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Summon card

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Summon cards appear in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories as a type of playing card which summon magical creatures. They can be identified by their blue borders, which they share with magic cards. Six of the seven summon cards in the game represent the summons Sora obtained in Kingdom Hearts, and are used in much the same manner. The seventh, Cloud, is a new summon unique to the game. Each summon can be upgraded to more powerful levels by stocking multiple copies of that summon's card, though they can also be used in various combinations with other summon cards, as well as attack, magic, item, and friend cards to perform different spells and summons unavailable in the other games. Many of these new combinations are Kingdom Hearts versions of traditional Final Fantasy spells like "Tornado" or "Quake".

Summon cards are only available in Sora's story, and are not used by any enemies.

List of Summon cards[edit]

Card Name Location Description
Simba (card).png Simba Clear the Traverse Town Room of Beginnings. Simba lets out a mighty roar that deals damage to enemies in front of him. Stock more than one and his roar will also stun enemies.
Genie (card).png Genie Clear the Agrabah Room of Truth. Genie casts Thundara, Gravira or Stopra. Stock more than one and Genie will cast multiple spells.
Bambi (card).png Bambi Clear 100 Acre Wood. Bambi bounds around and drops HP orbs. Stock more than one to boost the effect.
Dumbo (card).png Dumbo Clear the Monstro Room of Truth. Dumbo douses enemies over a set time period, dealing ice damage. Stock more than one to prolong the attack.
Tinker Bell (card).png Tinker Bell Clear the Neverland Room of Truth. Tinker Bell restores HP over a set time period. Stock more than one to boost the effect.
Mushu (card).png Mushu 1st Hollow Bastion Reward. Mushu breathes fire at the enemy, dealing fire damage. Stock more than one to prolong the attack.
Cloud (card).png Cloud Clear the Olympus Coliseum Room of Truth. Cloud unleashes two successive sword attacks. Stock two cards to use Cross-slash and three cards to use Omnislash.

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