Adamant Shield (KHII)

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Kingdom Hearts II
Adamant Shield
Adamant Shield (KHII)

Adamant Shield (KHII)
Adamant Shield (KHII)
Adamant Shield (KHII)

"A shield that excels in defense rather than strength. Blocks various attacks."

Katakana アダマンバンパー
Rōmaji Adaman Bampā
Japanese Adamant Bumper
Strength Magic
+2 +0
Buy Sell
100 50
Wallace's Weapon Shop

The Adamant Shield is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Adamant Shield is mainly orange in coloration. It is mostly rounded, though it curves on both sides at the middle of the shield towards a centralized point. On each corner is a yellow rod bent at a 90° angle. There is a small gap between the shield and each of the rods. The shield's face bears a green tortoise shell pattern, much like Goofy's shell in his Tortoise Form.

The Adamant Shield is named after the material Adamant. It is also a reference to the Adamantoise.

Other appearances[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the Adamant Shield appears as part of the Command Gauge for the Goofy Dimension Link.