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Kupo Coin

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Kupo Coin
The Kupo Coin sprite
"A special coin that protects Sora from the worst. If your HP drops to 0, it will fully restore health a single time."
Japanese モグメダル
Rōmaji Mogu Medaru

Translation Mog Medal
Item Rank Buy Sell
Kupo Coin 400[1] Munny

Kupo Coin is an item in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to restore HP once it reaches 0.


Only one Kupo Coin can be held at a time. When holding a Kupo Coin, it will automatically activate once Sora's HP reaches 0, and restores half of Sora's maximum HP, and cures him of status ailments. Once the M.O.G. Card is obtained, Kupo Coins fully restore Sora's HP, restore 100 MP or 50% of the MP Charge gauge, and cure him of status ailments. The Kupo Coin does not activate when the HP of a Gigas, the Leviathan, or the Black Pearl reaches 0.

In Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, Yozora can steal a Kupo Coin from Sora's possession. If this happens, depleting Yozora's HP will result in the Kupo Coin reviving him to half of his HP.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Kupo Coin can be purchased once Twilight Town has been completed.