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Knight Defender

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Kingdom Hearts II
Knight Defender
Knight Defender

Knight Defender
Knight Defender
Knight Defender
"A shield with great strength used solely for attacking."
Japanese ナイトディフェンダー
Rōmaji Naito Difendā
Strength Magic
+7 +0
Buy Sell
2000 1000
Stiltzskin's Moogle Shop

The Knight Defender is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Knight Defender's face is meant to resemble the helmet of a classic knight. It is predominantly grey and silver, with a shut visor, spikes on the sides of the helmet, and a short fleur-de-lis acting as a crest at the top of the helmet. The helmet is superimposed over two crossed swords, each of which has a gold cross guard and pommel and a brown handle.