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Yours Truly
Name Adlan
Born Sept/8/1998
Type Hume
Weapon PS2 Controller
Attribute Coolness, Funnyness, Rules
Gender Male
Homeworld Belgium
Favorite Kingdom Hearts Goodies Roxas, Ventus, Terra.
Favorite Kingdom Hearts Baddies Xehanort, Organization XIII, Vanitas.
Guest Meteors! — Y'ever wonder what the stars are? Where the light comes from?

Don't worry. I swear I'll bring him back safe.

Hey there, it seems you have made it to The Guest's page, well done, like it? i just gave it a new style so, yeah.

About the picture, it's supposed to be (and should've been) Sora's heartless, i mean wouldn't it be a dream come true to play as that bad boy, SWEET! I control three elements, two given to me by newfound powers, my first and default attribute is Rules, as i can bend them and twist them at my will, the next one was obtained after passing the cuteness stage of my life: Coolness, and the last was obtained just now after i dropped a pot of water out the window while laughing at something that i did, wich makes my seem like a total bufoon XD Well, i hope you enjoy my page, I will be doing random stuff around the wiki, Cyas.

About Me

"Whistles" ...Oh, hi there, what's that? you wanna know more about me? Sure, i'll make a page about it and you can veiw it later, K? Right...let's see....

I am....

  • A fan of many things, it's in my nature to keep changing my interests each 3 months atleast, this is about the 9th time i've become re-interested in Kingdom Hearts, it wasn't so long ago that i was interested in Pokemon.
  • A nice guy, i enjoy helping people and animals to my full extent, even more with friends, friendship is very dear to me because i went over a long period of time without any friends, but now i have many and i am very happy with each one.
  • A treehugger, heh, it's true, i would join a cause to save a forest the minute i saw one.
  • An animal lover, i do everything possible to help nature and it's inhabitants, i've even been thinking of joining the local Nature Rangers.
  • A craftsman, for my age i mean, i can create many wooden things, swords, staves, even keyblades!
  • A good gamer, no the best of course but i bet i could get past the primary rounds in a gaming competition, but i'm only good at games that are familiar to me, mainly, Kingdom Hearts.

I am not...

  • An idiot, quite the contrary acctually, if you don't mind me saying, i'm pretty smart, i figured out how to work an emulator when i was 10 XD
  • A Bully, infact bullies sicken me, shame to them all.
  • Obssesed with money, my father is ,though not completly, obbsessed with money, and his whole family expected me to be aswell, but what they don't know is that i'm not my father, people who would do anything for money sicken me the most.
  • A Pesimist, i try to stay as optimist as possible.


Like so many other kind users on the wiki, i would do anything to help others, i've always been that way, and if i did help you i would be happy about it too. although i'm still a little new myself, i've learnt alot since i came here, both from my sister who has an account, and from the many kind users who have taken time to show me how it's done. thank you to both. If anyone needs me i'll be there, usually. also, to any friends, i may randomly pull a physical expression of gratitude from my butt and throw it at you, this can take on many forms, talk bubble, graphic art (if i could in the first place) etc.

To any newbies, if you're having problems with those mean wiki vampires, gimme a call, i'll do my best ta help with anything. and i'm ALWAYS keen to make new friends. i can make loads of different talk bubbles too, if anyone needs lessons you can call that phone number on the bottom of your list ;)

Well, that's about all i have to say. i'm not super-genius but i'd be happy to help whenever i can, and remember. It's that phone number on the bottom, haha.


A friend of mine did this on his page so i thought it might be interesting to do it on mine :)

Category Best Second Best Third Best
Gameplay Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
Storyline Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded
Organization XIII Member Roxas Zexion Xemnas
World The World That Never Was Radiant Garden Twilight Town
Disney Character King Mickey Jack Sparrow Pluto
Final Fantasy Character Zack The Moogles Cloud
Overall Character Ventus Roxas Terra

Pure Evil: Razos

Razos is what Sora's heartless should've been, the most evil powerfull heartless of all, even surpassing Ansem SoD in power.

He would weild a keyblade known only as: Key To Nightmares, he would be as evil as Vanitas himself, and they would be almost like twins.

I made him up, i revolved him around a picture i found on the internet, this section of my userpage will be full of notes about him, his keyblade and anything related to him.


Razos is the one inside my Avatar and my Profile Picture, his art was NOT made by me. He has black hair that looks like a flat version of Sora's hair, and a heart shaped locket instead of Sora's crown necklace, his t-shirt has flames on it the flames are yellow orange and red, with a small chain connecting both sides of the shirt, he has a black version of Sora's undershirt too. His t-shirt ends in a V neck. Sora's belt has been replaced with two waist sized chains taking the place of the belt, these chains cross over to the double pointy ended long sides of his undershirt, his shorts are not baggy like Sora's however, they are simple with a gold pattern on them.

Unlike most Heartless, Razos has kept his predeccessor's eyes, as they are a radiant blue instead of the usual yellow-orange color hat baddies tend to have. Razos's shoes are red with yellow straps and a devilish little arrow leading up, at the end of his shoes there is a silver metal spike pointing up, it is as wide as the front of his shoe.


Razos's weapon is a keyblade, like sora.

It's main chain is Key To Nightmares, but Razos can summon many other keyblade chains at his disposal.

Note: His keyblade chains are really just cool keyblades i find off the internet so NONE of them belong to me.

Key To Nightmares 270449087709727569fco.jpg

Lurebreaker 1188504321tskeyblade.jpg

Bonebreaker akatsukikeyblade11byevi.jpg


Despite being opposites, me and my sister get along really well, we both agree on many things, inlcuding the fact tht sora NEEDS a cooler heartless than that shadow, me and her have been everly concerned about this, we both agreed that, if Sora is so powerfull and he's the master of the keyblade, he should have a heartless who's able to weild the keyblade and who is human shaped, like Roxas, it only makes sense, and then that heartless finally obtains some feeling for Kairi, she hugs him and he turns back to Sora, when i found that picture on the internet from deviantart and saw it's desciption i saw it was a heartless of Sora, i decided it was so PURELY AWSOME that i would use it and label it as Sora's Heartless, then i made this page around it, the name Razos is really an anagram of Sora with an added Z, why? Z is the begginging letter of my last name, wich i'm not telling.

