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This page contains a list of quotes said by Sora during the course of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Opening Quotes[edit]

  • "I've been having these weird thoughts lately like is any of this for real or not?"
    in the opening of Kingdom Hearts.
  • "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up—yours and mine."
    in the opening of Kingdom Hearts II.
  • "They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know. But if it's your fate...then every step forward will always be a step closer to home."
    in the opening of Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep[edit]

Terra's Story[edit]

  • "Hey, slow down! Would you just wait for me?"
    racing Riku during Terra's visit.
  • "That's enough, I can't run anymore!"
    talking to Riku.
  • "Oh! Ahoy! We're over here! Riku, race ya. First one to the boat gets to be captain! C'mon! You call that running?"
    noticing his father and racing Riku to the boat.
  • "Riku! C'mon, hurry it up!"
    calling to Riku after the latter's chat with Terra.
  • "Hey, what was that all about?"
    asking Riku about Terra.
  • "Know what? Why won't you tell me? Who was that guy—somebody you know?"
    inquiring Terra's identity with Riku.
  • "Aw, there you go again! Just tell me."
  • "Not with me you don't! I'm like the best secret-keeper in the world!"
    trying to get Riku to spill the secret.

Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Hey, wait up!"
    racing Riku.
  • "One more time! You just got lucky."
    talking to Riku about another race.
  • "Of course I like him, he's my best friend!"
    Upon Aqua asking if he likes Riku.

Where the Heart Goes[edit]

  • "That's weird. It's like something's squeezing me inside."
    realizing he's crying, but has no idea why.
  • "Well gee, do you think there's something I could do?"
    asking Riku what he should do.
  • "Hmm... I dunno Riku, you say some pretty weird stuff sometimes, but I'll try it."
    deciding to let his heart talk to whatever is requesting his help.
  • "Hey... can you hear me?"
    calling out to Ventus's heart.
  • "Sure, if it'll make you feel better."
    promising to let Ventus's heart heal within his own.
  • "Ya know... I think it worked."
    realizing that Riku's method worked.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "It's true! I saw it with my own eyes!"
    talking about a "monster."
  • "What difference does it make? There's a huge monster in there, I tell you!"
  • "No problem. Let's do it!"
    inspired by Riku.
  • "Listen! There! Can you hear it growling?"
  • "Aw, man. I wish it was a monster! Hold on! What's that over there?"
    noticing the Keyhole of Destiny Islands.
  • "Geez, is that really all that's in here?"
    on the Secret Place.
  • "Sure. But isn't there anything fun to do now? Hey, you know the new girl at the mayor's house? She arrived on the night of the meteor shower!"
    beginning to talk about Kairi.
  • "Whoa! Give me a break, Kairi!"
    talking with Kairi.
  • "No, this huge black thing swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't... Ow!"
    reminiscing on his dream.
  • "W... What are you talking about?"
    confused by Ansem's rhetoric.
  • "Well, whoever you are, stop freaking me out like this! Huh?"
    meeting Ansem.
  • "Wh... Where did you come from?"
  • "So, you're from another world!"
    realizing Ansem's origins.
  • "Oh yeah? Well, you'll see. I'm gonna get out and learn what's out there."
    talking to Ansem.
  • "A storm? Oh no! The raft!"
    noticing the storm.
  • "Where's Kairi? I thought she was with you!"
    encountering Riku during the storm.
  • "What are you talking about? We gotta find Kairi!"
    confronting Riku during the islands' destruction.
  • "What a dream... This isn't a dream! Where am I? Oh, boy."
    awakening in Traverse Town.
  • "Do you know where we are? Hey..."
    asking Pluto on his whereabouts.
  • "So, you're looking for me?"
    on Donald and Goofy's mission.
  • "What? There's no way you're getting this!"
    before fighting Leon.
  • "I wonder if I could find Riku and Kairi..."
    contemplating on whether or not he should join Donald and Goofy.
  • "Yeah, I guess."
    smiling for Donald and Goofy.
  • "Ok, why not? I'll go with you guys."
    deciding to join Donald and Goofy to find his friends.
  • "I'm Sora."
    introducing himself.
  • "How did he get so small?"
  • "Wait, what do we have to do to grow small?"
  • "Hey, guys, we should help her out."
    witnessing Alice's trial.
  • "Hold it right there!"
    interrupting the Red Queen's court.
  • "Excuse me. But we know who the real culprit is! Anyway, she's not the one you're looking for."
    attempting to defend Alice.
  • "What's so funny? I've fought a bunch of monsters!"
    when Phil scoffs at Sora being a hero.
  • "Looks like I'm headed for the games!"
    after completing Phil's trial.
  • "Um... thank you."
    thanking Tarzan.
