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UserMale.png I have lived within the shadows for most of my life and now I will unveil myself to the world.

My templates


Ansem (with Dark Figure) (Sprite) KHCOM.png

I awoke from a deep slumber only to find myself in a new world. I did not know my purpose for living or even why I existed. I sought to find my purpose and eventually I gave myself a purpose. I have been striving to complete my goals and won't rest until there completed.


Naminé (Drawing) KHCOM.gif No.I

The emotions within the hearts of people have given them unique assets.

The power of these emotions has enabled them to use the light or darkness within them

The more powerful these emotions are the more powerful they become.


DiZ (Sprite) KHCOM.png
  • Finish writing my reports
  • Strart my own Organization


Sprite ripped by Ripped by Kei Striker, Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.

Riku Replica (Sprite) KHCOM.png

It was near sunset and still I felt empty.

It was if I was a nobody, maybe I really am.

People seem to just pass right through me when I am out of in the open.

This must be my fate as the nobody of the town.