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Element Form

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Element Form
Kana エレメントフォーム Sprite Sora N Element.png
Romaji Eremento Fōmu

Keyblades Shooting Star, Ever After

Element Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. It is a form that possesses aptitude in magic and long-range attacks. It allows Sora to glide along the ground and grants the ability to cast magic while moving. It is triggered by Shooting Star and Ever After.

The Formchanges are Double Arrowguns and Magic Launcher (Shooting Star), and Mirage Staff (Ever After).


Main article: Form:Sora

Element Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes blue, with a star pattern on his pants, sleeves, and hood. This form is reminiscent of Sora's Wisdom Form in Kingdom Hearts II.


Element Form's Formchanges are associated with magical attacks. Its abilities are geared to enhance Sora's magic.


Ability Description
High Jump Leap high into the air. The longer you hold Circle, the higher the jump.
Doubleflight Press Circle while in midair to jump a second time.
Combo Master Continue combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Leaf Bracer Always finish casting recovery magic, even if you are hit by attacks in the process.
Magic Combo Thrift Reduce MP cost by 1 with each successive magic cast.
Magic Galvanizer Increase the damage you deal with magic in proportion to the length of your combo. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Magic Treasure Magnet Automatically draw in and collect prizes from enemies defeated with magic, no matter how far away they are.
MP Hastega Recharge MP 30% faster when you run out. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.