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This article is about the mechanics of Spirit Dream Eaters.
You may be looking for the synthesis material or the plot element in the Kingdom Hearts series. For Spirit Dream Eaters as a species, see Dream Eater.

The Spirit system is a game mechanic in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It involves the creation and training of Spirit Dream Eater companions that act as party members to Sora and Riku.

Ability Link[edit]

The Meow Wow's Ability Link Screen in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

The Ability Link (アビリティリンク Abiriti Rinku?) is a board where the player can acquire new Commands and Abilities. Each Spirit-type Dream Eater has a different Ability Link which includes different commands and abilities, which can be redeemed with Link Points (リンクポイント Rinku Pointo?) (LP) by the player. New commands must be installed from the Command Deck menu, while new abilities are automatically installed. Stat Abilities only stay active while the Spirit from which they were acquired remains in the party and cannot be disabled unless the Spirit is removed from the party.

An Ability Link is composed of various icons connected by colored paths, each one being a bonus, with the needed LP to acquire them on their bottom right. The Keyhole icon shows where the Ability Link starts, which is initially connected to a single bonus. After purchasing a bonus, adjacent bonuses will break out of their crystal shields and a pink line will extend to the icon, indicating that it is now available for purchase as well. Some paths are unlocked only if the Spirit is in a certain Disposition, indicated by colored arrows. There are also door-like icons that block the path to other bonuses until a certain quota is met. These can require the player to have a certain amount of a certain item, level up the Spirit to at least a certain level, or even Link with the Spirit a certain number of times.

Link Points can only be acquired if the Spirit is currently in the party. In combat, each enemy defeated earns one Link Point.[?] Certain Training Toys will reward additional Link Points, namely the Water Barrel and certain kinds of Treats.


The personality of a Dream Eater is determined by its disposition (性格 seikaku?). Each Spirit has one of four dispositions, assigned semi-randomly during Spirit creation. Changing disposition can be done by petting or poking the Spirit in certain areas or giving them certain types of Treats. Dispositions can only be changed once while in the Dream Eaters menu, and in order to change it again, one should go back to the main menu then back to the Dream Eaters menu.

The disposition controls which commands are available for Spirits to use on the battlefield and their relative frequency of use. In addition, a Spirit's disposition determines its eye color and shape and may unlock hidden paths on its Ability Link. While they do not have dispositions of their own, Nightmare Dream Eaters have access to the same attacks as a Spirit with a Type I (purple eyes) disposition, excluding abilities that grant positive status effects.


Affinity (相性 Aishō?) represents Sora and Riku's bond with a Spirit. It determines how often a Spirit acts in battle and how quickly the Spirit's Link Gauge fills. The initial maximum Affinity level is determined at Spirit creation and can be increased to an absolute maximum of 9. Should the Affinity hit 0, the Spirit will show frustration in battle and have thought bubbles with black circles appear over its head.

A Meow Wow with its Affinity at 0.

Raising the maximum Affinity level is done through the accumulation of Affinity points, represented by a pink gauge.

Affinity Level Affinity Points required for next level
2 100
3 200
4 400
5 800
6 1200
7 1600
8 2000

Affinity points can be earned by defeating enemies or petting the Spirit. Equipping the Affinity Gain ability will increase the number of Affinity points earned by defeating an enemy:

Levels of Affinity Gain equipped Affinity Points per enemy
None 1
1 2
2 2
3 3

The Affinity of a Spirit can decrease over time. Each Spirit has a hidden value called the Affinity maintain value, which has an initial and maximum value equal to ([Maximum Affinity level] × 3) + 5. After every 60 seconds a Spirit spends in combat (+10 extra seconds for each level of Affinity Gain), its Affinity maintain value is examined. If the value is greater than 0, then it drops by 1. If the Affinity maintain value is 0, then there is a 50% chance that the Spirit's Affinity is lowered by one level.

If a Spirit's HP is reduced to 0, its Affinity maintain value will instantly drop to 0. The Affinity maintain value can only be recovered by petting the Spirit.


