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To everyone

Sorry if I'm not there quite often. Although I'm quite lazy and anything, I can't deny that I have a lot of things to study (first time in my life... it sucks). My teachers decided to inscribe me to a bunch of national academic competitions (French, Latin, Maths, and a little Poetry) and I, to defend my honor against the best students of France, have to train. A. Whole. Lot. Which explains my lack of activity. But I'll never give up, got it ?

Who I am

My name's Xelias0, or simply Xelias (I would prefer to be called Xelias, I just chose "Xelias0" because Xelias was already taken as a wiki username. Too bad.) That's because Xelias's an anagram of Alexis and sounds like Xemnas. Alexis happens to be my name. A boy's name in French. Yeah, I'm both male and francophone - though Canadian.

I discovered Kingdom Hearts because I am crazy. Let me explain this absurd statement : I am a smaller and more cheerful version of Xemnas. Which means that even without knowing Kingdom Hearts, I sometimes spent times talking to my friends - eventually bugging them - about my new theories about hearts, nothingness, heartlessness, etc, in very long speeches. So - as a medium Final Fantasy Fan (so many F's), when I heard about Kingdom Hearts, I thought about it as a way both to enjoy myself and to understand someone else's theories about the Heart. I loved KH1 and I tried KH2 - and enjoyed it even more ! I've played Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories (have to finish it though - stuck against Marluxia), II, 358/2, Birth By Sleep and Re-Coded (which I'm proud to say I finished before its official release.)

Physically speaking, I kinda look like Dark!Harry Potter. I have an average height, but I'm quite slim. I have mid-long dark brown hair, and eyes that regularly change color. Yeah, strange, isn't it ? Sometimes, they are metallic blue with dark green marks, but sometimes (like now) the tint is more yellow-ish, giving me dark green eyes with yellow marks. I usually wear achromatic (Grey, black and white) jeans and T-Shirts or pull-overs.

Mentally now : I am quite carefree and have a lazy personality - even if I can be quite determined to work on something I have an interest for. I'll often mock the others, or speak using irony - don't feel insulted, or take it personally, because I'm just like that - and it is often a proof of friendship. I'll usually be cheerful, but not that much - I'm not an emotional kind of person. I'd also love the use of overly dramatic / long / boring speeches, especially about the Heart or Nothingness, so don't get me started unless you want to sleep.

In Games

Some say that your temperament influences your style of fighting : THIS IS FALSE. When in real life I am generally calm and calculator, I play games as a true berserk. Magic ? I know only one spell : Curaga ! And I never use Guard. I also have the habit of never fighting on the ground, always being airborne. And I mostly use multiple dodges and acrobatics to counterattack the enemy with even more strength.

That is why my favorite playable characters in 358/2 are Saïx, Axel and Marluxia. All of them are suited to my fighting style. And Zero Gear Riku isn't that bad either.

Dissidia : Kingdom Hearts

User:Xelias0/DissidiaKH Here. A little project grown bigger.


User:Xelias0/Factory For all Talkboxes I made.

unboundtorrent.png Unbound Torrent Keyblade. Yeah, I'm an untalented amateur spriter... And the keytooth is supposed to draw the "Water" kanji, but it fails...

Xelias as an Organization Member

Name : Xelias
Number : 0
Title : The Ephemeral Condemner
Weapon : Swallow Blades (Polearm resembling twin swords attached one to another)
Element : Antimatter

A calm and collected Nobody, Xelias chose to take the Number "0" himself - because he didn't want to be recognized as a whole member of Organization XIII. This is explained by his ideals - different from Xemnas's. He left the Organization after a philosophical "discussion" with Xemnas - and was soon replaced by Roxas.

Xelias has powers over the element of Antimatter. Antimatter is a substance that is the opposite of our matter. Which means when matter and antimatter meet, they both disappear in a flash of light. Xelias can freely conjure antimatter, but due to this realm being made of matter, what he summons disappears in the next seconds - hence the title. Objects made of antimatter appear as black versions of the objects, but they are circled with light and are disintegrating.

In Mission Mode (I wish), Xelias uses powerful, quick swipes of his Swallow Blades to bring the enemy in the air and annihilate him with aerial combos. His attacks are generally quite long ranged. His stats are above average, except for his Defense and HP, which suffer from the rest.

Xelias's Limit is called "Black Hole" : he spins his weapon, creating dark waves that attract the enemy and slam them on Xelias's Swallow Blade, dealing massive damage. In his Final Limit, Xelias imbues his weapon with antimatter, turning it into a dark vortex that has even more range.

Xelias's Weapons are based on names associated to light, darkness and emptiness. His Casual Gear weapon, "Against the Torrent", represents giant oars. His Mystery Gear weapon, "Crossed Hearts", features multiple hearts, some black, some white, some being simply holes in the design of the weapon.

Xelias's Weapons
White Oblivion | Horror Vacui | Existence Denied | Seraphic | Heavensbane | Judgment | Nemesis | Celestia | Painseeker | Forsaken | Heretic Blades | Purgatory | Sentence
Light Bearer | Prometheus | Empty Memory | Pride's Feather | Eradication | Dusk Blades | Split Soul | Paradise Lost | Pandora | Against the Torrent | Crossed Hearts