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Hot Topic Merchandise

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Kingdom Hearts II-based print

Beginning in the early June 2009, the clothing brand Hot Topic began to produce Kingdom Hearts-based t-shirts. Sales began rising. In reaction to the profiting sales of their original three designs, Hot Topic then released another t-shirt. Since then, Hot Topic has released several other pieces of clothing based on the Kingdom Hearts series. The franchise also recently began to produce three different Kingdom Hearts II-based pins and multiple types of jewelry.



  • The franchise began by selling three designs: two unisex designs and one that is female-only. All three designs contain two designs that were both Puzzles in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The two unisex designs feature the Awakening and Heart puzzles, whereas the female shirt features the EDGE puzzle.
  • The fourth unisex shirt, is, however, unlike the other shirts, as it is not based on a Puzzle. Instead, this shirt is black, has the Kingdom Hearts II logo centered in the middle, and has silver silhouettes of every Keyblade that appears in the game.
  • Two more unisex shirts have been created, the first of these featuring many of the main characters over a pure-black background, all facing forward. The second is Hot Topic's first (and currently only) Kingdom Hearts-based hoodie. The hoodie is black, and featured four perpendicular squares featuring a headshot of one main character each. The top left is King Mickey, the top right is Sora, the bottom left is Goofy, and the bottom right is Donald Duck.
  • More shirts have since been added, as well as another female-oriented shirt was created. This black shirt contains a picture of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in battle position over a white area, with the phrase "BEWARE THE HEARTLESS" written above them.
  • Another shirt shows Sora in his Halloween Town form with the Way to the Dawn Keyblade in the background.
  • The only t-shirt based on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a shirt with the cover design of the game and it comes for both genders. This shirt incorrectly shows Axel with blue eyes instead of green eyes.
  • The most recent additions to the T-shirt collection is one featuring Mickey in his Organization coat and another group T-shirt.


  • The franchise also recently began to produce three different Kingdom Hearts II-based pins; they model the Kingdom Key, Heartless insignia, and logo of Kingdom Hearts II.
  • The franchise also produces two other Kingdom Hearts-based accessories: a key-chain with a Kingdom Key D and Hidden Mickey attached to it, a Heartless bracelet, and a necklace reminiscent of Sora's crown necklace.
  • The franchise has also released a new rubber bracelet with the Kingdom Key D on it, though with a blue handle instead of a red one, and with a gold Hidden Mickey Keychain protruding from the bracelet.
  • The franchise has also released a Heartless necklace, a scarlet insignia on a blackened chain.