I showed it to my sister, but she wasn't interested at the time, curiously i needed a profile pic at the same time as i found the picute, and it was obvious what to do, then i decided my old avatar sucked and so i made one about Razos.

I made a mugshot of him too, purely for uses on my Userpage, i'm going to ask my friend RoxasXIIILK for a BBS style one, but only AFTER his cousin has gone from his house, because he is currently trying to please his cousin (who dosen't like him being on his computer)

After the release of Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded, Sora's heartless (atleast data form) became more evil and had way cooler quotes! i was very happy with this, and all it's new battle forms, despite it still being that little shadow, i would use all the quotes from this for Razos's quotes.


"Anger...hatred...corruption, become power. Everything that exists, will be devoured!"
— Razos / Sora's Heartless


Kingdom Hearts

This story acctually starts 7 years ago, when i was 5 years old, i was still living in my homeland in belgium and i went to school, i knew this big 8 year old boy called Joey, he was nice, but when i ask him to a friendly brawl he's not exactly friendly XD, anyway, one day i went over to his house and he was playing a game, after another "Friendly Brawl" i wanted to see what it was, he said i could have a go, so i did, i didn't remember much from then, but the memories inside my heart were re awakened when i saw Kingdom Hearts at a yard sale! then i remembered! it was a spiky brown haired boy in red clothes that i was playing as, above all i couldn't forget Donald and Goofy folloowing me around, i mean, who forgets donald and goofy?!

I pleaded my dad to buy it and he did, i've had Kingdom Hearts ever since, swatting heartless and killing Ansem, at first i didn't know what in the world was going on when i started playing, then i started to know more and more, i beat the game in approximatly a year and kept playing it over and over since, i couldn't get enough of it!

Kingdom Hearts: 2

One day we were on a holiday to france i think, we were in the shoops and i was totally unaware of KH:2 having been released (i was about 8 or 9 in this time period) i saw it in the shops and rushed over to it, i pleaded my mum to buy it but it cost 60 francs, so my mum said no, however we were in another shop the next day, and we found the game at only 20 francs, mum decided to buy it and i started playing the minute we got back to the hotel, i remembered that i was in the middle of hollow bastion trying to figure something out on KH 1, i decided it would be appropriate to go and swat Ansem's butt again before starting, i beat him and started playing KH2.

KH2 brought many new questions into my head, i was amazed to find out that Ansem was really this prick called Xehanort's heartless, after passing the bit where the player thinks Goofy is dead i was like "AAAAAAUGH! YOU MOTH*******RS" XD i was angry at him for making me believe he was dead and i ordered Donald to hit him, that he did XD

I beat the game in record time, i believe the only game i've ever beat faster is 358/2 days, it took about 2 weeks to beat the game itself, with none of the extra stuff, byt the time i got home from france i already had 70% of the game complete!

Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

Kingdom Hearts COM was a fill in for all the questions i had from KH2 mainly, what's Sora doing asleep?! The game is acctually on my emulator as i was 10 when i discovered emulators, i played through most of it but i could/can never get out of the 3rd Riku battle, it's impossible! i had lots of fun on it with cheats though, but otherwise the game was pretty rubbish, even the storyline, what with nothing but sprites, the game gets a solid 4/10.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

I'm 11 in this time period, when i heard there was gonna be a game revolved around my favorite character: Roxas, i was like HALLELUJIAH (or whatever)

The most peculiar thing came over me though, not so long ago i had started a Roxas level on Kingdom Hearts 2, it's a level where i stay in the 6th day and swat nobodies to level up, i acctually got to level 34, but anyway, while i was playing it i looked at Roxas and i said: "Man wouldn't it be cool if they had a WHOLE game around Roxas?" "or better yet a game with Roxas playable in his Organization cloak..." and the day it came out i was like "WTF? MY DREAM CAME TRUE!" then one day, not too far away from my 12th birthday, my mum told me to come into the car ith her, she knew how much i wanted the game, i went in there and out of her pocket she pulled...KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS! i was overjoyed, i swear i could have exploded with joy! mum told me to play it in secrecy because dad would be angry at mum for "wasting" money on it, i played it while being locked in a bathroom for almost all day, by the time i was done i was already forced to show my sisters, but dad knew so little about me he didn't know that it was new, still dosen't XD

Every time i play that game i remember how happy i was when i first got it, i would never let anything happen to it EVER!

I completed it in record time: 3 days! that's what happens with me when i get a game that i've wanted for ages, i play on it all day! i'm litterally addicted to it!

Separate gaming experiences

From the Kingdom Hearts series, i have had MANY other gaming experiences, here are some of the most significant ones.

Zelda: The Minish Cap

My first ever video game, i was 6, i was living in moreal in canada but it was almost time to go, my mum had bought us a few things before we left, a Gameboy Advance, wich was new at the time, and two games for it, one of wich was my first game, Zelda: The Minish Cap i played it over and over, it was a pretty hard game at 7 years old, we ALL played it, and the worst bit was my sister was constantly there to delete my save files, even mum played it! she discovered the scroll place where you learn new techniques, like the spin attack.

In total, it took us all (with my sister's constant deleting) 2 years to beat the game, seriously, 2 YEARS, when now i can complete this game in 2 days or less, i was 8 when i finished he game, it took us AWILE but we managed, ever since the game has been ultra easy to beat all the time around, but always that fun.

Kirby: Amazing Mirror

Kirby and the amazing mirror was the second game that was bought before we left Canada, we agreed that i should play minish cap first and my sis should play kirby, after awile we became curious of each others games and switched games or awile, i got round to knowing Kirby and my sister started her first (and most short-lived) file on Zelda, i played, this game was not so hard, plus in it i had Kirby clones to help me out, and i could copy monster abilities instead of using items, it took about a week but i got used to the gaming system, during that week my sister had already started a new file 4 times '-_-, i finished kirby in maybe 2 months or so, and switched back to Zelda.

