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Quick References for Common Japanese

- a little bit on the Japanese Language to possibly act as a reference guide for the Wiki.

- More verbs, Common Nouns, Asking Questions, and a little bit more order to follow soon.

Important Particles

'Ga' - subject marker. ex. - Sasuke ga Naruto o hanasu. Sasuke (Subject Marker) Naruto (D.O. Marker) hanasu (speaks).

'O' - direct object marker. shows what the subject is doing the action to. ex. Sasuke ga Naruto o hanasu. Sasuke (Subject Marker) Naruto (Direct Object marker)hanasu (speaks).

'No' - shows possession, or is as a modifying phrase. ex (possession)- Sora no Kiiburedo (Keyblade). Sora's Keyblade. ex (modifying phrase) - Nihongo (Japanese Language) no hon (book). Japanese language book.

'Wa' - denotes the subject of the sentence. -clarifies what you are talking about. -add 'wa' after the topic of the sentence. -any noun can be the topic, if it is the D.O., replace 'o' with 'wa', and if it is the subject, replace 'ga' with 'wa.' ex. - Kinou wa (as for yesterday) sensei (teacher) ga (Subj. Mark) Jon (John) o (D.O. Marker) shikatta (scolded).

'Ka' - lists choices like the English word 'or.' Ame ka yumi. (Rain or water).

'To' - lists items, or specifies the co-agent. ex (lists items) - Ame to yumi (Rain and water). ex (specifies co-agent - Sasuke ga (Subj Mark.) Naruto to (co-agent specifier) tabeta (ate).


- Always at the end of a sentence. - comes in four forms; the dictionary, negative, stem (I will post these forms later) and 'te' form (also, later). - info on past tense will follow with the 'te' form.

dictionary - the one you would see if you looked it up in a dictionary. The present tense and affirmative form of the verb. ex - taberu - to eat

negative - the opposite of the dictionary form. ex - tabenai - to not eat

Common Verbs

Da - is (informal)

Desu - is (formal)

Ja nai - is not (inf.)

Ja arimasen - is not (for.)

Datta - was (inf.)

Deshita - was (for.)

Ja nakatta - was not (inf.)

Ja arimasendeshita - was not (for.)

Aru - to exist/ to have. used by the Japanese to show possession of inanimate objects. (this one is a tad bit strange, as is it's counterpart, Iru) Nai (neg.) ex - Sora wa (Topic Marker) munni (munny) ga aru. As for Sora, munni exists. OR Sora has money.

Iru (dict.) - to exist/ to have. used by the Japanese to show possession of animate objects. Inai (neg.) ex - Sora wa (Topic Marker) tori (bird) o (D.O. Marker) aru (exists). As for Sora, a bird exists. OR Sora has a bird.

Taberu (dict.) - to eat. Tabenai (neg.)

Hanasu (dict.) - to speak. Hanasanai (neg.)

Shinu (dict.) - to die. Shinanai (neg.)

Kaku (dict.) - to write. Kakanai (neg.)

Toru (dict.) - to take Toranai (neg.)

Kau (dict.) - to buy Kawanai (neg.)

Miru (dict.) - to watch Minai (neg.)

Iku (dict.) - to go Ikanai (neg.)

Kuru (dict.) - to come Konai (neg.)

Suru (dict.) - to do Shinai (neg.)


Yes / no and content questions to follow soon.

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