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Strike Form

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Strike Form
Japanese ストライクフォ一ム Sora Strike Sprite KHIII.png
Rōmaji Sutoraiku Fōmu

Keyblades Favorite Deputy, Happy Gear, Wheel of Fate

Strike Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. It is a form that grants Sora red clothing with an urban camouflage design and transforms his Keyblade for powerful attacks. Triggered by Favorite Deputy, Happy Gear, and Wheel of Fate.

The Formchanges are Hyper Hammer and Drill Punch (Favorite Deputy), Agile Claws and Twin Yo-Yos (Happy Gear), and Highwind and Storm Flag (Wheel of Fate).


Strike Form was referred to as Power Form (パワーフォーム Pawā Fōmu?) in early gameplay notes.[1]


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Strike Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes red, with an urban camouflage pattern on his pants. Strike Form alters Sora's appearance in other worlds:

  • In his Toy Box form, Sora's jacket turns red. The blocks are also red with black designs.
  • In his Monstropolis form, Sora's jacket turns into Strike Form and his fur is orange with red stripes.
  • In his The Caribbean form, Sora's bandana and cuff links turns red. His hat has three fleur-de-lis and there is a camouflage appearance on his coattail. The jacket is his inverted color of his original waistcoat.

The name refers to the form's offensive abilities.


Strike Form Formchanges are often oriented around wide, sweeping attacks that deal devastating damage. Its exclusive Omega Finale ability allows Sora to execute combo finishers at any time.


Ability Description
Combo Master Continue combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.
Omega Finale Perform combo finishers at any point mid-combo by pressing Circle.


Strike Form is a Form that specializes in pure offense and crowd-control. Its associated Formchanges tend to have high raw power within their attack combos, and some improve Sora's spells, as well. The Combo Master ability allows certain Formchanges like Hyper Hammer or Highwind to have more consistent attacks, while the Omega Finale ability lets Sora use combo finishers at any time. Since these Formchanges' combo finishers hit a wide area for high damage, this gives Sora a useful tool when dealing with crowds of enemies.

The main drawback of Strike Form is that, aside from Omega Finale, it doesn't have many other support abilities, making the Form less versatile against single, powerful targets. Still, the sheer damage its Formchanges deal make up for that, and other equipped Keyblades can cover that shortcoming with different Forms to switch to. Thus, Strike Form-based Formchanges are well-suited to be Sora's primary offense.

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