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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
Episode 1: Unexpected Departure
A Recurring Dream (繰り返し見る夢
Kurikaeshi Miru Yume
On Destiny Islands, Xehanort awakens from a dream about the adventures of Player. He yearns to explore other worlds. Suddenly, a robed figure appears and opens a dark portal. Dive into the Heart -Destati-
Strange Whispers
Across the Ocean (海の向こう
Umi no Mukō
In Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort and Eraqus discuss the outside worlds before heading to class. Scala ad Caelum
One Step Forward (踏み出す一歩
Fumidasu Ippo
Xehanort, Eraqus, Hermod, Bragi, Urd, and Vor wait in class for Master Odin to arrive. Destiny's Union
An Unexpected Task (予期せぬ旅立ち
Yoki Senu Tabidachi
?, lit. "Unexpected Departure")
Odin informs the young wielders that a group of seven upperclassmen have gone missing while exploring other worlds. Xehanort and his classmates are tasked with finding their whereabouts. Scala ad Caelum
The Worlds Outside (外の世界へ
Soto no Sekai e
?, lit. "To the Outside World")
Xehanort and his classmates discuss the reformation of worlds following the Keyblade War and prepare for their journey. Scala ad Caelum
The First Encounter (初めての戦い
Hajimete no Tatakai
?, lit. "The First Battle")
Xehanort, Eraqus, and one of their classmates arrive in Agrabah, which is completely empty, aside from some Heartless. A Day in Agrabah
Arabian Dream
Where Monsters Roam (魔物が支配する世界 Mamono ga Shihai suru Sekai?, lit. "A World Ruled by Monsters") The three wielders surmise that Agrabah is still reforming, leaving only Heartless to roam. A Day in Agrabah
A Rough Battle (強敵との戦い
Kyōteki to no Tatakai
?, lit. "Fight with a Strong Enemy")
After battling a stronger Heartless, the wielders discuss the possibility of the upperclassmen having split up. A Day in Agrabah
A Dangerous Mission (危険な任務
Kiken'na Ninmu
Xehanort and his classmates regroup in Scala ad Caelum, deciding to search other worlds before reporting back to their Master. Scala ad Caelum
The Departure (旅立ち
Four years later, Xehanort places flowers on gravestones in Scala ad Caelum. He parts ways with Eraqus, wanting to experience other worlds before their Mark of Mastery exam, but promises to return.
Episode 2: The Presence of Darkness
What Am I? (自分が何者なのか
Jibun ga Nanimono na no ka
Xehanort thinks about his past and ponders what might determine who someone will become. Scala ad Caelum
Strange Order (おかしな秩序
Okashina Chitsujo
Xehanort, Eraqus, and one of their classmates look for their friends in Wonderland. After a perplexing encounter with the Cheshire Cat, the trio is saved from a group of Card Soldiers by a call for a trial. They set off to investigate. Scala ad Caelum
Welcome to Wonderland
Ruler of the Court (わがまま法廷
Wagamama Hōtei
?, lit. "Selfish Court")
Xehanort's other three classmates stand at trial before the Queen of Hearts. Eraqus and Xehanort's attempts to intervene only anger the Queen, whose darkness manifests as a Ferry Reaper that attacks the wielders. Welcome to Wonderland
Destiny's Force
Unknowing Darkness (無自覚な闇
Mujikakuna Yami
?, lit. "Unconscious Darkness")
Safe and reunited, the wielders discuss the strange order of Wonderland and the possibility of darkness hiding within someone's heart, and Xehanort somehow recalls Brain's warning about darkness. The group splits back up into threes, continuing their search. Welcome to Wonderland
Dark Presence (闇の存在
Yami no Sozai
?, lit. "Presence of Darkness")
Four years later, Xehanort returns to Wonderland to learn more about the Queen of Hearts's darkness. Villains of a Sort
Episode 3: The Purpose of the Journey
Corridor of Darkness (闇の回廊
Yami no Kairō
Xehanort travels through a Corridor of Darkness after first leaving Destiny Islands. As he walks, he is surrounded by the dark emotions of others, which weighs heavily upon his heart.
