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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
"Grants an incredible boost in Strength and a small boost in maximum AP."
Japanese ブレイクスルー
Rōmaji Bureikusurū
Strength Magic AP
+7 +0 +15
Cure Converter
Defeat Xion's Recreated Data

The Breakthrough is an accessory in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.


The Breakthrough is a periwinkle ring with a dark purple inner layer which runs around the ring to the front, bordered on both sides by a thin light purple line with outward extending spikes, which then meet in a violet circle in the front of the ring. Inside the circle is a silver-white symbol with three connected spikes that extend vertically in both directions, identical to the symbol that can be seen on Xion's mask during her final form. Around the circle is a pair of light purple thorn-like spikes that curve and extend outward in a fashion similar to many Nobodies, and just above and below the circle are two curved spikes which arch outward from the ring.