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Card Form

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Sora in Card Form

Card Form is a form of Sora's in Kingdom Hearts II. Sora is transformed into a man-sized playing card against his will when he loses against the Gambler's or Luxord's "Stop Dice" and "Begin Game" Reaction Commands.


While in Card Form, Sora moves very slowly, and can only perform a weak spin attack that does little damage. However, any attack that hits Sora from behind is automatically deflected. Although Card Form consumes two bars of the Drive Gauge while in use, the gauge is refilled after the form expires, even if Sora was in a Drive Form when he was transformed. If the Drive Gauge is disabled when Sora is transformed into a card, he will immediately revert to his normal form, and he cannot be transformed while performing a summoning.


In his Card Form, Sora turns into a large card, roughly the same height as Luxord. An image of Sora in his normal Kingdom Hearts II outfit is displayed on one side of the card. In the image, Sora has his hands raised as if he is attempting to escape from the card, and his face is set in an expression of shock. The rest of this side of the card is white. The opposite side of the card is the same as the cards from Luxord's Fair Game deck; it is grey with white edges and several Nobody logos decorating it.