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Sora, spotting a Blue Trinity mark in Traverse Town.

Trinity (トリニティ Toriniti?) is a special ability introduced in Kingdom Hearts. The ability is represented by a symbol composed of three hearts connected by a circle.


In Kingdom Hearts, Sora can activate the "Trinity" ability while standing on a Trinity Mark while Donald and Goofy are in the party. This will cause the trio to perform an action respective to the mark's color, which usually results in opening a new path or revealing a rare treasure. The friends learn five different Trinity commands throughout their journey, each with a different color, as well as the combat ability "Trinity Limit". Certain Trinity Marks must be activated to progress through the story, but most are optional and only required for completing Jiminy's Journal. Almost all Trinity Marks can be activated at any point in the game, with the exclusion of a single Red Trinity Mark in Oogie's Manor in the original Kingdom Hearts. In that version of the game, the mark causes a small storage shed to disappear when activated, but the mark disappears once the manor is destroyed in the battle against Oogie Boogie. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, this Mark is moved under the arch below the manor, so that it is still accessible after the battle, but it will still cause the shed to disappear when activated.

List of Trinity Marks[edit]

Trinity Jump[edit]

Trinity Mark (Blue) KH.png Trinity Jump (トリニティジャンプ Toriniti Janpu?) is learned after defeating the Guard Armor in Traverse Town. It allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to jump on the floor, shaking treasure loose from somewhere above them, or accessing higher levels.

World Location Notes Reward
Traverse Town First District In front of the restaurant tables. Transported to balcony with Postcard in chest.
First District In the left corner near the world exit. Munny (small) x35, Munny (medium) x5, Munny (large) x3
Third District In the alley running behind the Lady and the Tramp fountain. Camping Set, Munny (small) x40, Munny (medium) x4
Magician's Study On the floor near the main entrance. Mega-Ether, Munny (small) x40, Munny (medium) x2
Wonderland Lotus Forest In the alcove to the right where you can give the flower a Potion. Potion, Ether, Tent, MP prize (small) x40
Lotus Forest After the boulder comes out of the flower, grow big and move the boulder into the water, shrink back down and then jump up the lily pads into the hidden area. Camping Set, MP prize (small) x40, MP prize (large) x5
Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Gates Under the right hand statue. Puppy No. 22, No. 23, and No. 24
Coliseum Gates Under the left hand statue. Mythril Shard
Deep Jungle Camp Near the Lab Equipment. Puppy No. 34, No. 35, and No. 36
Climbing Trees On the topmost ledge, near the Tree House entrance. Puppy No. 31, No. 32, and No. 33[KH I]/Thundara-G[KH I FM]
Agrabah Agrabah: Bazaar In the middle of the floor. Mega-Ether, Munny (small) x25, Munny (medium) x15, Munny (large) x5
Silent Chamber Right in front of the steps. Thunder-G[KH I]/Thundara-G[KH I FM]
Monstro Monstro: Chamber 5 On the ground right in front of the lower entrance from Chamber 6. Cottage, Munny (small) x18, Munny (medium) x15, Munny (large) x12
Monstro: Mouth On the platform at the bottom of the debris pile near the teeth. Potion x2, Cottage, Munny (medium) x10
Monstro: Throat In the center of the floor. Mythril Shard, Munny (small) x40 , Munny (large) x3
Hollow Bastion Dungeon Center of the room. Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Cottage, HP prize (small) x40
Great Crest Right-hand lower balcony, near the landing point for the large magic lift. Megalixir, Cottage x2, MP prize (small) x20, MP prize (large) x20

Trinity Charge[edit]

Trinity Mark (Red) KH.png Trinity Charge (トリニティスマッシュ Toriniti Sumasshu?, lit. "Trinity Smash") is learned after sealing the Keyhole in Deep Jungle. It allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to charge at a wall or barrier and break it, revealing a new path.