2 years passed since the moment we got kirby and zelda, i already had a nintendo DS and a new kriby game called Kirby: Squeak Squad, we were on a trip to our hmeland; belgium, i was playing kirby squeak squad in the car when i decided to switch over and play amazing mirror again, i kept playing until we got to the motel, and i diposited it on the table, then, when the time came to leave and head back to england (our current home at the time) i relized i had left my DS and the two games at th motel, we rushed back but the cleaning ladies had already passed through you can imagine they kept the DS and both games for themeselves, that was the last i ever saw of that game :(

2 years from that event passed, and i was 10, i had discovered; the emulator VBA and it's uses, without heitation i downloaded amazing mirror and started playing! it was good to play that game again.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Since i heard about it, i wanted kirby: squeak squad SO BAD! then, on christmas one day, i obtained it, but i didn't have a DS to play it in yet, in the rapping was a note that said i would get the DS as soon as possible, back then i had a friend named Ben, he let me play the game on his DS so the point of me almost completing it before getting my own '-_-

afterwards i completed and re-played it on my DS a million times, then, as explained in the above section, it was one of the two games (along with the DS) that i forgot and lost in the hotel on our trip to belgium, however, it was not the end of the game fore me, at 11 years old i discovered the NDS Emulator NO$GBA and replayed the whole game to its end, i now have a collection of kirby games in my documents on the PC.

Talk Bubbles

The various talk bubbles that i would use on my chatting with you.

Guest Meteors! — Y'ever wonder what the stars are? Where the light comes from?

Don't worry. I swear I'll bring him back safe.

My happy talk bubble, i'll use this when i'm very happy. credit to RoxasXIIILK for the image.

Guest Look Sharp! — Maybe Today... we'll finally hit the beach!

Like i asked, know-it-all!

My satisfied talk bubble.

Guest Enough! — You will pay, Xehanort! Was my Master—no, my father, Eraqus not enough for you? Leave my friends alone!

You may be my Master. But I will not... let you hurt my friend!

My angry talk bubble, shouldn't have to use this often, if i do, you better run!
Guest I? — Terra's heart has been extinguished! Smothered by the darkness within him!

I will guide you to the depths of darkness.

My Terranort bubble, made for me by my good friend RoxasXIIILK, this will be used as a sign that i'm irritated or in a bad mood, this bubble does not specifically mean that i'm angry at you, however this bubble should be commonly used if you start to get on my nerves.... i hope i don't use this often
Guest Say wha? — What? i don't get it...


My confused talk bubble, i needed one for a certain conversation and i figured i should have one from then on, when i'm asking a question or i don't get it. credit to RoxasXIIILK for the image.


You wanna know what i look like? ok, but i warn you, you might faint from too much exposure to PURE AWSOMENESS!!! XD

I have VERY dark brown hair fist of all, when it's wet it almost looks black, my eyes are the same type of brown, just a little lighter i guess, i have mostly white skin, with a little darkness coming in from my father's side, my hair is usually long although hair cuts do happen.

moving on, my clothes vary from day to day, i don't often wear the same clothes however i have a hoodie with the letter A on the chest, wich symbolizes my name Adlan, i wear this very often in summer and spring times.


I'm a relaxed boy you could say, i don't like to pick fights although when i do i usually emerge victorious, i will split this page into two different categories.


I'm a nice guy to be friends with, and, especially over the internet, i can make friends easily, although i do not have this ability in real life, when i'm having a dispute on the internet, and i'm really angry, i can easily turn my enemy into a new friend, this quality has been displayed many times.

I enjoy positivity most, anybody who is a positive type a person is a friend in my book, i like helping people out too, if a friend has a problem i try to help by giving them friendly advice or whatnot.

I'm a good gamer too, i use this at an advantage to challenge friends and my sister to a friendly challenge or something, although i can't say i always emerge victorious in that XD

I love laughing too and i have a great sense of humor, although i try my best to not laugh at someone, sometimes i cant resist, but that dosen't matter, if you're a really close friend then we should find each other laughing often, hehe.


I have a terrible temper i should say, i can be angered rather quickly, and i have a tendency to hold on grudges, wich is a quality i'm trying to get rid of, however if someone says sorry for their actions against me it is unusual for me to decline their apology, unless what they did was truly horrible, anyway, i don't care much of what other people think of me, and i like to keep up my reputation in the "Bad Boy" level, i'm also bad at obeying rules, infact it is in my personal pleasure to break them, unless i know the consequences will be bad, i love breaking rules.

My mother says it's important to have people think good of you, but honestly i only care about what my friends think of me, because i don't want them to see me as a bad person, wich i am not, i just like it when people i don't like or people that i don't care about such as classmates and teachers to think of me as a bad boy, you could say i'm 50% good 50% bad......nah, 60% good 40% bad.

Wich OrgXIII Member am i most like?




You are the leader most of the time = No, not really.

You like black = Yes, Jet Black to be exact

You wish/wished you were someone else = NO! I am proud of myself as i am!

You don't listen to others = Yes, unless it's something usefull or important.

You like doing research = No

Result = 2



DaysXigbar.png sharpshooterright.png

You have bad eyesight = Nah, i'm fine.

You like throwing things at others when angry = No, but my grandpa did. XD

You wish you were able to teleport = That would be pretty cool, so yeah.

You wear your hair in a ponytail = No, it dosen't match my style AT ALL!

You wish/wished you had a gun = NO WAY! i'm more of a sword guy, i find them like 101% more interesting.

Result = 1, that was unexpected XD

DaysXigbarHappy.png sharpshooterright.png



You like windy days = Yes, depends acctually, they're fun but noisy and in the winter they suck, but yeah.

You have tried to steal something precious from someone = Um, no, why would i do that? XD

You like dragons = YEAH! DRAGZ RULEZ! hehe.

You have/like dreadlocks = No....what the hell is a dreadlock?!

You've tried to anger someone on purpose = not really, i don't see the point, but many people have tried it on me, they all came home with a bloody nose...

Result = 2

DaysXaldinHappy.png lindwormleft.png


DaysVexen.png frozenprideleft.png

You are disrespected by the young ones = quite the contrary acctually, all my young friends look up at me with that same glow in their eyes XD.

Someone has already considered you a traitor = Yeah, once, but he was wrong and he paid for it.

You are the oldest of your group = Absolutely not, quite the contrary infact, all my friends are older than me.