Not Too Curious (好奇心への警告
Kōkishin e no Keikoku
?, lit. "A Warning Against Curiosity")
In Wonderland, Xehanort, Eraqus, and one of their classmates run into Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a perplexing encounter which leaves them pondering the dangers of curiosity. Welcome to Wonderland
Tea Time (お茶の時間
Ocha no Jikan
The three wielders run into another strange duo, the Mad Hatter and March Hare. Much like the Tweedle twins, they do little except waste the wielders' time. Welcome to Wonderland
To Our Surprise
To the Truth (闇を追って真実に
Yami o Otte Shinjitsu ni
?, lit. "Chasing the Darkness to the Truth")
Xehanort speculates that fear is the foundation of Wonderland's order. To learn more, the group decides to pay the Queen of Hearts another visit, traveling via a new shourtcut courtesy of the Cheshire Cat. Welcome to Wonderland
Darkness's True Form (闇の正体
Yami no Shōtai
?, lit. "True Identity of Darkness")
Xehanort and Eraqus question the Queen of Hearts, determining that her wrath is the source of her darkness. They recall a lesson from Master Odin on the nature of Heartless. Their investigation only angers the Queen once more, her darkness manifesting as a Furious Reaper. Villains of a Sort
Strange Whispers
Destiny's Force
Journey's Purpose (旅の目的
Tabi no Mokuteki
The wielders return to Scala ad Caelum, where they discuss the nature of darkness. Xehanort considers the posibility of a world's order being based in darkness, while Eraqus maintains that light is always right no matter what. The group resolves to look further into the mysteries of darkness, hoping it will lead them to the missing upperclassmen. Welcome to Wonderland
Scala ad Caelum
Before the Departure (旅立ち前
Tabidachi Mae
One week ago, Baldr confides in Eraqus that he is concerned about his sister Hoder and her journey to other worlds. Eraqus reassures Baldr that she will be fine. Distant from You...
Episode 4: Cruel Clues
The Gambit (Gambit?) One year ago, Xehanort and Eraqus discuss the Keyblade War and the Lost Masters while playing a game of Alba & Ater. While Xehanort claims the future is already written, Eraqus affirms that there is more to light than meets the eye. Destiny's Union
Magic Mirror (魔法の鏡
Mahō no Kagami
In Dwarf Woodlands, Vor finds herself separated from the group and wanders into the castle. After observing The Queen use the power of the Magic Mirror, Vor approaches the artifact herself. The Secret Whispers
Strange Whispers
To the Mine (坑道へ急げ
Kōdō e Isoge
?, lit. "Hurry to the Mine")
Xehanort and Eraqus find Vor in the woods, who claims she got separated while chasing after a butterfly. Their reunion is interrupted by Grumpy, Happy, and Doc, who seem worried. The Secret Whispers
Seven Friends (7人の仲間
7-nin no Nakama
The wielders rush into the mine. Vor rescues the remaining dwarfs from a cave-in before the group is attacked by a wave of Heartless. The Secret Whispers
Risky Romp
In Search of Clues (手掛かりを求めて
Tegakari o Motomete
Having gotten nowhere with their search in Dwarf Woodlands, Vor suggests consulting the Magic Mirror. The Secret Whispers
Asking the Mirror (鏡に聞く
Kagami ni Kiku
Xehanort, Eraqus, and Vor approach the Magic Mirror. They are able to confirm that the upperclassmen have been separated, but any further questioning is cut short by The Queen, who forces the trio to face off against the Spirit of the Magic Mirror. Strange Whispers