A Spirit's mood is represented by a hidden value called happiness. The higher a Spirit's happiness, the more likely it is for stats to increase when petting or using a Training Toy, and the greater the amount increased. Additionally, when a Spirit as a happiness of 71 or greater, music notes and light will surround it. The initial happiness value is determined by the current Affinity level, and it resets every time the Dream Eater menu is opened. Happiness can be increased by petting the Spirit or using Training Toys, with Affinity Gain providing a boost in the happiness increase.

Current Affinity level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Initial happiness 0 15 15 20 20 30 30 35 35 40

Happiness is managed by another hidden value called the happy maintain value. Spirits have an initial and maximum happy maintain value of 100. Every time a Spirit is interacted with, the happy maintain value decreases. When it reaches zero, subsequent interactions will not increase the Spirit's happiness, and will instead decrease it dramatically. In order to receive further benefits from Spirit interaction, the happy maintain value must be recovered; it will automatically be restored by 20 for every 5 minutes of real time that passes.

Change in happiness Change in
happy maintain value
Happy maintain value 1 or higher 0
Level of Affinity Gain None 1 2 3 (All levels)
Petting Favorite spot +12 +15 +18 +24 -20 -9–3
Disliked spot +6 +9 +12 +18 -30 -15–5
Training Toy Toy +24 +30 +36 +48 -30 -15–5
Paint Gun (No change)
Candy Like +30 +36 +48 +54 -20 -9–3
Normal +24 +30 +36 +48 -30 -15–5
Dislike +6 +9 +12 +18 -40 -21–7

Petting and Training Toys[edit]

See also: Training Toy

On the Spirit menu, players are able to interact with their Spirits. They can pet their Dream Eaters by touching the Nintendo 3DS's touchscreen (or the PlayStation touchpad in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD), and can also bond with their Spirit by using Training Toys. There are three main benefits of petting a Spirit: raising its stats, recovering Affinity, and changing its disposition.

Petting a Spirit or using a Training Toy will increase its stats. The exact value of the increase depends on the Spirit's happiness and how many levels of Affinity Gain are active, but each stat will generally have a large increase (↑↑), a small increase (↑), or no increase (—).

Type of interaction Stats bonus
Affinity Point Experience Point Link Point Maximum HP Strength Magic Defense Attribute Resistance
Petting ↑ (see below) ↑ (see below) ↑ (see below)
Training Toy Toy Balloon ↑↑ ↑↑
Water Barrel ↑↑ ↑↑
Treasure Goggles
Paint Gun
Candy Confetti Candy ↑↑
Ice Dream Cone ↑↑
Shield Cookie ↑↑
Block-It Chocolate ↑↑
Royal Cake ↑↑

Petting a Spirit or using a Training Toy will have a positive effect on the Spirit's Affinity level. This is the only way to recover the Spirit's Affinity maintain value. The portion of the Affinity maintain value that is restored depends on where the Spirit is pet and which Training Toy is used. If this increase in the Affinity maintain value is reaches a certain threshold, the Spirit's Affinity level may increase.

Type of petting Affinity maintain value recovered
Petting Favorite spot 40–60% of maximum value
Disliked spot 20–40% of maximum value
Training Toy Candy 40–60% of maximum value
Paint Gun (No change)
Toy Anything but "dislike" 40–60% of maximum value
"Dislike" 20–40% of maximum value
Affinity maintain value 8–10 11–13 14–16 17–19 20–22 23–25 26–28 29–31 32
Current Affinity level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The exact increase of a Spirit's stats from petting is dependent on its current happiness, which body part was pet, and if any levels of Affinity Gain are active. Affinity points, experience points, and Link Points are each increased at a separate rate.

Happiness Probability of increase per body part Increase per level of Affinity Gain
Favorite Disliked None 1 2 3
Affinity Points
100 80% 60% 6–18 7–23 9–28 12–36
71–99 80% 50% 3–9 3–11 4–14 6–17
1–70 80% 40% 1–4 1–5 2–7 3–9
0 20% 10% 1 1 1–2 1–3
Experience Points
100 50% 25% 4–12 5–15 6–19 8–24
71–99 40% 20% 2–6 2–7 3–9 4–12
1–70 30% 15% 1–3 1–3 1–4 2–6
0 1% 0% 1 1 1–2 1–3
Link Points
100 80% 30% 2–6 2–7 3–9 4–12
71–99 75% 25% 1–4 1–5 2–7 3–9
1–70 40% 20% 1–3 1–3 1–4 2–6
0 1% 0% 1 1 1–2 1–3

Whether or not the Spirit has a visible reaction to being pet is determined by which part is pet and the Spirit's current happiness. A Spirit can react positively to its favorite part being pet, react negatively to its disliked part being pet, or not react at all.