You like experiments = Experiments are fun! i do them all the time in science class! I love 'em!


Result = 2, i was acctually expecting a 1.

DaysVexenTalk.png frozenprideleft.png


DaysLexaeus.png skysplitterright.png

You are not very talkative = No, quite the contrary, i love a good chat and i'm ver sociable.

You like brain games = Kinda, they're annoying but fun, i think i'll go with a No.

People are afraid of you because of your appearance =, what gave you that idea?

You prefer heavy weapons rather than light ones = Nah, heavy weapons slow you down, wich is to your dissadvantage, i believe in light, fast weapons.

You are very strong, physically speaking = Kinda, i mean, in a figh i'm pretty good, i think i'll go with a yes.

Result = 1

DaysLexaeusHappy.png skysplitterright.png


DaysZexion.png lexiconleft.png

You love reading = Yes, certainly, reading is amusing, sometimes you just get bored of the rubbish on TV.

You are not very sociable = As i said before, there is no way that this is true.

You are one of the shortest of your group = Probably, since everyone is older than me.

You have a very sensible nose = Ooooh Noooo! my nose runs amock like a wild cheetah, going for anything it smells!

You like to elude others = Yes, i find it quite amusing XD

Result = 3, just what i expected, Zexion is awsome in my book you see. LOL book, get it?

DaysZexionHappy.png lexiconleft.png


DaysSaix.png lunaticright.png

You have double-personality issues = Nah "I'm me! nobody else!!" sound familiar XD.

You are more active during night rather than day = No, that's creepy, although i have an aunt who used to be nocturnal '-_-.

You like werewolves = I have no specific fascination in werewolves.

Your superior trusts you = I have no superior but my friends trust me and i trust them, so yes.

You have a scar on your face = Funny you ask, when me and my sister were little we used to have a lot of fights, she clawed me on my face non-stop like a wildcat, wich eventually led to many almost-invisible scars on my face, but they don't bother my appearance.

Result = 2, i thought it was gonna be 1 but the scars HAD to pop in XD

DaysSaixTalk.png lunaticright.png


DaysAxel.png eternalflamesmall.png

You are somewhat a pyromaniac = If you mean explosions then HELL YEAH!

You care deeply for your best friends = No doubt about it, i can't stand the thought of losing everyone, after all, i went through a long period of time without any friends, i couldn't BEAR to go through that again, freinds are something i cherish above all else!

You are a two-face when you need to be = No but i always wanted to try :)

You don't like when people don't remember your name = I'm fine with that, i just tell 'em over again, after all my name is a little hard to remember, when people call me Aslan, THEN i get mad.

You have a very fiery personality = Kind of, acctually, not really, i hate to pick fights and all.

Result = 2

DaysAxelHappy.png eternalflamesmall.png


DaysDemyx.png arpeggioright.png

You like music = Yeah! music rocks! i'm listening to some right now! and i do every day! i like mainly rock, orchestral and sometime Emo.

You know how to play a guitar = I have one but i have no idea how to play it, however my best friend has one and he's an ultrastar on it!

You like rainy days = OHOHO! here in canada a rainy or sunny day is a dream come true!!!

You like swimming = Yup, i love swimming, as a matter a fact, we have a pool in our backyard.

You are usually a very happy person = pretty much, i love to spread my happiness around and make others happy too, i think of each new day as an opportunity to be happy!

Result = 4

DaysDemyxHappy.png arpeggioright.png


DaysLuxord.png fairgameright.png

You like playing cards = I've gotten too old for those, although poker is still fun so i'll give it a yes.

You like to gamble = NO! I hate gambling!

Your favorite color is gold = I can't decide my favorite color but it's not gold, that's sure.

You have stolen money from others = Once, i'm ashamed of myself for it.

You have/wished you could curse = sometimes i wish i could just put an evil curse on all those who annoy/have annoyed me.

Result = 3, i'm surprised.

DaysLuxordHappy.png fairgameright.png


DaysMarluxia.png gracefuldahliaright.png

You like pink = Incase you haven't noticed i'm male, MALE.

You like flowers = I don't see anything wrong with them, but that dosen't count as a yes.

You are plotting to overthrow your superior = Errrr, what superior?

You were betrayed by someone = Yes, it sucked, and it happened more than once.

You are a bit of a flamboyant person = Kind of, i like colorfull stuff and all.

Result = 2, i was expecting 1.

DaysMarluxiaShocked.png gracefuldahliaright.png


DaysLarxene.png foudreleft.png

You're the only female in your group = I'm MALE.

You like storms = the only type of storm i care about is a thunderstorm, if i know i'm safe from it then yeah.

You're pretty agile = Well, i can beat my dad in a race but otherwise i'm no fast runner, i'm not even a fast gamer, don't get me wrong i'm not slowmo, but i always use a stay alive strategy to suit my speed.

You like to mock others = only with my sister because she dosen't mind, but otherwise no.

You think ninjas are cool = weird question, no. they make stupid noises XD

Result = 1, just what i expected.

DaysLarxeneHappy.png foudreleft.png


DaysRoxas.png oblivionn.png

You love ice cream = Yum, ice cream.

You are the youngest of your group = Again, yes.

You think people are hiding something from you = No, i don't have that impression, and i can tell when they are.

You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met = No, acctually now that i think about it yeah, a few times.

You prefer afternoons rather than nights and mornings = acctually my favorite time of the day is mornings, i see them as a new sunny oportunity to be happy!

Result = 3

DaysRoxasHappy2.png oathkeeper.png


DaysXion.png Kingdom_Key_KHD.png

In sense of personality, You are not very unique = quite the contrary, i am unique in every way.

Your best friends are two boys = Yeah, tkallab and Amore are their usernames.

Your father/mother/both favor another of your siblings = My dad used to, but not anymore.

You've had to make difficult choices before = Yeah, i can't even decide wich keyblade to use in Kindom Hearts II

You have many questions about something = Yes, many things, mainly whats gonna happen next in Kingdom Hearts XD

Result = 4......

