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Kingdom Hearts Volume 1

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Kingdom Hearts Volume 1
Kingdom Hearts Manga 1.png
Publisher Tokyopop
First published October 11, 2005
Cover date October 2005
Adaptation by Shiro Amano
Letters by Adriana Rivera
Associate editor Alexis Kirsch
Managing editor Jill Freshney
Editor-in-chief Mike Kiley
Cover Gary Shum
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts
Page count 135
Price $5.99 (US)
$7.99 (CAN)
ISBN 1-59816-217-9
Printed in USA

The first volume of the Kingdom Hearts manga was originally published in 2005 by Tokyopop. It details the beginning of Sora's adventure on the Destiny Islands up to the sealing of Wonderland. The first volume of the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix manga, reissued by Yen Press, occurred in 2013. The first book opens with the start of Sora's adventure and continues up to the Cerberus battle at Olympus Coliseum. The front cover depicts a sleeping Sora floating before one of the Awakening pillars in his Dive to the Heart.


Volume Number Chapter
English title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Japanese Publication Date English Publication Date
1 1 "Calling"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 1a.png
Three friends seek to leave their island to explore other worlds. To do so, Sora, Riku, and Kairi construct a raft. The trio has almost completed their preparations. However, as night falls, an ominous darkness slowly approaches the island. Meanwhile, at Disney Castle, it is discovered that King Mickey has disappeared. 
1 2 "Invaders"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 2a.png
Sora is visited by a strange man in the Secret Place, until interrupted by Kairi. That night, a storm starts to brew, prompting Sora to return to the island to check on the group's raft. Once there, Sora instead finds Riku, enveloped in darkness. 
1 3 "Light in the Hand"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 3a.png
Riku and Sora are engulfed by the darkness. Sora is transported to the Secret Place, where he finds Kairi. The reunion is temporary, as Kairi suddenly vanishes. The mysterious voice from before reminds Sora that he wields the strongest weapon of all: the Keyblade. Back at Disney Castle, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket begin preparing for their search for the King and Keyblade wielder. 
1 4 "A Giant Shadow"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 4a.png
Shortly after recieving the Keyblade, Sora encounters a Darkside Heartless. Sora defeats the giant Heartless with a single blow. 
1 5 "Cast Ashore"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 5a.png
The Destiny Islands are completely consumed by the darkness, transporting Sora to a new world. In Traverse Town, Goofy and Donald continue their search for the Keyblade master. Pluto, however, ventures off on his own, eventually finding Sora. In the distance Leon is shown, commenting on the new arrival. 
1 6 "Traverse Town (chapter)"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 6a.png
Sora begins exploring the town, but is soon surrounded by a swarm of Shadows. Sora flees into a nearby shop, where he meets Cid. Cid informs Sora of the Heartless, and how this town is a home for refugees who have lost their worlds to the darkness. Cid encourages Sora to look for his friends here. As Sora leaves, he is confronted by Leon. 
1 7 "The Man Named Leon"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 7a.png
Leon knocks Sora out, taking him to the hotel. There, Sora meets Yuffie. Leon starts to explain the nature of the Heartless, only to be interrupted by an ambush. Sora winds up in the Third District, where he meets Donald and Goofy. Suddenly, a Guard Armor appears, but is soon defeated by the new trio. Afterwards, Donald eventually convinces Sora to join them in their search for the King. Hoping to find his own friends, Sora agrees. 
1 8 "Conspiracy"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 8a.png
A group of villians is revealed to be monitoring the new Keyblade weilder. In Traverse Town, Sora is educated about the "World Order" and of a researcher who had filed a report on the Heartless. This report, scattered throughout the worlds, could be used in the mystery of the Heartless. Donald and Goofy conclude that this report is what the King is looking for. Meanwhile, Riku awakens in Hollow Bastion. 
1 9 "Departure"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 9a.png
Donald, Goofy, and Sora leave Traverse Town on their Gummi Ship. After meeting Chip and Dale, and Jiminy Cricket, the trio arrives in Wonderland. 
1 10 "Kangaroo Court"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 10a.png
The group follows the White Rabbit to a courtyard, where they find a young girl, Alice, being held on trial. The judge, the Queen of Hearts, finds Alice guilty of attempting to steal the Queen's heart. Unable to watch the unfair ruling, Sora rushes forward, declaring Alice innocent. 
1 11 "Find the Evidence!"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 11a.png
The Queen is outraged at the interruption. The group argues for Alice's release, but the Queen disapproves. Alice is locked in a cage, guranteed freedom only if the group can find evidence to prove otherwise. While looking in the Lotus Forest, the group meets the Cheshire Cat, who gives the trio a box. The group presents the box to the Queen. A Soldier Heartless pops out, revealing the true culprit. After defeating the Heartless the group lowers Alice's cage only to find it empty. 
1 12 "Helping Hand"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 12a.png
Everyone, including the trio and the Queen's Card Soliders begin frantically searching for Alice. The truth is revealed by the Cheshire Cat, who states that Alice has been taken by the shadows. The trio is attacked by the Trickmaster. Sora learns his first magic spell: Blizzard. 
1 13 "Keyhole (chapter)"
"???" (???)
January 2005 October 2005
KH Manga 13a.png
The group defeats the Trickmaster, but are unable to find Alice. The group seals the world's Keyhole, earning an unfamiliar Gummi Block. Meanwhile, the same group of villians is shown, complaining of the new threat. Maleficent brushes their fears aside, claiming everything is coming together, revealing a shocked Alice. 

Featured Worlds[edit]


  • The manga includes a prologue which covers Sora and Kairi's first meeting.
  • There are no Keychains, and the only Keyblade Sora uses is the Kingdom Key.
  • Sora carries the Kingdom Key strapped to his back, rather than causing it to materialize when he needs it to fight.
  • In the manga, Sora is the one who finds Kairi, unlike in the video game, when he and Riku talk about the new girl that was at the mayor's house.
  • The story begins after Sora wakes up from his Awakening, and Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka are not shown.
  • The King's letter is written slightly different.
  • The night of the storm includes a scene at Riku's house.
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness's lines are slightly different.
  • Sora uses quotes from martial arts books to plan his boss strategies.
  • Sora's encounter with Leon and Yuffie is extended.
  • Aerith does not appear until Sora's second visit to Traverse Town.
  • Sora's meeting with the Dalmatians is not covered.
  • Instead of searching for multiple boxes, the Cheshire Cat gives Sora, Donald, and Goofy one.
  • The Trickmaster is defeated after he shatters as a result of being frozen by Sora's magic.
  • The Cheshire Cat was offered a place in Maleficent's troupe of villains.