Vim and Vigor
A Bitter Clue (残酷な手掛かり
Zankokuna Tegakari
?, lit. "Cruel Clues")
Having bested the Magic Mirror, the wielders are suddenly approached by Vidar, one of the missing upperclassmen. He explains that he has a task to complete and offers Vor the opportunity to join him. Vor reveals that she has been having doubts about her future, confirmed by her own question to the Magic Mirror. Despite Eraqus's protests, Vor departs with Vidar. True Darkness
Different Directions (それぞれの志
Sorezore no Kokorozashi
?, lit. "Each One's Own Aspirations")
On some earlier date at Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort and his six classmates discuss why they want to become Keyblade Masters. Destiny's Union
Former Friends (かつての友
Katsute no Tomodachi
64 years later, Master Xehanort returns to the Magic Mirror. Even after all this time, he cannot let go of the friends he saw in his dreams; the Magic Mirror confirms that they were indeed real, adding that Ventus lies at the Keyblade Graveyard. Xehanort
Episode 5: The Key to Each World's Order
Struggle to Answer (辿りついた答え
Tadoritsuita Kotae
?, lit. "The Answer We Got")
54 years later, in the Land of Departure, Xehanort explains his plan to forge the χ-Blade and uncover the secrets of the Keyblade War. Eraqus believes summoning Kingdom Hearts to be too dirastic a measure, and the two clash. 7 years after the missing upperclassmen incident, Xehanort departs Scala ad Caelum, set on summoning Kingdom Hearts. Once again, Eraqus stands in his way. The Key of Darkness
Xehanort -The Early Years-
Separate Paths (別行動
Betsu Kōdō
?, lit. "Going Separate Ways")
Back in Scala ad Caelum, Xehanort, Eraqus, Bragi, Hermod, and Urd discuss Vor's disappearance and the upperclassmen's mysterious plot. After a tense conversation, Eraqus and Bragi leave to find Vor, while Xehanort and the others decide to head to a new world to continue their investigation, both groups following their hearts. Scala ad Caelum
True Darkness (真の闇
Shin no Yami
Vidar returns to speak with Master Odin, who warns him of a new threat: true darkness. Odin fears that some of these original thirteen Darknesses may still be around. True Darkness
The Eerie Castle (不気味な城
Bukimina Shiro
?, lit. "The Spooky Castle")
Xehanort, Hermod, and Urd arrive at Beast's Castle, where they find Chip being surrounded by Heartless. Meanwhile, Eraqus and Bragi find no success in approaching the Magic Mirror and leave Dwarf Woodlands. Waltz of the Damned
Strange Whispers
Stolen Rose (盗まれたバラ
Nusuma Reta Bara
Chip introduces the wielders to the rest of the Beast's servants, who explain the Beast's precious rose has been stolen. The wielders decide to go to the Beast to learn more. Waltz of the Damned
Master of the Castle (城の主
Shiro no Omo
Xehanort and his classmates approach the Beast, but he is still enraged by the theft of his rose. After defeating a wave of Heartless, the Beast realizes that the group's Keyblades were the same weapons wielded by the culprits and chases them out. Hesitation
The Culprit (犯人は上級クラスメンバー
Han'nin wa Jōkyū Kurasumenbā
?, lit. "The Culprit is a Senior Classmember")
Xehanort, Hermod, and Urd determine that the upperclassmen are the ones who stole the rose. Waltz of the Damned
Cornered (追いつめたのは…
Oitsumeta no wa...
?, lit. "Caught Up with Them...")