  • "Okaaay... Where did the others go? Look, I got separated from my friends. Have you seen them? Friends..."
    asking Tarzan on Donald and Goofy's whereabouts.
  • "Right, my friends! There's two of 'em. The loud one is Dona-- You know what? Never mind. I'm looking for my friends, Riku and Kairi."
    explaining his goals to Tarzan.
  • "And I'm... Sora. Tarzan go, Sora go go!"
    introducing himself to Tarzan.
  • "Jasmine, run!"
    upon meeting Jafar.
  • "It's true. So, how did you end up here, Pinocchio?"
    confirming Pinocchio's claims about the Gummi Block and asking how Pinocchio and Geppetto ended up in Monstro.
  • "Pinocchio, stop fooling around! This is no time for games!"
    coaxing Pinocchio.
  • "Hey, let Pinocchio go, Riku."
  • "Heart or no heart, at least he still has a conscience. You might not hear it, but right now it's loud and clear. And it's telling me you're on the wrong side!"
    justifying why he's fighting Riku for Pinocchio.
  • "I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!"
    before regaining his Keyblade.
  • "Forget it! There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!"
    before dueling Ansem in Hollow Bastion.
  • "A Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts... I wonder."
    contemplating how to free Kairi.
  • "Who are you?"
    confronting Xemnas in Hollow Bastion.
  • "What's that supposed to mean?"
    when Xemnas notes his resemblance to "him," Roxas.
  • "What are you talking about?"
  • "Wait, what are you—"
  • "That's not true! The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!"
    before battling Ansem in the End of the World.
  • "You're wrong. I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts... is light!"
    before Ansem's death.
  • "Kairi, remember what you said before? I'm always with you, too. I'll come back to you. I promise!"
    before the restoration of Destiny Islands.
  • "We've gotta find Riku and King Mickey."
    stating his next goal.
  • "Hey, have you seen King Mickey?"
    noticing Pluto's letter.
  • "Guys, let's go!"
    about to run after Pluto.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "That's enough! YOU'RE the one who changed Riku! Every word you've said is a lie! I'd never throw away my heart! I'm gonna take you down and save Riku and Naminé. That's... what's in my heart!"
    confronting Vexen in the memory-based Twilight Town
  • "Marluxia? What does Naminé have to do with---"
  • "Think ahead? What is the matter with you guys? Do you want me to abandon her?!"
    arguing with Donald and Goofy.
  • "Then do whatever you want! You can lay back and take a nap for all I care! I'M going to find Naminé!"
    arguing with Donald and Goofy.
  • "It's like this... I'm really not happy about you messing with my memories. But...you know---I can't really get mad at you for it, either. These memories you gave me... In my head, I know they're lies---but they still feel right. Like the promise I made. I said I would protect you and that I wouldn't make you cry...not ever. Naminé...if you cry now---I'll feel guilty, like I let you down."
  • "Whatever happens, we're friends!"

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "There goes our ride..."
    arriving at the Mysterious Tower.
  • "Sorry to run, Leon. But other worlds are calling."
  • "The Cornerstone... of Light?"
  • "What's going on? Everything's black and white."
    upon arriving at the Timeless River.
  • "Ah, which is it?!"
  • "A Halloween Town Christmas..."
    pondering Jack Skellington's latest idea.
  • "Uh, we didn't bring anything to eat."
  • "I dunno what that was about, but I'm glad it's over. Everything's harder on four legs."
    after encountering the hyenas.
  • "Hey, we're not prey!"
  • "Simba! It's me- Sora! Donald and Goofy are here, too."
    reuniting with Simba.
  • "This is HIS fight, Donald."
    observing Simba's duel with Scar.
  • "We have to say goodbye for a little while."
  • "You can never forget your true buddies."
  • "So. Free as a bird, huh?"
  • "Gee, thanks for looking out for us, mister. But I think we can take care of ourselves just fine."
  • "What did he mean, 'end up like Riku'?"
    musing on Saïx's words.
  • "I gotta help Kairi!"
  • "Riku, the King... and now I lost Kairi again, too."
  • "Go on. Show them who's boss."
  • "A Heartless commander?"
  • "Man. What kind of world is this, anyway?"
  • "Not another game!"
  • "Excuse me. Could you come this way, please?"
    dragging King Mickey to Ansem's portrait.
  • "Riku, Kairi, give me a little time, ok?"
  • "Didn't we catch you messing around in the Underworld?"
    encountering Demyx in Hollow Bastion.
  • "You rotten-!"
  • "Maybe everything we've done... maybe it was for nothing. What am I supposed to do if I can't use the Keyblade?"
    pondering how else to vanquish the Heartless.
  • "It must be the Realm of Darkness!"
  • "Not yet! I gotta look for Kairi!"