DaysXionHappy.png Kingdom_Key_KHD.png

arpeggioleft.png DaysDemyx.png DaysXion.png DaysDemyxHappy.png DaysXionHappy.png DaysDemyxTalk.png DaysXionHappy2.png Kingdom_Key_KHD.png

OMG! I'm Xion AND Demyx!!!!


fotoflexerphotoz.png fotoflexerphotox.png

You're Evil = Nope

You don't care about anyone = Nope

You enjoy hurting people's feelings = Not at all!

You like the evil laugh = some are just stupid, but the really professional ones are awsome!

You are the doppelganger/evil twin of someone = No, but sometimes i like to think of myself as my sister's bad boy opposite, so yeah.

Result = 2, i was expecting 0 XD

fotoflexerphotoz.png fotoflexerphotox.png


Since i have joined this wiki i have already made new friends, although i am still pretty new, most of my friends have been very hospitable and kind, i may have had a few disputes but, those are over now and forever. Not just that, but friends are very important to me, because i went over a period of 3 years with absolutely no one to call a friend, now that i do have some, here and in other places, i am overjoyed and hold them all dear! if you're my friend you best believe it!!!!


Roxas Dark Master Darkheart Synchblade


I don't really know why i acctually use userboxes, i guess it's just to show off who i'm a fan of and all, i would mostly use userboxes to show off who my friends are, because most of my friends here on the wiki have a unique userbox that i can put here to show that i'm their friend.

So without further ado, the Userboxes:

What I Am

roxasuserbox.png This user is male.
12 This user is 12 years old.

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Game Accomplishments

760n2Dk.png This user defeated Ansem and started the epic story of Kingdom Hearts.
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The Unborn

Unborn/versed emblem.
The Flood, an example of an Unborn/versed

The Unborn, or as they were officially named; Unversed, are by far my favorite type of enemy in the Kingdom Hearts series, even surpassing Nobodies, what i mean is Unversed common enemies are great, above normal unversed i still prefer Organization XIII and all, i mean, for example, to me the Flood is alot cooler than the Shadow or even the Dusk.

They said they were going to be called Unborn the first time they were heard of, however, they were renamed Unversed, although i find the name Unversed is cooler sounding, i think the name Unborn made more sense.

The different types of Unversed are based around negative emotions, they tend to have sad, angry or happy looking faces, since happy is a positive emotion, i like to think of their happy faces as just their devilish faces.

They are the opposite of human life, they are a physical manifestation of the darkness in our hearts i think, and they feed on negativity to become stronger, to the point of a regular Flood becoming something like a Wheel Master, of course one does not turn into a Unversed (although that would be heck cool) they are physical manifestations of pure negaivity created from Vanitas, him also being one of my fave characters because of his pure awsomeness and evilness!

I should put a list of my favorite Unversed types here, wich i will.

You know, i think the Unversed are the only type of enemy to feel emotion, wich is funny, i try to make myself not feel sorry for them by continusly repeating the phrase "They are mean creatures filled with pure evil and enjoy seeing others hurt." although i still feel a little sorry for them, i guess it's sorta unfair that you're born with nothing but a will to hurt, even for Vanitas it's a little sad, although you have to admit, they love seeing people get killed, so that's another point of view.

They're design also captivates me, they are sleek and they have better patterns than almost any other enemy, frankly the only thing that rivals the Flood is the Neoshadow...and still the Flood is cooler, their bosses are cooler too, and their main color scheme is blue, wich is more amusing than black or white, their eyes is also awsome! if their eyes where just yellow dots like heartless that would just ruin the whole design in my opinion.

The emblem is the coolest so far too, then the heartless one, then the Nobody one.

it's a shame there's no Unversed Organization, although that wouldn't make sense, it would still be cool, unfortuneatly Vanitas and his remnant are the only human shaped Unversed, but that's cool enough for me.

Well let's see, their Boss version music 1 isn't so good, it's amusing but otherwise. Version 2 is sweet! nice!


The Flood, one of the most basic Unversed, i like it too.
The bruiser, the best fatso enemy of them all!
The Archraven, a pretty cool Unversed, based on a Raven
The Spiderchest, a pretty cute Unversed that i find amusing, kind of an Unversed version of the Barrel Spider and the Pot Spider heartless.
The tank toppler, it looks like a helium baloon XD
The monotracker, i like it because of it's miner basition
The buckle bruiser, a knight variation of the bruiser, i like it, dunno exactly why, just do, probably because of it's design.
The three types of Glidewinder, i like them cuz they look like probe lancers or something.
LOL, another treasure spider.
Symphony Master
The Symphony Master, one of my favorite Unversed Bosses.
Trinity Armor
The Trinity Armor! isn't it cool?!
Iron Imprisoner IV
The Iron Imprisoner IV, only 1 of the set of four, to check out the others, go H e r e
And of course Vanitas's Remnant, one awsome Unversed that you even get a keyblade from!
And Vanitas, i'm not sure if he's an Unversed, everyone says he's only their source, but i'll put him here anyway.


"Hey look mommy, that lady has a baby in her tummy!"
— 5-year old Guest to his mother about a fat lady.
"I like the flurry of dancing flavors."
— The Guest miss-saying "The flurry of dancing flames" to his sister
"Ah! but it's opposite day! so you said the opposite of what you said! and now i said it's opposite day and since it's opposite day it's not opposite day anymore so it's not opposite day anymore and you still said the opposite of what you said when it was opposite day! HAH!"
— The Guest launching the "It's opposite day" conversation to his sister after she said he sucks.
"What do you know about friendship?! most of your friends have deserted you!"
— The Guest to his father after he insulted Guest's friends.
"Recently, everything's been going better in my life, the last week has been great!"
— Guest to his mother.
"255 dollars is the biggest amount of money i've ever aimed for, but it's worth it!"
— Guest to himself about how much he wants Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
"Sometimes, when you're super happy to get a specific object, the happiness that you radiated when you got it is transfered into it, and you feel happy when you're around it, because you remember how happy you were when you got it, like me and my KH: 358/2 Days DS Card."
— Guest to his sister about "Happy Objects"
"You touch my sister again and i'll make you wish you were killed half an hour ago! got that?!"
— Guest to a girl named Jessica after she harmed his sister.
"Anyone who dosen't know how to ride a miniscule skateboard wih their first two fingers is either an idiot or a super-nerd"
— Guest talking nonsense with his sister.
"Y'know cola can acctually make you drunk? yeah, it made me drunk!"
— Guest talking nonsense at the dinner table.
"Jet, Jet Li?!....i was almost gonna say Jetlag '-_-"
— Guest to his mother when she mentioned Jet Li.
"Ok, so, they're old, so what? they're filled with old memories...even though i can't remember when i drew that...."
— Guest when cleaning out his old artbox
"A friend is a friend, no matter where they live."
— The Guest to his father.