The wielders are attacked by two Earth Gargoyles. Xehanort and Hermod fight one of them while Urd chases the other into the castle's ballroom, where she is ambushed by seven more. Dance to the Death
Urd (ウルドの元へ
Urudo no Gen'e
?, lit. "To Urd")
Xehanort chases after Urd while Hermod checks on the castle's servants. Dance to the Death
What Order Needs (世界の秩序の要
Sekai no Chitsujo no Kaname
?, lit. "Cornerstone of World Order")
After taking down several of the Earth Gargoyles, Urd is overwhelmed, but Vala comes to her rescue. Vala reveals that she has been observing Urd to see if she was fit to join the upperclassmen in their mission. Urd refuses to join her, so Vala departs, with Vali returning the rose to Urd before leaving. Dance to the Death
True Darkness
Returning the Rose (バラを返して
Bara o Kaeshite
?, lit. "Give Back the Rose")
Urd returns the rose to the Beast, restoring the world to its natural order. Waltz of the Damned
Dark Emotions (闇に渦巻く感情
Yami no Uzumaku Kanjō
?, lit. "Emotions Swirling in Darkness")
One year later, Xehanort walks a Corridor of Darkness, traveling to other worlds in preparation for his upcoming Mark of Mastery exam. He reflects on his journey and the dark emotions around him. Believing his heart to be strong enough to weather the darkness – believing himself to be the "child of destiny" – Xehanort takes off his Keyblade Armor, but quickly falls unconscious. He is approached by a figure in a black cloak. Strange Whispers
Episode 6: Uncertain Order
A Cloaked Stranger (黒コートの人物との出会い
Kuro Kōto no Jinbutsu to ne Deai
?, lit. "Encounter with a Person in a Black Coat")
Still one year later, Xehanort is woken up in the Keyblade Graveyard by the Master of Masters. Xehanort explains his journey to the enigmatic man and they discuss the nature of darkness and power. In exchange for a black coat, the Master requests that Xehanort look closely at the hearts of others in his travels. Master of Masters
Disposable (使い捨ての原石
Tsukaisute no Genseki
?, lit. "Disposable Gemstone")
In Agrabah, Jafar begins his scheme to obtain the Magic Lamp. He identifies three "diamonds in the rough": Xehanort, Hermod, and Urd. Villains of a Sort
Seeking the Lamp (ランプを求めて
Ranpu o Motomete
Jafar appears to the three wielders, lamenting about the state of Agrabah and the dangers of Cave of Wonders. Xehanort agrees to help Jafar save the kingdom by retriving the Magic Lamp. A Day in Agrabah
Cave of Wonders (魔法の洞窟
Mahō no Dōkutsu
?, lit. "Magical Cave")
The Cave of Wonders Guardian permits the wielders entry. Xehanort admits that he does not trust Jafar, but considers the Cave of Wonders their best lead. A Day in Agrabah
Chasing Eraqus (エラクゥスを追って
Erakwusu o Otte
After seeing a magic carpet, the wielders notice Eraqus in the Cave of Wonders. They are interrupted by several Heartless. A Day in Agrabah
Arabian Dream
Jafar's Plot (ジャファーの悪意
Jafā no Akui
?, lit. "Jafar's Malice")
Xeharnot, Hermod, and Urd catch up with Eraqus and Hermod, who were also sent by Jafar. Urd explains her earlier encounter with Vala, theorizing that the lamp is essential to Agrabah's order and is therefore of interest to the upperclassmen. A Day in Agrabah
Fire and Ice (立ち塞がる氷と炎
Tachifisagaru Kōri to Honō
?, lit. "Ice and Fire Blocking the Way")
The wielders' path forward is blocked by the Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord. A Day in Agrabah
Desire for All That Is Lost
The Cave's Depths (洞窟の深部へ
Dōkutsu no Shinbu e
?, lit. "Into the Depths of the Cave")
The wielders continue through the Cave of Wonders. A Day in Agrabah
Uneasy Order (不確かな秩序
Futashikana Chitsujo