  • "Nobodies?! Where did they come from?!"
    encountering Nobodies after acquiring Auron's statue.
  • "Not what I had in mind, but I'll take it!"
    after being "saved" from the Nobodies by Heartless.
  • " That's SORA, Donald, and Goofy!"
    correcting Jack Sparrow on his name.
  • "You stole a medallion again?"
    noticing Jack Sparrow in his cursed state once more.
  • "That's 4 medallions. We got 'em all."
  • "Probably in Port Royal. Organization XIII is after people's hearts. So they're gonna go wherever there's lots of people."
  • "Now to break that curse."
  • "It's ok, Jack. We'll just have to defeat the monster, that's all."
  • "He's part of an Organization that's collecting hearts. First, they release Heartless to different worlds. We defeat those Heartless, they get the hearts. We're never gonna stop them like this."
    explaining where Luxord comes from.
  • "We gotta find their stronghold and finish them off once and for all."
  • "And on that note, we'll be going."
  • "Maybe we should start by talking to Simba some more. Let's head back to the Pride Lands."
  • "Whatever. Iago, you're supposed to be our friend, but you've been playing BOTH sides, just to make sure you saved yourself."
  • "We were glad to help you out and very proud, it's true!"
    singing in "A New Day is Dawning."
  • "We'll be there soon, Tron."
  • "Axel, what we're you trying to do?"
  • "Axel said Kairi's in the castle dungeon."
  • "You can't be... Riku?"
    while battling Roxas.
  • "Are you done rambling?"
    after Xigbar alludes to past Keyblade wielders.
  • "Why did you call me Roxas?"
    after defeating Xigbar.
  • "I looked for you! I looked everywhere for you!"
    reuniting with Riku.
  • "Why didn't you let me know you were ok?"
  • "Then, let's finish it. You're still Riku, no matter what."
  • "That's SORA!"
    correcting Luxord.
  • "That's really getting old!"
    upon being called "Roxas" by Saïx.
  • "Roxas. I wish I could meet him too."
  • "Riku. C'mon, man. Why do you have to do so much on your own? You got friends, like us!"
  • "Just give it a rest! You're Nobodies! You don't even exist! You're not sad about anything!"
  • "Xemnas, you can't hide from us!"
  • "Get ready, Xemnas. It all ends here!"
  • "We can take him on our own!"
  • "Xemnas, there's more to a heart than just anger and hate. It's full of all kinds of feelings. Don't you remember?"
    talking to Xemnas after the battle on the fortress.
  • "You're coming back with us, right?"

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

  • "Hey, Riku? I wanted to thank Naminé, but...I couldn't bring myself to say it, not until everything was back to the way it was before."
    talking to Riku before engaging Xemnas.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "That doesn't mean YOU'RE eternal!"
    before the final battle with Xemnas.
  • "Aw, c'mon, Riku. You've been hanging around darkness for too long. You gotta try and think positive."
  • "Hey, Riku. What's that light?"
  • "From the king?"
    discovering Mickey's letter.

"Blank Points"[edit]

  • "Kairi, I... It's just...they really need me. I have to go. I am who I am...because of them."
    explaining to Kairi why he needs to leave for one final adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "But that's a formality, right? I already proved myself. Me and the King, and Riku— we can take on anything. Right, Riku?"
    claiming he doesn't need the Mark of Mastery exam.
  • "Riku... Then count me in. Put me through the test! Just watch—me and Riku will pass with flying colors!"
    choosing to take the exam.
  • "They're both gone. Before I fell asleep, Neku said that he and that creep in the coat had a "deal." But what was the deal? Are the two of them in league? That can't be right... We never even found Neku's partner. I guess I should just take a look around."
  • "Okay... Are you the one who took Rhyme away? And...why do you know my name?"
    bombarding Joshua with questions.
  • "All that time, Quasimodo let himself be trapped inside the nightmares Frollo gave him."
    musing on Quasimodo's fate.
  • "Xemnas? This is impossible!"
    meeting Xemnas in Prankster's Paradise.
  • "Pinocchio isn't anything like you Nobodies. But if Pinocchio could be given one--shouldn't you be able to have a heart inside you, too?"
    confronting Xemnas.
  • "I get it now. After this, Pinocchio and Jiminy's world gets dragged into darkness, and they end up cast into the sea between worlds, along with Monstro. And then...they end up in Traverse Town, and the belly of the whale. That's when we meet for real. It's like Master Yen Sid said--I'm in the dream Pinocchio's world is dreaming. And that world will never be right again until it wakes from sleep."
    contemplating the fate of Pranksters' Paradise.
  • "This outfit... Hey, I know where I am!"
    - upon landing in the Grid.
  • "Let's go, Tron!"
