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Gigas Fist

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Kingdom Hearts
Gigas Fist
Gigas Fist
"A small, powerful shield made for attack rather than defense."
Japanese ギガースフィスト
Rōmaji Gigāsu Fisuto
Strength MP Recoil
+7 +0 1
Critical Rate Bonus
x0 +0
Buy Sell
1000[KH I]
1200[KH I FM]
100[KH I]
200[KH I FM]

The Gigas Fist is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts.


The Gigas Fist is a small, circular shield with blue-grey edges and a sky blue face. There is a large, white symbol similar to a fleur-de-lis emblazoned on the Gigas Fist's face.

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