too much power. System-wise, I wanted to create something strong but troublesome."