Happiness Probability of reaction by body part
Favorite Disliked
100 100% 72%
71–99 96% 48%
1–70 80% 40%
0 40% 20%

Changing disposition[edit]

The disposition of a Spirit can be changed by petting it in certain areas or giving it specific Treats. After the disposition of a Spirit is changed, it may not be changed again until the Spirit menu is closed and re-opened. During a Risky Winds Forecast, the probability of all disposition changes is doubled.

Type of interaction New disposition Probability
Petting When rubbing Favorite spot Type II (Yellow) 8%
Disliked spot Type IV (Green) 8%
When poking Favorite spot Type III (Blue) 8%
Disliked spot Type I (Purple) 8%
Training Toy Candy Confetti Candy Type I (Purple) 15%
Ice Dream Cone Type II (Yellow) 10%
Shield Cookie Type III (Blue) 10%
Block-it Chocolate Type IV (Green) 10%
Anything else (No change)


Every Spirit has a rank (ランク ranku?) determined at the time of their creation. There are seven ranks, with F being the lowest and S being the highest, represented by a star. The initial rank of a Spirit is dependent on the recipe used to create it and whether it was created during a Risky Winds Forecast. A Spirit's rank cannot be changed. The primary purpose of a Spirit's rank is to calculate its stats, with higher ranks producing greater stats.

In addition, the rank of a Spirit determines how many Treats it likes and dislikes. The specific Treats that the spirit likes and dislikes are chosen randomly, with the exception of the Royal Cake, which is liked by all Spirits and is not counted against the number of liked Treats produced by the rank.

Rank Number of Treats
Like Normal Dislike
S rank image 2 2
A rank image B rank image 1 3
C rank image D rank image 1 2 1
E rank image 3 1
F rank image 2 2


The stats of a Spirit are determined by a formula based on the type of Spirit, its rank, its level, and the current Forecast. The stats that depend on this formula are maximum HP, Strength, Magic, and Defense. The formula is as follows:

Stat = base value × (rank correction + random value) × level correction ÷ 10


  • Base value is the stat given by the Spirit's breed.
  • Rank correction is given by the following table:
Rank S rank image A rank image B rank image C rank image D rank image E rank image F rank image
Value 1.18 1.12 1.06 1.00 0.94 0.88 0.82
  • Random Value is a random number within the range [(rank correction – 1.1) ÷ 10, (rank correction – 0.9) ÷ 10]
  • Level correction is equal to 10 + Spirit's level if the level is 50 or lower and 35 + (Spirit's level ÷ 2) if the level is 51 or greater.

An additional bonus is applied based on the current Forecast:

Forecast Bonus
Maximum HP Other stats
Ordinary Day +0–3
HP Showers +5–10
Munnystorm +0–3
Treasure Front +0–3 Attack +0–1
Bargain Flurry +0–3 Defense +0–1
Overcast +0–3 Magic +1–2
Risky Winds +0–3

There is also a maximum value for each stat, which cannot be exceeded even if all stat bonuses from Forecasts, Treats, and Spirit creation would be greater than the value. The maximum value for elemental resistance is given by the following formula: 50 + (base value ÷ 2), rounding down to the nearest percent. The maximum value for HP, Strength, Magic, and Defense is calculated with the same formula as the current HP, Strength, Magic, and Defense values, except substituting the rank correction values for a new set of maximum rank correction values:

Rank S rank image A rank image B rank image C rank image D rank image E rank image F rank image
Value 1.28 1.26 1.24 1.22 1.20 1.18 1.16

Creating Spirits[edit]

New Spirits may be created through the Spirits menu. Sora and Riku share Spirits, and a maximum of 99 Spirits may be created. A Spirit must be given a name when it is created, and the name cannot be changed later. The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has a maximum character limit of 9 for Spirit names, while the English version of the game has a character limit of 11. The name of the Spirit defaults to the name of the breed, meaning the name of each Spirit breed does not exceed that same character limit.