If I was in Kingdom Hearts....

Hey y'all, i have two friends called Synchblade and Darkheart, on their userpages they have a story of what if they were in kh, their stories inspired me to write my own story, so here it goes, unlike them though, i will try to keep interactions with canon people to a minimum, and i will not interact with my friend's stories. Also, it will be written as an auto-biography.

Chapter 1

There were three of us before, me, my friend Thomas and our good companion Richard. My name is Angelo and this is my story.

We were all residents of Destiny Islands. We all sought to escape the place, even though there was a big mainland ahead. Every sunset we would sit at the beach, laughing about how we could venture to other worlds and have adventures. Now i acctually miss those days. When before we would've done anything to get off of that lousy backland of a world. And we did.

One sunset i found Thomas there alone. Staring up at the sun, i went to him and asked him where Richard was. He said Richard didn't want to come today so we both stared up at the sun. Thomas said he was thinking about building a raft and going out to explore other worlds. He said his parents had once told him about the legend of the Land of Departure and weilders of a mysterious sword. He said we should set to work, i agreed with him and ran off to tell Richard! we were so excited! what do you expect? we were 15!

We made it. It was pretty big, big enough for all of us. We brought supplies, bread and even brought all the neccesities to make a mayo sandwich. I had doubts. but it seemed ok, so we agreed we'd set off atleast 2 KM north, so our parents wouldn't get worried. We set out the next day. Richard had big doubts, but me and Thomas inspired him once more. Saying that this would be the only chance they'd have of finding new worlds. Even though our parents found what we said to be gibberish, we set off. We were expecting some kind of frozen blizzard world to the north, but what we found was far from that.

Chapter 2

We were far from the island now, maybe a little too far, we decided to head back, considering we'd found nothing but a bunch of sea, we were heading back when i lost my ring, it fell into the sea, it was a ring that i always wear, see i'm Angelo Jr. Angelo Sr. was my dad, he gave me that ring before he dissapeared forever, and it was very precious to me, i dove in without thinking and retreived the ring, i was heading back to the surface when i relized i was running out of air, my foot had gotten stuck on some coral!

I couldn't get off! i was suffocating! the last thing i remember was someone grabbing my arm, and it wasn't Thomas or Richard.

I woke up in a bed, i figured it was all a dream but the bed wasn't my room, or anywhere i knew for that matter. i looked outside of a window next to my bed, there was a strange land, not the mainland or the island. someone came into my room, it was Thomas, he rushed over to my side an said he was releived to see i was ok, he said we were in another world! i rushed out the door and saw a big hall, i followed it and it led me to a big room,there were two thrones there, the place was all gold, gold walls gold everything, either i was dead or dreaming, but it was neither.

A man came in, he was very tall much taller than my dad was on the picture, he was dressed in a very weird manner, with a peice of armor on his shoulder. "You're...You're the one who pulled me out of the water aren't you?" i asked him, "Yes, very good, i see i have chosen wisely" he said back, "for what?" i asked.

Chapter 3

"So lemmee get this straight, we're in the LAND OF DEPARTURE and we've been saved so we can become KEYBLADE WEILDER?!" "Yes, indeed," said the man "My name is Master Eraqus" said Eraqus, "I saved you because i saw potential in you, potential to weild a keyblade, please understand that there is no way to go back to your islands without the lanes inbeetween, and you would die if you went through in this state, you must be trained, it is the only way"

"Ok" said Thomas "You're right" he turned to face me "Angelo, this is what we've been waiting for! The Land of Departure! we're off of the islands!" he said, with gleaming eyes "You know, you're perfectly right!" i replied, and we went to get Richard, we explained everything, he took it better than we thought he would, jumping all over the (very big) room in joy, that's when we started our training as Keyblade Weilders, after awile we all obtained our own keyblades, Thomas received a devilish looking one, it was all gray and sorta dull, but it suited Thomas as he'd always liked the upbeat devil style of things, Richard got something more square like, he'd always been more serious than the rest of us, but not that bad, i mean he could still laugh and all, it has a funny design, a smooth, cyndrical, gray shaft that tapers outwards at both ends, It had a boxy guard, made up of two small, light grey boxes and copper rod. The base of the guard connects to the grip, and both sport several small indentations lining them. it was also funny how the grip was squared instead of cyndrical like all the rest of us.

Then came mine: A mainly silver keyblade, it had a round guard and a cyndrical grip, the blade looked almost like a keychain clip, infact i believe it was, there was a chain connecting the clip to the teeth and guard, only 1 peice of chain though, the teeth didn't look much like teeth, it was but a circle, a thick one with four stars pointing north, south, west and east on it, with two angels symblizing my ring in the middle of it, the angels were holding hands, and their feet were connected too. It symbolized Gemeni also, wich i was one of, being born on 21st of June. the chain was the usual chain-peice-connect, and at the botton was my signature symbol that was on my ring aswell, it was my family crest apparently, my master had fashioned my keyblade like this to please me, because he knew i had no father. it composed of two stripes with a curled end leading north, similar to grass stems, and a circle inbeetween.

Chapter 4

7 years had passed, man time flied by, and i was a keyblade apprentice to Master Eraqus, my fellow apprentices were Thomas and Richard, Master Eraqus had told us everything, Kingdom Hearts, Keyblades, our duty, and we willfully accepted that duty on one condition, when we were adequatly prepared that we could go visit our parents on destiny islands, that day finally came, we could barely sleep, so we decided not to, finally the day came, we set off on our keyblade gliders, all young men now, at 22 years old, we passed the lanes in beetween and visited destiny islands, our parents were petrified to see us, we had a big party and i promised my mom i would come see her from time to time, we explained everything, with our keyblades as proof, and set back off to the land of departure.

