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Hollow Bastion Library books

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The Hollow Bastion Library books are key items that appear in Kingdom Hearts. They are part of a puzzle in the Library of Hollow Bastion that requires Sora to find and place the books in the appropriate bookshelves, in order to reveal new areas and items in the library.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

To reach the second floor of the Entrance Hall, Sora must complete a puzzle in the Library. There are eight books to be found, all of which have been misplaced throughout the Library. Upon placing a book in its respective slot, the bookshelf in which it was placed will move. Most of the bookshelves must be moved in order to clear out a path, while two others block the entrance to a Lift Stop. However, behind one bookshelf is a red button that unlocks a door leading to the upper layer of the Entrance Hall.


The books are very conspicuous, colored brightly to attract players' attention. This is in contrast to the other library books, whose covers have muted colors.

List of books[edit]

Book Location Effect
Azal vol. 3 (アザルの書3巻
Azaru no Sho 3-kan
Green Trinity Mark on second floor Opens path to bookshelves on the right wall; blocks path to staircase made by Khama vol. 8
Hafet vol. 4 (ハフェの書4巻
Hafe no Sho 4-kan
Found on table after moving bookshelf containing Mava set Opens path to Lift Stop
Khama vol. 8 (カァマの書8巻
Kaama no Sho 8-kan
Immediately to left of Library entrance Moves bookshelf to make a temporary path to staircase
Mava vol. 3 (マヴァの書3巻
Mava no Sho 3-kan
Found in the bookshelf containing the Hafet set; behind the Nahara bookshelf Activation requires both volumes to be in place, in the right order. Reveals table with Hafet vol.4
Mava vol. 6 (マヴァの書6巻
Mava no Sho 6-kan
Found in bookshelf containing Theon set
Nahara vol. 5 (ナハラの書5巻
Nahara no Sho 5-kan
Found leaning against a bookshelf in the center of the room One of the two bookshelves required to open the Lift Stop
Salegg vol. 6 (サレグの書6巻
Saregu no Sho 6-kan
Found in bookshelf containing Mava set Opens permanent path to staircase
Theon vol. 6 (タオンの書6巻
Taon no Sho 6-kan
On top of table on second level Reveals button to second floor of Entrance Hall