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Adamant Shield (KH)

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This article is about the shield from Kingdom Hearts.
You may be looking for the shield from Kingdom Hearts II..
Kingdom Hearts
Adamant Shield
Adamant Shield (KH)
"A large shield best suited for defense. Effective against various attacks, and also a powerful assault weapon."
Japanese アダマンシールド
Rōmaji Adaman Shīrudo
Strength MP Recoil
+5 +0 60
Critical Rate Bonus
x0 +0
Buy Sell
4000 150[KH I]
260[KH I FM]

The Adamant Shield is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts.


The Adamant Shield is roughly pentagonal in shape and has smooth, curved bottom edges. It is predominantly navy-colored, though upper half of the face of the shield sports three blue rectangles arranged side-by-side, while the lower half sports one blue rectangle, this one horizontal and curved upward. There is a small, pale yellow circle on the bottom of each of the three upper rectangles. There are also three large, grey screws on the bottom and the top two corners of the shield.

The Adamant Shield is named after the material Adamant.

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