Before we left though, we all stood at the beach when the party calmed down, and stared at the sun setting, how i wish those old days were back, just thinking about it makes me feel warm in this cold place, when we started to leave, Thomas stared a little longer, funny, i could've sworn i saw his hair dissapear and him growing a small beard on his musta been the sun playing tricks on me, we all left and returned for a good night's rest.

I dreamt something that night, something strange, in a dark dark realm, there were Keyblades, into the ground, it looked like the Keyblade Graveyard, but it was a realm of darkness with keyblades stuck into an invisible ground, a strange keyblade stood up and watched as two other keyblades - Richard's and Thomas's were clashing, the strange keyblade directed it's attack at me and i woke up.

Next day, our new training session came, i went into Thomas's room, and i snuck around a little, it seems he'd started writing reports, he hadn't started yet, but apparently he was going to, we had our training session, then, Master Eraqus announced something, he said we would all be taking the Mark Of Mastery exams in a month, as you can imagine we were all filled with amazement and joy, the mark of mastery exam is where we are put to the test and we see if we are masters, like, Master Angelo! could you believe that?!

Chapter 5

The day came, we were to take our mark of mastery exam, after the exam, the answers came, i will put this in a list;

Richard: Passed.

Thomas: Failed.

Me: Passed.

We were so sorry for Thomas, we were really hoping we'd all make it, it was this that sparked a flame in Thomas that no-on knew existed, the flame of Darkness.

He rushed off to his room, frustrated, he didn't come out for days, he refused to eat or drink and we were really worried for him, eventually he came out, claiming he felt better, smiling, man was i happy to see him! Master Erqus came to him and told him this: "You know i didn't only save Angelo that day in the sea, i saved you, a strom was coming up, and you would have been washed away and drowned before you could've ever seen your island again" he said with his deep, booming voice, then, Thomas did something very unlike him, he hugged his master, saying thank you and eating like a pig at the table, that was one of the only times i saw my master smile this year, lets see, he smiled 10 times on year 1, 7 on year 2, 30 on year 3, 19 on year 4, but i'm getting offtopic.

We all treated him like a father, especially me, since i don't have one and he loved us all like sons, even though he almost never smiled, we felt good around him, just thought i'd say that, also, i never mentioned what he looks like, he was very dark skinned, not completely dark, half dark half white you could say, he had black hair, like Richard infact Richard was the one who looked most like Eraqus's son, haha, Eraqus had big hands, and he was a very skilled keyblade weilder, his keyblade was huge, almost undescribable, he had big feet and his body build in general was pretty muscular, not TOO muscular but y'know, and he had a deep booming voice.

Chapter 6

While Thomas was locked in his room he had been doing strange stuff, when everyone was busy i found the whole room in a mess, papers everywhere, i was shocked when i saw a drawing of what Thomas thought was Kingdom Hearts, and i saw his keyblade drawn on the wall, i beam of light was drawn beetween the keyblade and the drawing of Kingdom Hearts, i picked one of the papers up, it had much secrets on it, as it turns out Thomas was escaping to other worlds, he was doubting our master's thoughts, about Light being the reason the keyblade existed, he was doubting everything, i turned the door to see what was on the other side, i saw nothing but the word NO HEART and ANOTHER written on it's front, "MASTER ERAQUS!!" i shouted in shock.

Thomas was kept grounded for 3 months, someone else would have done worse, but Eraqus loved us too much to be too harsh, Thomas was plotting in his room all that time, developing his own theories about Kingdom Hearts, of course they were true after all, but he also started developing theories against what Master Eraqus had taught us, that the keyblade was meant for war, and theories of the keyblade war and other insanity! i was horrified, and this was not because he failed the exam, apparently he had been escaping to other worlds starting 3 years ago.

After awile, i went in there to reason with him, he wouldn't listen to reason, one night i heard a scream, it sounded like Master Eraqus! Thomas had escaped the Land Of Departure and defeated Eraqus in battle, Eraqus dissapeared in my hands, i woke Richard and we both set out to look for Thomas, we would venture many worlds in search for him, many many until we finally caught up with him.

Chapter 7

Apparently, when Eraqus died, they were performing the exam again, Thomas had threatened to kill him if he failed, so Eraqus said he failed, even through a heart-felt chat, Eraqus could not rid Thomas of his madness, and Eraqus was killed, thomas proclaiming himself as Keyblade Master.

We found him at radiant garden, swinging his keyblade at thin air, he turned around and attacked without hesitation, we fought him to the brink where none of us could continue, we were all exhausted, we were equally trained and were equally matched, then i started asking questions, why did he kill Eraqus and so forth, Thomas was obbsessed with Kingdom Hearts. he wanted it so bad, he believed in a balance of light and dark, and the X-Blade, he knew how it would be created, he claimed he knew how the Keyblade War was fought and how he wanted to have it re-fought. it was all blasphemy, against our master's teachings, i couldn't belive my ears, neither could Richard.

I asked him when it started. he said it started small, beginning with a few doubts about 2 years ago, and then it developed into millions of theories, discarded and re-made over the many months, he claimed he was "Doing research on the purpose of the keyblade" and on Kingdom Hearts and so forth, he was against ALL our master's teachings, we were stunned to know he had been secretly doing all this during 2 years of our training, it almost seemed impossible, but it was true, he started to run, but as usual he had always been the slower one of us, and we caught up to him, we brought him back to the Land of Departure, then we weren't sure what to do with him, while we weren't looking he attacked me, he knocked me unconcious, the next thing i knew i was tied up with Richard, he had grown a strange yellow-orange eye color wich suggested his overpowerings with Darkness.

Chapter 8

After awile we escaped, we had an immense fight, i was almost beaten, and so was Richard, Richard fainted, and i fought Thomas to his limit, he was beaten, but then his darkness prevailed.....and.....he defeated me, but he did much more than just defeat me, he sent me to the realm of darkness, where i was cursed with agelessness, and doomed to watch forever.

Chapter 9

I watched for ages, i watched many things, and this chapter will be about all of it.

