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Camping Set

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Camping Set
"Restores all HP and 3 MP of each party member.
Can only be used from the menu."
Japanese キャンプセット
Rōmaji Kyanpu Setto

Translation Camp Set
Item Rarity Buy Sell
Camping Set 300[KH I]
500[KH I FM]
60[KH I]
100[KH I FM]

A Camping Set is a field item that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It restores all HP and three MP to each party member. It can only be used from the menu.



  • Camping Set: Four camping sets in Wonderland: A chest at the Rabbit Hole (defeat the three waves of Heartless to obtain; must be done before presenting evidence to the Queen of Hearts), give an Ether to both red flowers in the Lotus Forest, a blue Trinity in the Lotus Forest; and a blue Trinity in the Third District at Traverse Town.

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