    - before battling Rinzler.
  • "C'mon, I'm not an actual Player. Can't I bend the rules?"
    telling Neku and his friends he will go after Spellican.
  • "Is the Organization's world sleeping too? No, it can't be. I know I definitely found the seven Keyholes already. So, I've gotta be awake again and in the real world. But why here?"
    wondering why he was in The World That Never Was.
  • "Wait! Naminé! I've got a message for you. I meant to tell you once this was all over."
    wanting to finally thank Naminé for helping Riku and Kairi.
  • "Roxas. How can you be here? Am I dreaming? C'mon, say something."
    seeing his Nobody.
  • "Roxas, you're you. We're not the same. I wanted to tell you that. That you deserve as much as I do to be your own person."
    finally having a chance to talk to Roxas alone with no rush or fights and trying to convince him that the two boys aren't one and the same.
  • "So then, all that stuff I just saw--did you put that in my head?"
    catching his breath as he confronts Xigbar.
  • "Well...my heart was aching. That's why I kept going."
  • "Axel and Roxas and Naminé, and that other girl. I felt what Roxas felt and...they laughed together, got mad, and they grieved. You have to have a heart to cry."
  • "Why, then? Why did you lie to them and tell them they had no hearts?!"
  • "Make more Xehanorts? You tricked your friends to... But you--aren't you scared of just turning into someone else?"
    after learning of the new Organization.
  • "Just stop it! You treat people's hearts like bottles on a shelf, but they're not! Hearts are made of the people we meet and how we feel about them. They're what ties us together even when we're apart. They're what...make me strong!"
  • "I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger - The people it did choose. My friends... they are my power!"
    confronting Xemnas and Xigbar in The World That Never Was.
  • "Good. I was hoping this world was still here. But where are they?"
    coming back to Traverse Town.
  • "Thanks! You're the best!"
    reuniting with the Dream Eaters.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

  • "Heh heh heh. Secret. I'm back!"
    returning to the Mysterious Tower.
  • "Huh? Just us?"
    noticing Riku and Mickey's absence.
  • "That's great. They coulda said good-bye."
    after hearing that Riku and Mickey have left.
  • "It is not. I just like to say good-bye to all my friends."
    arguing with Donald.
  • "I'm here now, right?"
    arguing with Donald.
  • "Whatever! Happens all the time."
    brushing off the news that he has once again lost his abilities.
  • "Donald! Goofy!"
    happy that Donald and Goofy are coming with him.
  • "Pint an' a half."
    after Goofy says that they'll be stronger together.
  • "It's not a vacation!"
    after Goofy claims that their adventure is going to be fun.
  • "Let's go! Count on us!"
    before leaving the Mysterious Tower.
  • "How're we supposed to get there now?"
    having difficulty in finding a route.
  • "Gimme a break, I'm trying. These things take time!"
    brushing off Donald's questions.
  • "Sorry, I got nothin'. What did you expect?"
    trying to focus his heart.
  • "Huh? What's that?"
    after Goofy recalls an old saying.
  • "Really? Ring a bell?"
    confirming with Donald.
  • ""May my heart be my guiding key." I've got it!"
    finally understanding Yen Sid's words of advice.
  • "All right! Olympus Coliseum, here we come!"
    piloting the Gummi Ship through the new portal.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "I was a little off again. Sorry! We'll find him. But we need to go!"
    apologizing to Donald.
  • "Yeah. "Up" is the usual direction."
    when Donald wonders why they're heading up Olympus.
  • "It's just us? Even for you that's cold."
    talking to Hades.
  • "So you're up to no good again!"
    realizing that Hades is planning to defeat Hercules again.
  • "Do you remember the last time we were together? You were feeling down and out. How'd you get your strength back-when you jumped in and saved Meg?"
    asking how Hercules regained his strength.
  • "All my strength is gone from me too. That's why I need you-because I was hoping you might have a solution, or something."
    explaining why he is visiting Hercules.
  • "Just give it up already! You'll never beat Herc, no matter how many times you try."
    after defeating Hades's Titans.
  • "Mmm, it's okay. I think I'm meant to figure it out for myself. I'l find my strength the way you found yours. Something to fight for... with all my heart. I guess you did have the answer."
    resolving to find the power of waking his own way.
  • "What? No fair! What about my outfit, Master?"
    finding out that Riku, Mickey, Kairi, and Lea have new outfits, but he doesn't.
  • "I knew you'd come through for me. Thanks!"
    receiving his new outfit.
  • "Was I ready? I do know hurt. When I lost Riku and Kairi, and later when I lost the Keyblade, and you guys had to go on without me like that... Having no one to turn to was the worst kind of hurt. But that just shows how much you mean to me. Carrying around a little hurt can't be all that bad. Hurting is part of caring."
    describing how he knows hurt.
