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Tester Zero

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Tester Zero
Tester Zero
"Your most basic weapon.
Nothing really sets it apart."
Japanese テスター・ゼロ
Rōmaji Tesutā Zero
Strength Magic
Base Unit Ultima Base Unit
+15 +85 +0
Defense Crit Rate Crit Bonus
Base Unit Base Unit Base Unit
+0 +0 +2
Attack Speed Approach Speed
Ground Air
1.0 1.0 1.0
No Gear (Vexen)

The Tester Zero is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is Vexen's basic weapon, and therefore requires no Gears to be attached to him in order to wield it.


Tester Zero is almost entirely grey, symbolizing that it is the most basic of all of Vexen's weapons through the use of achromatic colors. It is shaped like an upside-down heart with one circular section taken out of each side. This has the effect of making the top of the shield resemble a spike from the Nobody logo. The shield also has two more large spikes at the bottom; one protruding from each of the bumps on the heart. Tester Zero's border is silver and its face is grey.

Tester Zero is a term usually referring to the first product being tested.


Tester Zero's ground combo begins with a swipe from right to left. It is followed by a lunge forward, then finishes with thrusting the shield in a straight line with several hexagon shapes appearing when it comes in contact with an enemy.

The aerial combo begins with a downward slash, followed by a sweep from right to left, and finishes by sending the shield to orbit around him, causing hexagons when halted.