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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
"A weapon that draws forth its wielder's personality."
Japanese アブソリュート
Rōmaji Abusoryūto
Strength Defense
Base Unit Ultima Base Unit
+90 +1 +15 +0 +1
Magic Crit Rate Crit Bonus
Base Unit Base Unit Base Unit
+0 +1 +0 +1 +9 +1
1: Aero Finish
2: Combo-Air Slide
Mystery Gear ③ (Xemnas)

The Absolute is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It represents Xemnas's personality.


Absolute sports a heart-shaped gap in the middle of the blade. The blade splits into two just above this gap, and both halves curve outward, resembling bat wings. Absolute's sides are lined with short ridges. This model of Ethereal Blade is black and has a purple glow. It has a vague resemblance to the Unversed emblem.

Striking a target with Absolute creates a burst of purple energy, which becomes bigger when landing a combo finisher.

As this weapon draws out its wielder's personality, these Ethereal Blades' name may refer to Xemnas's ambition for absolute power over everything - and at the same time, nothing. It could also refer to the fact that he is not doubted or questioned. Its design, similar in shape to an empty heart, is a reference to Xemnas's heartlessness, and also that his true name, Xehanort, is an anagram of "No Heart" with an "X".


Absolute's ground combo consists of a quick, wide slash from left to right, a double slash from right to left, and a launch of three Absolute blades in a spread pattern. The blades have a knock-back effect.

The aerial combo consists of a quick double-spin slash, a double-spin slash in the opposite direction, and a downwards spinning slash with knock-back.