  • "The outside world seems so big and scary. I know how she feels. Lucky for me you two came along at just the right time- and the rest has been unforgettable. Yep, unforgettable... just like your face!"
    relating to Rapunzel.
  • "Because, bossing around Nobodies? That's the old Organization. Why? Are you in the "real" one too? Good for you."
    meeting Marluxia.
  • "This is the part where you spout some mumbo jumbo and disappear, right?"
    to Vanitas in Monstropolis
  • "What in the world? Where are we? Oh my gosh! Have we been shrunk?! And... and look at us!"
    landing in the Toy Box.
  • "Well, I never look this good. The clothes kinda match."
    comparing himself to Yozora.
  • "There are hearts all around us, trying to connect. Your "loneliness" only made Woody and Buzz's connection stronger. That's the heart's true nature– to never, ever let go. Wherever they are, Andy and the other toys haven't let go either."
  • "Xehanort, you're so caught up in finding the shadows, you forgot about the light that cast them."
  • "Could you guys take a few steps back? You're givin' me the heebie-jeebies."
  • "Um... basically... we've come from far away to get rid of these creatures causing trouble. We're like... exterminators?"
  • "Whaaat? Ugh, if you insist. Everybody join in!"
  • "It's cold! Donald, gimme a coat!"
  • "Exactly! Although, Donald, you do lose your temper a lot, so... I can relate to wanting some alone time."
  • "And I think... maybe that's why she looked so sad. It's just like when Riku disappeared. He thought he had to push me away, to protect me. Maybe Elsa's the same."
  • "Good thing snow's so soft. We could do this a hundred times."
  • "Hey, wait up! Are you... looking for Elsa, too? Whoa! Eeeasy! Do you wanna save her from the bad guy? We're on the same side. Hey. We should team up, big guy."
  • "I may still have a lot to learn about love, but I know what it means to share my heart with others. And it will take more than you to break a bond like that."
    to Davy Jones.
  • "May my heart be my guiding key. It'll show us the way."
    opening a gate.
  • "Why do you think that gate took us here? A Keyblade?"
    arriving at the Destiny Islands and finding the Master's Defender Keyblade.
  • "Not you guys. The realm of darkness—it isn't safe for you."
    explaining that he has to brave the Realm of Darkness alone.
  • "Come on, guys, think about it. Even the King and Riku struggled in the realm of darkness. Someone needs to stay out here, just in case. If something happens to the rest of us, you two need to carry on."
    convincing Donald and Goofy to stay behind on the Destiny Islands.
  • "Thanks, guys. But I'll be fine. I'll make sure Riku and the King are safe. Trust me."
    before entering the Realm of Darkness.
  • "I...had a little help. Watch over the King. I've got this."
    before fighting Anti-Aqua.
  • "You're home."
    greeting Aqua at the Destiny Islands.
  • "If you want, we can take you back to Master Yen Sid's tower to rest with Riku and the King?"
    to Aqua.
  • "But...you haven't recovered yet."
    to Aqua.
  • "Yeah. But...I do wish that Roxas, and Naminé, and Terra could be here with us too."
    to everyone.
  • "Kairi, I'll keep you safe."
    to Kairi.
  • "We're not gonna lose to you."
    to Terra-Xehanort.
  • "They're gone. Kairi, Donald...Goofy, the King... Gone forever. What do we do? Without them...I... All my strength came from them. They gave me all of it. Alone, I'm worthless. We've lost... It's over."
    to Riku.
  • "Okay, so...then if I can find my body, that means I'll be able to go back?"
    to Chirithy.
  • "Naminé, I know that I'm supposed to thank you. The datascape doesn't count. I need to say the words myself. But...not like this. You and Roxas can't tell me you're okay with this. I know how much you're hurting. I...felt that pain through Roxas."
    to Naminé.
  • "Wrong. What about me, Kairi, Donald, Goofy? The King! Roxas too, he misses you! And someone else special I know won't let you down."
    to Naminé.
  • "Well, then I'm gonna go save Kairi so at least you'll be free of this place. Okay?"
    to Naminé.
  • "That part of you—it reminds me of Kairi. Thanks, Naminé. Oh! That's not the official thank-you! Well, see ya!"
    to Naminé.
  • "Umm... I'm a little hazy on the details."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "No way. They couldn't have taken away your heart."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Good. You have to believe."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Exactly, believe. I thought it was all over for me, but a friend of mine looked me in the eye and said, "You don't believe that.""
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "So, uh...who did this to you? Heartless steal hearts, so...a Nobody?"
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Really? Hmm... Well, I wish I could help...but my situation's no better."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "The tasks before me? There's so many."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Yeah. You're right. I just wish I knew what to do."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Thank you. I'm really glad we met. You cheer me up. I hope that friend of yours finds you soon."