?, lit. "Uncertain Order")
As the five wielders find the Magic Lamp, Vidar and Vor appear. Vidar explains the uppserclassmen's plan to find pure lights by disrupting the worlds' order. Eraqus and his peers, though also opposed to darkness, disagree with their methods. Vidar and Vor depart, leaving the lamp behind. A Day in Agrabah
True Darkness
A Meeting (ある出会い
Aru Deai
?, lit. "An Encounter")
One year later, Xehanort returns to the Keyblade Graveyard to speak with the Master of Masters. Xehanort explains his new understanding of light, darkness, power, and order, while the Master of Masters reveals that he is a Lost Master. Scala ad Caelum
Episode 7: Reason for Disappearance
A Worthy Heart (心を重ねられる者こそが
Kokoro o Kasane Rareru Mono Koso ga
?, lit. "Only Those Who Can Put Their Hearts Together")
65 years later, Xehanort traverses a Corridor of Darkness with Ventus at his side, choosing to embrace the dark emotions that swirl around them. Xehanort
Reunited (友との再会
Tomo to no Saikai
?, lit. "Reunion with Friends")
Still 65 years later, Xehanort brings Ventus to the Land of Departure to train under Master Eraqus. Xehanort tells his old friend that Ventus may be the fabled "child of destiny". The Promised Beginning
To Face True Darkness (真の闇を倒す方法
Shin no Yami o Taosu Hōhō
?, lit. "How to Defeat True Darkness")
Xehanort, Eraqus, Hermod, Bragi, and Urd return to Master Odin and explain what has transpired. Odin tells them more about true darkness and relates an earlier conversation with Vidar about Kingdom Hearts, ultimately deciding that the young wielders are not equipped to handle this situation. Scala ad Caelum
True Darkness
Baldr Returns (バルドルとの再会
Barudoru to no Saikai
?, lit. "Reunion with Baldr")
As Xehanort and his classmates discuss the worrying situation, they are surprised by Baldr's return. He explains his mission to learn more about darkness and his sister Hoder's death at Maleficent's hands, opening a gate to Olympus Coliseum so everyone can learn more. Scala ad Caelum
Distant from You...
One Way Ticket (冥界への切符
Meikai e no Kippu
?, lit. "Ticket to the Underworld")
The wielders wander around the Coliseum, searching for the Underworld. Hades offers them a trip to his domain if they compete in a tournament. Olympus Coliseum
To the Underworld (冥界へご招待
Meikai e go Shōtai
?, lit. "Invitation to the Underworld")
After winning the tournament, Hades sends all six of the wielders to the Underworld. Olympus Coliseum
Exchange (交換条件
Kōkan Jōken
?, lit. "Terms of Exchange")
Xehanort, Eraqus, and Bragi bargain with Hades. He agrees to summon Hoder's spirit to the Underworld if one of the wielders stays behind as his pawn. The Underworld
Gatekeeper (冥界の門番
Meikai no Monban
?, lit. "Gatekeeper of the Underworld")
Xehanort, Eraqus, and Bragi encounter Cerberus blocking the path forward. The Underworld
Squirming Evil
Leave it to Baldr (バルドルの助け
Barudoru no Tasuke
?, lit. "Baldr's Help")
Baldr appears to help fight Cerberus. He and Bragi stay behind while Xehanort and Eraqus continue toward Hoder. Squirming Evil
Regrouping (ヘルモーズたちと合流
Herumōzu-tachi to Gōryū
?, lit. "Reunion with Hermod's Group")
Xehanort and Eraqus run into Hermod and Urd, who head back to help fight Cerberus. The Underworld
Cerberus Defeated (湿布を巻く番犬
Shippu o Maku Banken
?, lit. "Guard Dog Wrapping a Poultice")
Cerberus is defeated by Baldr and Bragi. Baldr begins to speak to Bragi about darkness. Squirming Evil
Concerned (気になること
?, lit. "What's on My Mind")
Xehanort confesses to Eraqus that he is greatly concerned about something. The Underworld
The Departed (消滅した者たち
Shōmetsu Shita-sha-tachi