Certain Spirits can be unlocked by scanning AR Cards. This is the only way to obtain the Kab Kannon, R & R Seal, and Frootz Cat in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and as such, these Spirits do not count towards the percentage of Spirits obtained in the Report. In the international release and in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, all Spirits are obtainable through in-game methods.

Dream Pieces and Recipes[edit]

Spirits are created through a special form of synthesis that uses Dream Pieces as synthesis materials. Each Spirit can be created through multiple different combinations of Dream Pieces, one of which is given by the corresponding Recipe. The Recipe is not required to create the Spirit. The base starting rank of the Spirit is determined by the specific combination of Dream Pieces used; the highest ranks are never given by the Recipe.

Certain combinations of Dream Pieces can create multiple different Spirit types. When selecting the Dream Pieces in the menu, the odds of creating each Spirit are shown. During a Risky Winds Forecast, the Spirit that usually has lower odds is 50% more likely to be created, and the ordinary spirit is 50% less likely to be created. The combination of Dream Pieces provided by a Spirit's Recipe always has a 100% of creating the intended Spirit.

The initial level and rank of a Spirit can be increased by using additional Dream Pieces in the creation process. The total number of materials used decides the bonus to the starting level, while the amount of each type of Dream Piece decides the bonus to the rank. The lesser of the two rank increases caused by specific Dream Pieces will be applied to the Spirit. Spirits created during a Risky Winds Forecast will be an additional rank higher.

Total Dream Pieces Level
1–3 +1
4–6 +2
7–9 +3
10–12 +4
13–15 +5
16–18 +6
19–21 +7
22–24 +8
25–27 +9
28–30 +10
31–33 +11
34–36 +12
37–39 +13
40–42 +14
43–45 +15
46–48 +16
49–51 +17
52–54 +18
55–57 +19
58+ +20
Dream Pieces Required Dream Pieces Needed for Rank Boost
Rank +1 Rank +2 Rank +3 Rank +4
1 2 3–4 5+
2 3 4–5 6–9 10+
3 5 6–8 9–14 15+
4 6–7 8–11 12–19 20+
5 8–9 10–14 15–24 25+
6 9–11 12–17 18–29 30+
7 11–13 14–20 21–34 35+
8 12–15 16–23 24–39 40+
9 14–17 18–26 27–44 45+
10 15–19 20–29 30–49 50+
11 17–21 22–32 33–54 55+
12 18–23 24–35 36–59 60+
16 24–31 32–47 48–79 80+

Deck Command bonuses[edit]

A Deck Command can be used when creating a Spirit to give it a bonus to its initial stats. Attaching a command to a Spirit recipe scarifies the command. The bonus conferred to the Spirit depends on the command; movement and defense commands may only be attached if the player has at least two of them in their inventory.