World Location Notes Reward
Traverse Town First District At the end of the short alley behind the Item Shop. Opens access to Alleyway and chest containing Puppy No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6
Second District On top of the Gizmo Shop roof in the Second District, along the back wall. Access to bell which reveals Keyhole.
Alleyway On the drainage grate on the end of the alley near the Dalmatians' House. Access to Secret Waterway
Agrabah Treasure Room In front of statue. Mythril Shard, Munny (small) x18, Munny (medium) x15, Munny (large) x12
Halloween Town Oogie's Manor
Manor Ruins[KH I FM]
In the first room after crossing the bridge.[KH I][1]
On the arch below the manor.[KH I FM]
Mythril Shard
Hollow Bastion Entrance Hall Upper floor, in front of statue. Breaks statue, revealing an Emblem Piece

Trinity Ladder[edit]

Trinity Mark (Green) KH.png Trinity Ladder (トリニティタワー Toriniti Tawā?, lit. "Trinity Tower") is learned after sealing the Keyhole in Agrabah. It allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to climb on top of each other to reach something up high.

World Location Notes Reward
Traverse Town Accessory Shop In the middle of the floor. Lowers ladder to Item Workshop.
Wonderland Rabbit Hole Where Sora and the party enter at the beginning of the world. Elixir
Bizarre Room In the fireplace. Mythril Shard
Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Gates To the left of the main entrance in front of the Tournament Rankings. Mythril
Deep Jungle Treetop Right in the center of the area. Hard to see because of the foliage on the ground. Mythril Shard, HP prize (small) x40
Agrabah Agrabah: Storage In front of the shelf. Power Up[KH I]/AP Up[KH I FM]
Monstro Monstro: Mouth On the roof of Geppetto's ship; requires High Jump. Mythril Shard
Neverland Ship: Cabin In the middle of the floor. Access to Captain's Cabin
Hollow Bastion Library Second floor, near table. Azal vol. 3

Trinity Push[edit]

Trinity Mark (Yellow) KH.png Trinity Push (トリニティショヴ Toriniti Shovu?, lit. "Trinity Shove") is learned after winning the Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup. It allows Sora, Donald, and Goofy to push a heavy object.

World Location Notes Reward
Traverse Town Mystical House In the back of the house, on the stack of crates. Access to Power Up[KH I]/AP Up[KH I FM]
Olympus Coliseum Lobby Next to the stone Phil asks you to move. Olympus Coliseum Keyhole
Agrabah Cave: Hall In front of pillar. Gain access to Hidden Room.
Neverland Ship: Hold On the left hand door on the upper level. Gain access to room with Orichalcum, Power of wind, Puppy No. 85, No. 86, No. 87, and Dispel-G[KH I]/Dark Matter[KH I FM]

Trinity Detect[edit]

Trinity Mark (White) KH.png Trinity Detect (トリニティディテクト Toriniti Ditekuto?) is learned after defeating Riku at the Entrance Hall in Hollow Bastion. It allows the trio to raise and point their weapons, summoning a treasure chest.

World Location Notes Reward
Traverse Town Secret Waterway In the middle of the passage, where the short tunnel connects with the main tunnel. Orichalcum
Wonderland Lotus Forest In the closed off area that can be reached through the painting on the wall of the Bizarre Room. Lady Luck
Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Gates On the ground in the very center of the area. Violetta
Deep Jungle Cavern of Hearts In front of the Keyhole. Orichalcum
Agrabah Cave: Entrance In the middle of floor. Comet-G[KH I]/Ifrit Belt[KH I FM]
Monstro Monstro: Chamber 6 In the low-lying area behind the tallest "step". Thundaga-G[KH I]/Dark Matter[KH I FM]
Atlantica Triton's Palace On the floor in the center of the spiral shell structure. Orichalcum
Halloween Town Moonlight Hill To the left of the entrance, near a broken segment of wall. Comet-G[KH I]/Puppy No. 67, No. 68, and No. 69[KH I FM]
Neverland Pirate Ship On the back of the ship. Meteor-G[KH I]/Puppy No. 43, No. 44, and No. 45[KH I FM]
Hollow Bastion Rising Falls In shallow pool where you met Riku. Firaga-G[KH I]/Thundaga-G[KH I FM]

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

A Green Trinity symbol represents friend cards at the top left corner of the screen.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

A White Trinity symbol appears next to "Button" during Trinity Limit.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Trinity appears as a Situation Command during the final battle against Master Xehanort. It allows Sora to regain conscious with the help of Donald and Goofy, and counter Xehanort's beam of darkness with a beam of light.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Cannot be reached after Oogie's Manor is defeated.