?, lit. "Those Who Disappeared")
Xehanort and Eraqus finally find Hoder, along with Heimdall, Helgi, and Sigrun. Xehanort relates Vidar's plan to summon Kingdom Hearts, and the upperclassmen begin to tell their tale. True Darkness
Gone Missing (失踪の理由
Shissō no Riyū
?, lit. "Reason for Disappearance")
The seven upperclassmen journey to Enchanted Dominion, where they learn that Aurora has been cursed by Maleficent. Hoder sneaks off to confront the evil fairy, but is struck down; seeing this, Heimdall, Helgi, and Sigrun take up the fight against Maleficent. True Darkness
Darkness or Light (闇の正体
Yami no Shōtai
?, lit. "Darkness's True Identity")
The upperclassmen describe their defeat and subsequent arrival at The Final World. They discuss the relationship between darkness and light with Xehanort and Eraqus. Before the upperclassmen's spirits return to rest, Hoder asks a favor of Xehanort. True Darkness
The Underworld
One Must Stay (一人は冥界の住人に
Hitori wa Meikai no Jūnin ni
?, lit. "One Resident of the Underworld")
Xehanort and Eraqus catch back up with Urd, who says Hermod has gone ahead to find Bragi and Baldr. The three wielders engage in battle with Hades, who refuses to let them leave the Underworld. The Underworld
The Encounter
A Hasty Retreat (突然の退場
Totsuzen no Taijō
?, lit. "Sudden Departure")
As the fight with Hades heats up, Hermod returns alone. Before the battle can continue, the Xehanort, Eraqus, Urd, and Hermod are sucked into a portal of darkness. Following, Hades is approached by an unknown figure. The Encounter
Lost in Darkness (闇をさまよう
Yami o Samayō
?, lit. "Wandering Through the Darkness")
Xehanort and Eraqus find themselves in a Corridor of Darkness. Even after donning their Keyblade Armor, they know that they have a limited time before the darkness overtakes them. The pair begin to search for Hermod and Urd. Night in the Dark Dream
Shattered Hope (砕かれる希望
Kudaka Reru Kibō
Hermod and Urd try to resit, but eventually succumb to the darkness. Night in the Dark Dream
Left Behind (残された者
Nokosa Reta Mono
Xehanort and Eraqus collapse in the Corridor of Darkness. Odin finds them and opens a portal home. Night in the Dark Dream
Darkness Disguised (闇の行方
Yami no Yukue
?, lit. "Darkness's Whereabouts")
65 years later, after leaving Ventus under Master Eraqus's care, Xehanort speaks with Vanitas in the Land of Departure. He brings up the thirteen ancient Darknesses, questioning Vanitas – himself a dark being – about their whereabouts. Vanitas insists ignorance, but Xehanort remains convinced of a larger picture. Xehanort
Last Episode: The Seven Lights and Thirteen Darknesses
Journey's Reward (旅で得たもの
Tabi de Eta Mono
?, lit. "What I Gained From My Trip")
Two years later, Xehanort and Eraqus discuss their journeys abroad over a game of chess. Xehanort expresses a desire to see a better future, claiming to want fourteen lifetimes to do so. Eraqus shares his dream to stay true to light and help others through dark times. Destiny's Union
Doubt (疑念
Xehanort and Eraqus, despondent, speak with Master Odin. Sounds of a conflict reach the classroom, and Master Odin rushes to defend Scala ad Caelum; Xehanort explains to his friend that Baldr is responsible. Eraqus runs off to free Baldr from the darkness. Scala ad Caelum
Night of Fate
VS Vidar (ヴィーザルと対峙
Vīzaru to Taiji
?, lit. "Confrontation with Vidar")
Scala ad Caelum is under attack. Vali, Vala, and Vidar arrive on the scene. Eraqus becomes angered when Vidar reveals that he knew of Baldr's darkness, and the wielders clash. Night of Fate
True Darkness
Baldr's Darkness (バルドルの闇
Barudoru no Yami
