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Light & Darkness

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Light & Darkness (ライト&ダーク Raito & Dāku?, lit. "Light & Dark") is an ability that appears in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It increases the user's chances of turning into AntiForm or Final Form when they attempt to enter a Drive Form while in battle.


In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Light & Darkness is a support ability. So long as it is active, any attempt to enter a Drive Form will cause Sora to shift into AntiForm instead, unless Final Form has not been unlocked yet, in which case there is the normal odds that Final Form will activate in place of AntiForm. In effect, this ability is meant to hasten the odds of activating Final Form by forcing AntiForm transformations. Once Final Form is unlocked, the Light & Darkness ability will only shift Sora into AntiForm, with the exception of Final Form, which cannot trigger AntiForm.

This ability is only active under certain conditions relating to the activation of AntiForm and unlocking of Final Form. If Sora enters a Drive Form out of combat, he will transform normally. The effect is also null in battles where Final Form could not be unlocked due to Sora fighting without two party members, or if one of the party members is incapacitated either by KO or, when battling Zexion, if one of them is currently trapped in one of his lexicons. In these circumstances, even if Final Form has already been unlocked, Light & Darkness will not activate and Sora can enter Drive Forms normally.

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