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Ghostly Scream

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Ghostly Scream
(自らにつぶされし魂 Mizukara ni Tsubusa Reshi Tamashī?, lit. "Soul Crushed by Oneself")
Summon dark spheres to crush enemies. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Attack Element Power Crit
Deflect Recoil
(Gravity) Percentage Max MP x5 +40(%) 0%
(Gravira) Percentage Max MP x5 +55(%) 0%
(Graviga) Percentage Max MP x5 +70(%) 0%
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 1

Ghostly Scream is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It allows the user to summon dark spheres that crush enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts, Ghostly Scream is a combat ability exclusive to Jack Skellington. It is a special attack that costs 3 AP to equip and 1 MP to use. The power of the ability increases when Sora obtains the second and third power of stars.

Learning Ghostly Scream[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Jack Skellington has Ghostly Scream as a default ability.

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