Xehanort eventually calms Eraqus down, and Vidar shares that he is no longer pursuing Kingdom Hearts. Baldr arrives, shrouded in darkness, before leaving to cause further destruction. The wielders race to the tower to save Vor. True Darkness
Strange Whispers
Edge of Existence
To Vor (ヴェルの元へ
Veru no Gen'e
Xehanort and Eraqus rush to Vor while Baldr approaches her in the tower. Edge of Existence
Fallen to Darkness (闇に墜ちる
Yami ni Ochiru
?, lit. "Fall Into Darkness")
Following Hoder's death, Baldr fell into a deep depression. Over the course of a week, he sank into darkness, now convinced he must purge the light. Strange Whispers
The True Story (消滅の真実
Shōmetsu no Shinjitsu
?, lit. "Truth of Disappearance")
Baldr – or, rather, the darkness possessing him – reveals to Vor that he was the one who killed Hoder, Heimdall, Helgi, Sigrun, Bragi, Urd, and Hermod. Vor raises her Keyblade to fight back. Strange Whispers
Upstairs (上の階へ
Ue no Kai e
Xehanort and Eraqus run upstairs to save Vor. Edge of Existence
A Place to Return (帰るべき場所
Kaerubeki Basho
Vali, Vala, and Vidar save Vor from one of Baldr's attacks, but all four of them are struck down when Baldr's darkness manifests as Hringhorn. Having slain eleven wielders, Baldr summons Xehanort and Eraqus to the top of the tower to finish the fight. The Key of Darkness
Distant from You...
Lights and Darknesses (7つの光と13の闇
7-tsu no Hikari to 13 no Yami
?, lit. "7 Lights and 13 Darknesses")
Atop Scala ad Caelum's central tower, Baldr explains to Xehanort and Eraqus his failed plan to manipulate Vidar into summoning Kingdom Hearts. The wielders ready themselves for the final showdown. Strange Whispers
Hunter of the Dark
Two Kinds of People (持つ者と持たざる者
Motsu Mono to Motazarumono
?, lit. "The Haves and Have-nots")
Baldr is defeated, but before Xehanort can finish him, he engulfs him in darkness to have a final conversation. Baldr claims that he and Xehanort are alike: always in the shadow of a purer light. He also explains that he is not true darkness, but a darkness born from the light around the wielders. Hoder's spirit appears from Xehanort's heart to speak with her brother, after which Master Odin arrives to ensnare Baldr. After a final request from his former friend to seek answers, Xehanort puts and end to Baldr. The Key
Comfort in Light (寄り添う光
Yorusou Hikari
?, lit. "Cuddle Up to the Light")
One month later, Xehanort and Eraqus place flowers in the cemetery at Scala ad Caelum. Eraqus tells his friend that Master Odin wants them to take the Mark of Mastery Exam soon, as he plans to retire. As the two depart to play a game of chess, a hooded figure appears. Scala ad Caelum
Bragi's True Form (ブラギの正体
Buragi no Shōtai
?, lit. "Bragi's True Identity")
In the Underworld, Cerberus is defeated by Baldr and Bragi. Baldr begins to speak to Bragi about darkness, turning on his classmate, but Bragi quickly and decisively overpowers him. Deciding that Baldr is unfit to be a vessel, Bragi tells him that he is choosing to disappear forever. In Scala ad Caelum, the cloaked figure, Luxu, lifts their hood, revealing Bragi's face. The credits roll. Strange Whispers
Dearly Beloved -Reprise-Symbol - Crown.png
Child of Destiny (運命の子
Unmei no Ko
9 years ago, Xehanort and his cloaked caretaker lay on Destiny Islands. Xehanort shares his dreams of a group of friends, and his caretaker becomes emotional; in their first life, as Player in Daybreak Town, they were one of these friends. The young boy is told that he is the "child of destiny" who will save the world from darkness and a descendent of the great Master Ephemer. Friends in My Heart