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Oh, hey. If I see him, I'll tell him that you're here. What's his name?"
    to the Nameless Star.
  • "Hey, Chirithy. You still look like you, right? Would you like me to help you find your pieces?"
    to Chirithy.
  • "Okay... I'll be back to visit you. You and me are friends now."
    to Chirithy.
  • "No. This'll take all my heart. Okay."
    to Chirithy.
  • "But we're one short. Where's Kairi's heart?"
    to Jiminy.
  • "You're wrong. My heart is strong."
    to Young Xehanort.
  • "So what? You're worried about me now?"
    to Young Xehanort.
  • "The light in the darkness. It was you. You're the one who kept me from fading away."
    to Kairi.
  • "I feel strong with you, Kairi."
    to Kairi.
  • "Like you're actually worthy to use one."
    when Xigbar laments that he could have won with a Keyblade.
  • "Play ya again someday, when we're just guys."
    after defeating Luxord.
  • "You're gonna be recompleted."
    to Larxene.
  • "Then why won't you stand by our side? Instead of with darkness?"
    to Vanitas.
  • "How is that okay? Vanitas!"
    to Vanitas.
  • "You have to fight the darkness!"
    to Terra.
  • "Aqua and Ventus need rest. Terra, look after them."
    to Terra.
  • "That's what he wants. For us to make a mistake. Put ourselves in danger."
    to Ventus.
  • "Don't do this. Wait... It's all right! You can stop now! It's all right...Xion."
    bringing back Xion's memories.
  • "Yeah, sure. And what makes you think there'd ever be any way we'd help you with that?"
    to Master Xehanort.
  • "I know that you have a heart. What do you feel? Was it worth it?"
    after defeating Xemnas.
  • "Pain is being human, Xemnas."
    to Xemnas.
  • "Kairi! Kairi!!! Why her?! Why?!"
    when Master Xehanort strikes down Kairi.
  • "Yeah...but...he controls Kingdom Hearts now. And Kairi..."
    to Donald and Goofy.
  • "Wait. I'll do it. Kingdom Hearts is a much bigger threat. Let me handle Xehanort...while you guys keep it shut."
    to the guardians of light.
  • "Three half-pints together again."
    to Donald and Goofy.
  • "It's over now! You lost!"
    to Xehanort.
  • "It wasn't your decision to make."
    to Xehanort.
  • "If so...you're not that person, Xehanort. A real leader knows that destiny is beyond his control...and accepts that."
    to Xehanort.
  • "No, I know what to do. My whole journey began the day I lost her. And every time I find her...she slips away again. I thought we'd finally be together. But she's out there, alone. Not for one more second."
    to the guardians of light.
  • "Thank you, Donald, Goofy. But this time, I have to go it alone."
    to Donald and Goofy.
  • "I will. And we'll both be back before you know it."
    to Mickey.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "But Kairi's heart hasn't been lost yet. She's still with us, right?"
    to Chirithy.
  • "Hey, I've already restored six hearts. What's one more?"
    to Chirithy.
  • "I don't care. There's a lot I don't understand, but I know that this is all I can do right now. I have to do everything I can to get Kairi back. That's the whole reason behind my journey."
    to Chirithy.
  • "Nope, I have to follow my heart."
    to Chirithy.
  • "Darkness? ...Vanitas?"
    before fighting Dark Inferno χ.
  • "Is this...Aqua's heart? Ven's heart was so peaceful...but this...this is fear."
    in Aqua's heart.
  • "So...this is the fear and despair that Aqua feels... And now...I feel it too."
    to himself.
  • "Well, it's a long story. But tell me, why haven't you returned to Kairi's heart yet?"
    to Naminé.
  • "No matter who gets hurt, it's bad for Terra. Either way, you have to leave. Go to the world of ocean and sky."
    before coming to assist the Lingering Will.
  • "Hey, I can travel to different times too, you know. Did you think you were the only one with that power?"
    taunting Terra-Xehanort.
  • "What...happened to me...? I leapt out of Terra's thoughts... And we fought Xehanort together... That's it! This is Terra's heart... He must've protected me!"
    in Terra's heart.
  • "The memories...are returning..."
    in Roxas's heart.
  • "Got it. I have an idea. Wait for my signal."
    to Roxas.
  • "Ven, Aqua, Terra, Roxas...and me. That's a total of five guardians. I just need to follow the hearts of two more, then I'll reach Kairi. The question is "when"?"
    to himself.
  • "And so, the final battle ended but Kairi didn't return. Even if I continue to search with my past self, I won't find her. What should I do...? Kairi, where are you? Master Xehanort's portal... That's it!"
    to himself.
