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Forest Clasp

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Kingdom Hearts III
Forest Clasp
Forest Clasp
"Grants a small boost in Strength, a moderate boost in Magic, and a slight boost Maximum AP."
Japanese 森のブローチ
Rōmaji Mori no Burōchi
Translation Forest Brooch
Strength Magic AP
+2 +3 +8
HP Walker
Successfully complete all four unique events with Rapunzel

The Forest Clasp is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.

To obtain the Forest Clasp, the following events need to be completed before reaching the Shore:

  • Cast Aero on the dandelions near the Save Point in the Hills.
  • Splash water at Rapunzel in the pond in the Hills.
  • Protect the rabbits from the Heartless in the Hills.
  • Lead the birds to Rapunzel in the Wildflower Clearing.

If all four events have been completed, the Forest Clasp is obtained upon reaching the Shore, alongside 4 AP Boosts. After reaching the Shore, it's not possible to obtain the Forest Clasp anymore.


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