Spirit bonuses by command
Command Maximum Affinity level Stats Resistances
HP Strength Magic Defense Fire Blizzard Thunder Water Dark Light
Attack Command Quick Blitz +1
Attack Command Blizzard Edge +2 +10
Attack Command Dark Break +2 +10
Attack Command Slot Edge +3
Attack Command Blitz +3
Attack Command Meteor Crash +4 +20
Attack Command Spark Dive +1
Attack Command Poison Dive +2 +10
Attack Command Drain Dive +10 +1
Attack Command Sliding Dash +1
Attack Command Thunder Dash +2 +10
Attack Command Sonic Blade +3 +1
Attack Command Dark Aura +4 +10
Attack Command Zantetsuken +4
Attack Command Strike Raid +1
Attack Command Spark Raid +2
Attack Command Circle Raid +3
Attack Command Aerial Slam +3
Attack Command Ars Arcanum +4
Attack Command Dark Splicer +3 +10
Attack Command Gravity Strike +1 +1
Attack Command Confusing Strike +1 +1
Attack Command Tornado Strike +2 +1
Attack Command Prism Windmill +3
Attack Command Timestorm +2 +1
Attack Command Fire Windmill +2 +10
Attack Command Icebreaker +20 +20
Attack Command Shadowbreaker +20 +20
Attack Command Magnet Spiral +2 +1
Attack Command Salvation +3 +30
Attack Command Limit Storm +2 +2
Attack Command Collision Magnet +3 +1
Attack Command Sacrifice +2 +1
Attack Command Break Time +2 +2
Magic Command Fire +1 +10
Magic Command Fira +2 +15
Magic Command Firaga +3 +20
Magic Command Dark Firaga +20 +20
Magic Command Firaga Burst +4 +25
Magic Command Mega Flare +4 +30
Magic Command Blizzard +1 +10
Magic Command Blizzara +2 +15
Magic Command Blizzaga +3 +20
Magic Command Icicle Splitter +3 +25
Magic Command Deep Freeze +4 +25
Magic Command Ice Barrage +4 +30
Magic Command Thunder +1 +10
Magic Command Thundara +2 +15
Magic Command Thundaga +3 +20
Magic Command Triple Plasma +4 +30
Magic Command Cure +10 +1
Magic Command Cura +20 +2
Magic Command Curaga +30 +3
Magic Command Esuna +1 +1
Magic Command Zero Gravity +1 +1
Magic Command Zero Gravira +2 +1
Magic Command Zero Graviga +3 +1
Magic Command Zero Graviza +4 +1
Magic Command Balloon +1 +10
Magic Command Balloonra +2 +20
Magic Command Balloonga +3 +30
Magic Command Spark +1 +10
Magic Command Sparkra +2 +15
Magic Command Sparkga +3 +20
Magic Command Faith +4 +30
Magic Command Tornado +3
Magic Command Meteor +3
Magic Command Mini +2
Magic Command Blackout +2
Magic Command Time Bomb +1
Magic Command Confuse +1
Magic Command Bind +2
Magic Command Poison +2 +10
Magic Command Slow +1
Magic Command Sleep +1
Magic Command Sleepra +2
Magic Command Sleepga +3
Magic Command Stop +3
Magic Command Vanish +2 +2
Item Command Potion +5
Item Command Hi-Potion +10
Item Command Mega-Potion +20
Item Command Drop-Me-Not +1
Item Command Drop-Me-Never +2
Item Command Panacea +1
Item Command Elixir +30 +1
Item Command Megalixir +50 +3
Item Command Dream Candy +3
Movement Command Dark Roll +2 +20
Movement Command Sonic Impact +10 +2
Movement Command Superglide +10 +1
Defense Command Wake-up Block +5 +1
Defense Command Link Block +1 +2
Defense Command Sliding Block +2
Defense Command Dark Barrier +3 +30
Reprisal Command Counter Rush +1 +1
Reprisal Command Counter Aura +1 +1
Reprisal Command Shadow Strike +1 +2
Reprisal Command Payback Raid +1 +1
Reprisal Command Payback Blast +1 +1
Reprisal Command Aerial Recovery +1
Reprisal Command Steep Climb +1 +1
Reprisal Command Rapid Descent +1 +1
Reprisal Command Sliding Sidewinder +1 +1
Reprisal Command Sliding Crescent +1 +1

Initial Level[edit]

The starting level of a new Spirit is determined by the average level of Sora and Riku, rounded up. The level can be further increased by adding Dream Pieces when creating the Spirit.

Average character level Spirit starting level Average character level Spirit starting level Average character level Spirit starting level
1 1 18—19 16 43—45 31
2 2 20 27 46–47 32
3 3 21–22 18 48–49 33
4 4 23 19 50–52 34
5 5 24–25 20 53–55 35
6 6 26 21 56–57 36
7 7 27–28 22 58–60 37
8–9 8 29 23 61–64 38
10 9 30–01 24 65–67 39
11 10 32–33 25 68–71 40
12 11 34–35 26 72–76 41
13 12 36 27 77–81 42
14–15 13 37–38 28 82–87 43
16 14 39–40 29 88–94 44
17 15 41–42 30 95–99 45

Initial Disposition[edit]

Spirits are assigned one of four dispositions when created. The odds of creating a Spirit with each disposition is dependent on the current Forecast.

Forecast Disposition
Ordinary Day 30% 35% 35%
HP Showers 20% 70% 10%
Munnystorm 20% 70% 10%
Treasure Front 40% 40% 20%
Bargain Flurry 40% 40% 20%
Overcast 30% 30% 40%
Risky Winds 70% 20% 10%

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