  • "Where am I...? Did it work...? The other me's not here yet... Gotta look for Kairi while I can."
    to himself.
  • "What's this...? I can feel Kairi's heart... Kairi!"
    finding a fragment of Kairi's heart.
  • "That's five... How many more?"
    to himself.
  • "Enough! It's only two...I'm saving Kairi!"
    to Xehanort.
  • "I managed to come back, but now what? At this rate, I'll run out of time to get Kairi back. Just two more... Two more fragments... Wait! What if...? What if I can trace the hearts of two more guardians... But how...? Everyone always told me—to just follow my heart, but... Follow my heart...? Hearts are all connected...trace the connection... That's it!"
    to himself.
  • "I traced the connection—from me to Riku, then Riku to you. That's seven—all the lights I needed, including yours. I'll handle the rest."
    to Mickey.
  • "Where am I...? That light... It's the King's light! That's it! I'll just connect this light... Gotta aim it just right!"
    after passing through the keyhole.
  • "Kairi, are you ready for this?"
    before fighting Armored Xehanort.
  • "My friends...are my power!"
    destroying the Replica Xehanorts together with the guardians of light.
  • "Kairi. Come on. Everyone's waiting."
    before returning to the present.
  • "Chirithy, we're heading home. You should come with us. Take it from me, it's not enough to wait for someone you care about. It's true that hearts are connected wherever you are. If it's impossible to be together, then all you can do is wait. But, if it is possible to be together, then that's how it should be. You know, this really is a beautiful place. But you'd enjoy it so much more with someone you care about. Before, when I was looking around with Kairi, I remembered how important it is...to share moments with friends. That's why you're coming with us. I'm taking you to see your friend, Chirithy. Okay! Let's go!"
    convincing Chirithy to come with him and Kairi.
  • "This place... At least...I'm all here. Heeey! Is anyone out there? Hellooo!"
    finding himself back in The Final World.
  • "Yeah, you're Yozora, right?"
    meeting Yozora.
  • "I'm Sora. And actually...there's something I have to ask you—"
    talking to Yozora.
  • "If you're here, then this can't be the real world, can it? But wait, that girl, she told me about you. Maybe you are real after all."
    realizing Yozora is real after all.
  • "Huh?! Then what's with the weapon?"
    before fighting Yozora.
  • "I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real or not?"
    during the "I've Been Having These Weird Thoughts Lately" ending.
  • "None of this...makes sense to me."
    during the "Like, Is Any of This for Real or Not?" ending.

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Donald!"
    when supporting Donald.
  • "Goofy!"
    when supporting Goofy.
  • "Aladdin!"
    when supporting Aladdin.
  • "Jack!"
    when supporting Jack Skellington.
  • "Beast!"
    when supporting Beast.
  • "Fire!"
    when using Fire.
  • "Thunder!"
    when using Thunder.
  • "Heal!"
    when using Cure.
  • "Defense!"
    when using Aero in Kingdom Hearts and Reflect in Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Tarzan!"
    when supporting Tarzan.
  • "Ariel!"
    when supporting Ariel.
  • "Peter Pan!"
    when supporting Peter Pan.
  • "Deep freeze!"
    when using Blizzard.
  • "See ya!"
    when using Fire, Blizzard, Showtime, or Fire Breath.
  • "Force!"
    when using Gravity.
  • "Stop!"
    when using Stop.
  • "Wind!"
    when using Aero.
  • "This should help!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Here!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Courage!"
    when activating summons or using Proud Roar.
  • "Give me strength!"
    when activating summons, using Proud Roar, or Trinity Limit.
  • "Gotcha!"
    when using Showtime, Splash, or Fire Breath.
  • "This is it!"
    when starting or finishing a Limit Break.
  • "Let's go!"
    when starting a Limit Break.
  • "Take that!"
    when starting a Limit Break.
  • "Haha!"
    when finishing a combo or Limit Break.
  • "C'mon!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "That's the power of the Keyblade!"
    after winning a coliseum round.
  • "Nothing to it!"
    after winning a coliseum round.
  • "I blew it."
    after losing a coliseum round.
  • "I give up."
    after losing a coliseum round.
  • "We're the champs!"
    after winning a coliseum cup.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Donald!"
    when summoning Donald.
  • "Goofy!"
    when summoning Goofy.
  • "Aladdin!"
    when summoning Aladdin.
  • "Jack!"
    when summoning Jack.
  • "Ariel!"
    when summoning Ariel.
  • "Peter Pan!"
    when summoning Peter Pan.
  • "Beast!"
    when summoning Beast.
  • "Courage!"
    when summoning Pluto.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Ping!"
    when supporting Ping.
  • "Mulan!"
    when supporting Mulan.
