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Name Falcon Mrk II
Nobody Name Kinxev
Hometown Flemington NJ.
Age 15
Weapon Oathkeeper/Oblivion

Hello users of the KH wiki!I found this place while in the Smash wiki. Since there's no new game/info there,I'm "moving" here! Hopefully, I can make a difference here....

My History With Kingdom Hearts

About 6 years ago,my friend showed me his new game,KH. I started my own file and...I got scared of the Darkside -_-. Although I never got out of Traverse Town,I was into KH.I cut out a Keyblade out of the side of a cardboard box. Plain and simple,it sucked. After that,I didn't really care about KH...until last year. I played KH2 at my cousin's house and I was hooked. So, now I have 358/2 Days and I'm gonna buy a PS2 so I can play and complete KH,KH2 and Re:CoM.

My Talk Bubble

Falcon Mrk II - That secret stays with me.
TALK - 02:10, January 16, 2010 (UTC)
This is my first text bubble.(kinda obvious) I'll use it when talking to users I don't know or when I'm not feeling happy. You gotta like Riku.Light+Dark always=cool.=) Credits go to LapisScarab for making me this talk bubble!!
Falcon Mrk II - I think I understand. I see myself the way you remember me...
TALK - ...and you see yourself the way I remember you.
This is my Roxas talk bubble. Used when I'm happy or when talking to friends. Thanks to SER for this talk bubble!
Falcon Mrk II Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs? — 22:38, March 3, 2010 (UTC)
This is my Axel skinny bubble. Used for normal stuff. Credits go to me for making it, but some for JFHavoc for showing me how.

Organization XIII

Well, I've seen this on other user's pages, and since I want to be in the Organization, I thought I'd try it out.

I. Xemnas:

[ ] You are the leader most of the time. [x] You like black. [x] You wished/wish you were someone else. [ ] You don't listen to others. [ ] You like doing research.


II. Xigbar:

[x] You have bad eyesight. [x] You like throwing things at others when angry. [x] You wish you were able to teleport. [ ] You wear your hair in a ponytail. [x] You have/wish you had a gun.


III. Xaldin

[x] You like windy days. [ ] You have tried to steal something precious from someone. [x] You like dragons. [ ] You have/like dreadlocks. [x] You've tried to anger someone on purpose.


IV. Vexen

[x] You are disrespected by the young ones. [ ] Someone has already considered you a traitor. SUSPICIOUS GLANCE [ ] You are the oldest of your group. [x] You like experiments. [ ] You like cold days.


V. Lexaeus

[x] You are not very talkative. [x] You like brain games. [ ] People are afraid of you because of your appearance. [ ] You prefer heavy weapons rather than light ones. [ ] You are very strong, physically speaking.


VI. Zexion

[x] You love reading. [x] You are not very sociable. [x] You are one of the shortest of your group. [ ] You have a very sensible nose. [ ] You like to elude others.


VII. Saïx

[ ] You have double-personality issues. [ ] You are more active during night rather than day. [x] You like werewolves. [x] Your superior trusts you. [ ] You have a scar on your face.


VIII. Axel

[ ] You are somewhat a pyromaniac. [x] You care deeply for your best friends. [ ] You are a two-face when you need to be. [x] You don't like when people don't remember your name. [ ] You have a very fiery personality.


IX. Demyx

[x] You like music. [ ] You know how to play a guitar. [ ] You like rainy days. [x] You like swimming. [x] You are usually a very happy person.


X. Luxord

[x] You like playing cards. [ ] You like to gamble. [ ] Your favorite color is gold. [ ] You have stolen money from others. [ ] You have/wished you could curse someone.


XI. Marluxia

[ ] You like pink. [ ] You like flowers. [ ] You are plotting to overthrow your superior. [ ] You were betrayed by someone. [ ] You are a bit of a flamboyant person.


XII. Larxene

[ ] You're the only female on your group. [x] You like storms. [x] You're pretty agile. [ ] You like to mock others. [x] You think ninjas are cool.


XIII. Roxas

[x] You love ice cream. [x] You are the youngest of your group. [x] You think people are hiding something from you. [ ] You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met. [x] You prefer afternoons rather than nights and mornings.


Looks like I'm gonna get along with The Freeshooter!(As if!)


Well, I've got friends here nowadays!!!(NOTE:The order is of when I met each user.)(NOTE...again:If there's a reason after your name, it's 'cause you did something for me.If not, it's probably 'cause I saw your user page and thought you were cool/awesome/(insert complement here) =D)

If you want to be my friend too, ask me on my talk page!


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