When i was sent, Richard and Thomas were cursed with ageFULLness, Richard however, was not so effected, the huge darkness had made him around 49-50 years old, while it had made Thomas around 60, Thomas's hair fell out, and he eventually grew a small beard, Richard lost his memory, he lost everything except for a few things, he knew he was friends with Thomas and he remembered our master's teachings. and he could only remember one other name besides that: Eraqus, and so he became Master Eraqus believing it was his name, Thomas wanted to give himself a new name, he combined his fascination with Darkness: No Heart, and his obbsession with the X-Blade, X to fashion the name: Xehanort, he became Master Xehanort, however, there is something else.

Along my travels, i and Richard were seperated, both sent to different worlds, we were severely injured, but someone nursed me back to health, her name was: Natalie. we became very close friends, and we battled enemy after enemy together, until it came time to part ways, after i found Richard, 9 months later the most miraculous thing happened: she bore.....

My daughter, if there was one thing me and her had in common it was that we both loved Water, hence she named our daughter Aqua, unable to care for her, Natalie left Aqua at the doorstep of the Land of Departure, where my very good friend Richard, or now known as Eraqus, took her in, and trained her along with his other apprentices Terra and Ventus, the day she became a Keyblade Master i was overjoyed, but more was to come.

In the Xehanort reports, Thomas changed many things, he called Richard Eraqus, and didn't mention his master's name, he also didn't mention me, and he was of course, unaware of Aqua's origin, i did my best to keep Thomas, or, Xehanort, away from my child and her friends, but one day i was surprised to see that Eraqus had openly invited Xehanort to witness the Mark of Mastery Exam that took place, watching my daughter and Terra grow up together like brother and sister, it slightly dissapointed me that they had to face each oher in battle, and even more that Terra showed Darkness! then, i knew Xehanort's plan, my emmense force was enough to get me out of the realm, but only for a short time. i couldn't speak or take the black robe off that was given to me, i tried to tell Aqua and her friends through fighting, in wich i weilded two laser swords in reverse (incase you didn't know i have a reverse grip) bu it didn't reveal anything, luckily Ventus escaped his Darker half's treachery, but fell into a coma, i was filled with complete RAGE when Thomas possesed Terra's body, i almost wanted to kill my former friend for all he had done, but i couldn't escape more than once, i was locked away forever, when Aqua was sent to the realm of darkness, i was horrified, even more that she had failed to take Thomas's grip from Terra, i tried to meet her, but it was impossible.

Aqua started to weild Richard's keyblade, sacrificing her armor and keyblade for the Terra-Thomas, who became known simply as Xehanort, she wandered through the realm for ages, about 11 years perhaps, she activated the Land Of Departure mechanism and turned it into Castle Oblivion, then, she found an extremly powerfull new beast realming in shadows of the realm, it was a Heartless, the first heartless, and an extremely powerfull one at that, she defeated it using Richard's Keyblade and continued, only to be shocked by one of the places she had been to smothered in darkness, the invasion of the heartless had begun.

i watched the adventures of Sora as Aqua wandered aimlessly around the Darkness, hoping that Sora would liberate her from this misery, once though, Ansem's Kingdom Hearts Encoder exploded, Sora and his friend were going to be killed, i stopped it with my last ounce of strenghth, i couldn't help Ansem, but i was able to sheild the others.

Chapter 10

I write this hoping my Aqua will find this, although i am almost certain it won't, if it does, don't worry my girl, you're going to be alright.

My name is Keyblade Master Angelo .Jr, father to Master Aqua and best friends to Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort and this is my story.

SPLOOSH! "Bottle falls in water"

Commentary and Notes

What do you think? i may have gotten rather carried away, but i hope you enjoyed it, especially the twists all around, Thomas being Xehanort and Richard being the Eraqus you and i know, Aqua being his daughter and such, in reality, this isn't: if i was in Kingdom Hearts, this is a story of Eraqus and Xehanort's pasts, how they were linked, and why the Xehanort Reports are written so lightly, this is the story of Master Angelo :)

Also, some comentary might be nice, just nothing about how slopily i wrote it or else, and i don't want any big reviews, just what you think of the story put in a small comment, say NOTHING about how lopily i wrote please, it might get me mad at you, temper temper.

If i had to rate my story, i'd give it a solid 9/10, minus the slopy writing, if you include how badly i wrote it that would sum it up to a loose 8/10 methinks.

I infact named Xehanort and Eraqus after two of my very best buddies from real life: Thomas and Richard, who are very good friends, the real Thomas is 14 years old and the real Richard is 16, i am the youngest of the little trio we have, since i'm 12, i derived the name Angelo from a small keychain with a little thick circle with angels in the middle, all of it together looked just like a keyblade! and, believe it or not, Angelo's keyblade (Sacred Angel) is an exact copy of the keychain.


If i ever get round to drawing a few pics of Angelo and young Eraqus etc., i'll do it, but for now here's a quick gallery on all the chars in my story, including objects and such, i will not hesitate to take a picture of the keychain that inspired the Sacred Angel though.


NONE of these themes belong to me, i found them around the web, they are either fan made or from some other game.

Thomas/Xehanort's Theme:

thumb|280px|left|A fan made Master Xehanort Theme

Richard/Eraqus's Theme:

thumb|302px|left|a remix of Eraqus's battle theme.

Angelo's Theme (The Promise That Never Was):

thumb|300px|left|I just named it that, it's really .hack//GU's I'm Right Here.


A friend of mine made a page about the people he could D-Link, i figure it would be fun to do the same, so here goes:


RoxasXIIILK (The Replica Of The Thirteenth) launches powerfull Light and Wind based attacks.

Darkheart (The Darkness In Your Heart) launches powerfull Awsome and Dark based attacks.

Synchblade (Bringer Of Light) launches very effective Light based magic attacks.

Dark Master (DM) launches powerfull Dark-Magic based attacks. or dark magic attacks.

Tkallab (The Steino) launches powerfull Twilight based attacks.


Aqua launches powerfull water magic based attacks and increases magic stat.

Terra (vast earth returning to bonds) launches very powerfull but slow earth based attacks and raises critical hit ratio

Ventus (swift wind returning to bonds) launches unpowerfull but extremely quick wind-based attacks and increases speed stat.

Roxas (Key of Destiny) launches powerfull light and darkness based magics and attacks.

Xion (The Fourteenth) launches powerfull light magic.