  • "Auron!"
    when supporting Auron.
  • "Captain!"
    when supporting Jack Sparrow.
  • "Simba!"
    when supporting Simba.
  • "Tron!"
    when supporting Tron.
  • "Riku!"
    when supporting Riku.
  • "Okay!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "There!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Freeze!"
    when using Blizzard.
  • "Gather!"
    when using Magnet.
  • "Back off!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "Take this!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "This is it!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "It's over!"
    when finishing a combo.
  • "Give me strength!"
    when activating summons or Drive Forms.
  • "Light!"
    at the end of Trinity Limit.
  • "This way!"
    calling to Minnie.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "Give me strength!"
    when activating his Limit Break.
  • "Light!"
    when activating his Final Limit.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "Drift!"
    casting Zero Gravity magic.
  • "Let's go!"
    linking with Dream Eaters.
  • "Together!"
    linking with Dream Eaters.
  • "Good save!"
    when being healed by Dream Eaters.
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Faster!"
    using Diving Strike during Dives.
  • "Here we go!"
    using Diving Strike during Dives.
  • "This is it!"
  • "Back off!"
  • "It's over!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Okay!"
  • "So long!"
    when using a command.
  • "Light!"
    casting Spark magic or Faith.
  • "There!"
  • "Time!"
    casting Stop or Slow.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Riku!"
    when supporting Riku.
  • "Mickey!"
    when supporting Mickey.
  • "Your Majesty!"
    when supporting Mickey.
  • "Ven!"
    when supporting Ventus.
  • "Aqua!"
    when supporting Aqua.
  • "Axel!"
    when supporting Lea.
  • "Kairi!"
    when supporting Kairi.
  • "Roxas!"
    when supporting Roxas.
  • "Xion!"
    when supporting Xion.
  • "Herc!"
    when supporting Hercules.
  • "Woody!"
    when supporting Woody.
  • "Buzz!"
    when supporting Buzz Lightyear.
  • "Rapunzel!"
    when supporting Rapunzel.
  • "Flynn!"
    when supporting Flynn Rider.
  • "Eugene!"
    when supporting Eugene Fitzherbert.
  • "Mike!"
    when supporting Mike Wazowski.
  • "Sulley!"
    when supporting James P. Sullivan.
  • "Jack!"
    when supporting Jack Sparrow.
  • "Baymax!"
    when supporting Baymax.
  • "Whew! That was close!"
    when healed by allies.
  • "Thanks!"
    when healed by allies.
  • "Thank you!"
    when healed by allies.
  • "You're through!"
  • "Back at ya!"
    using counterattacks.
  • "Back off!"
  • "It's over!"
  • "Later!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "See ya!"
  • "Gimme!"
    using healing Shotlocks.
  • "Try this!"
    activating Formchanges.
  • "Over here!"
    countering attacks.
  • "Blaze!"
    casting Fire.
  • "Fire!"
    casting Fire.
  • "Water!"
    casting Water.
  • "Stream!"
    casting Water.
  • "Freeze!"
    casting Blizzard.
  • "Blizzard!"
    casting Blizzard.
  • "Thunder!"
    casting Thunder.
  • "Strike!"
    casting Thunder.
  • "Heal!"
    casting Cure.
  • "Wind!"
    casting Aero.
  • "Storm!"
    casting Aero.
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Hang on!"
    healing allies.
  • "I got ya!"
    supporting allies.
  • "Nice!"
    using items.
  • "Give me strength!"
    summoning Links.
  • "Flare!"
    using Duck Flare.
  • "Meteor!"
    using Donald Meteor.
  • "Go get 'em!"
    using Goofy Bombardier.
  • "As one!"
    using Links.
  • "No... It can't be..."
    upon defeat.
  • "Aw... no way..."
    upon defeat.
  • "I can't... give up..."
    upon defeat.
  • "Fireball!"
    using Simba's finishing move.
  • "Wreck it!"
    using Ralph's finishing move.
  • "Knock 'em out!"
    using Ralph's finishing move.
  • "Let's crush 'em!"
    using Ralph's finishing move.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "Let's do this, Riku!"
    helping Riku against Xigbar and Dark Riku.
  • "Ready, Your Majesty?"
    helping Mickey against Marluxia, Larxene, and Luxord.
  • "Ven, Aqua, c'mon!"
    helping Aqua and Ventus against Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas.
  • "Roxas, Xion, you're up!"
    helping Roxas and Xion against Saïx.
  • "Riku, Your Majesty, let's go!"
    helping Riku and Mickey against Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort.
  • "It's not over yet!"
    when revived as a party member.
  • "Guys, let's go!"
  • "Are both of you ready?"
  • "I'm here, too!"
  • "Let me take care of this!"
  • "Let's settle this."