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Guardian Form

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Guardian Form
Japanese ガーディアンフォ一ム Sora Guardian Sprite KHIII.png
Rōmaji Gādian Fōmu

Keyblades Hero's Origin, Hunny Spout, Classic Tone

Guardian Form is a Form specializing in defensive techniques which appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is triggered by Hero's Origin, Hunny Spout, and Classic Tone.

The Formchanges are Counter Shield (Hero's Origin), Hunny Blasters and Hunny Launcher (Hunny Spout), Boom Hammer and Clock Drill (Classic Tone).


Guardian Form was referred to as Guard Form (ガードフォーム Gādo Fōmu?) in early gameplay notes.[1]


Main article: Form:Sora

Guardian Form turns Sora's coat, gloves, and shoes yellow, with a checkered diamond pattern on his pants. Guardian Form alters Sora's appearance in other worlds:

  • In his Toy Box form, Sora's jacket turns into a lemon yellow and his blocks are golden yellow and black.
  • In his Monstropolis form, Sora's jacket turns to Guardian Form and his fur turns neon yellow with orange stripes.
  • In his The Caribbean form, Sora's cuffs and bandana turn to a dark yellow color, his hat has three diamonds, and the coattail also has a diamond pattern on it. His waist coat is yellow and black. Sora's hat has three diamonds on it with crossing diagonal lines going through them.

The name refers to the form's defensive abilities.


Guardian Form is focused on Sora's defensive capabilities, granting abilities such as Second Chance, Withstand Combo, Defender, and its unique abilities Barrier and Counter Blast.


Ability Description
Aerial Recovery Press Circle after taking damage in the air to right yourself.
Barrier Press Square to guard against attacks from all directions.
Counter Blast Press X after a successful block to send surrounding foes flying. (Reprisal)
High Jump Leap high into the air. The longer you hold Circle, the higher the jump.
Combo Master Continue combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Second Chance Always retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more.
Withstand Combo Always retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more. You will remain protected throughout the enemy's combo.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.
Defender Potentially increase Defense by 2 when your HP is at 25% or below. Stack the ability to increase the odds.


Guardian Form is primarily centered around defense and survivability. Guardian Form prioritizes guarding more than dodging, as its abilities Barrier and Counter Blast grant greater versatility when guarding and counterattacking. As Guardian Form can be accessed very early through Hero's Origin, most of Guardian Form's support abilities provide the most utility early on when such abilities would normally not otherwise be gained, such as the immensely useful Second Chance and Withstand Combo. Even when Sora is higher level, such abilities are still valuable assets of Guardian Form especially if Sora did not choose Power of the Guardian during the Dive to the Heart.

When survivability is needed most, it may be helpful to equip Keyblades with Guardian Form Formchanges over Keyblades with similar Formchanges belonging to other Forms, such as Hunny Spout over Shooting Star, or Classic Tone over Favorite Deputy.

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