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Finalfreakfantasy is a shady character from the Keyhole and Final Fantasy Wiki, who recently decided to move to Kingdom Hearts Wiki. He aspires to become a Nobody, a member of the Organization XIII, or whatever it is, the true Organization or whatchamacallit. His greatest influence in that realm is Luxord, Gambler of Fate, Master of Time, Wielder of... cards... Well. He does some cool stuff with them.

Ahem, anyways...


Finalfreakfantasy, or FFFreak or Freak or Dr. Freak or Darth Freak or His Most Royal Lordship Master Finalfreakfantasy, was born in November 1995, to a cold winter morning in Helsinki, Finland. It wasn't until 2004 when he first discovered Kingdom Hearts, his father asking if he'd like to have the first game in the series as a Christmas present. Well, being an avid gamer and childhood fan of Disney, of course he wanted to give it a shot. Needless to say, the game drew FFFreak in itself and delivered a huge impact on him, making him tell his friends about it and play it day and night.

Anticipation for the sequel, Kingdom Hearts II began soon after he had finished the first game. Since he didn't own, and never has to this date a Gameboy of any kind, he never had played Chain of Memories. It's fixed now, I'll get to that later. Many times he would go to the store with his parent(s) to buy Kingdom Hearts II, only to notice it hasn't come out yet. Many times he would surf the internet, seeking new info about the game, to find out that his favourite actor of all times, Christopher Lee would act in it. Then finally, in Christmas 2006, when the long torment was finally put to an end, and a shiny Kingdom Hearts II appeared from FFFreak's present wrapping. Playing it immediately on the night of Christmas Eve (yes, in Finland kids open their gifts on Eve, whatcha gonna do about it?) and getting immersed in that Disney/Square- fantasy world once again.

Then came Final Fantasies. Next!

Christmas... wait... yes, I do believe so - Christmas 2009 was a happy day once again, for FFFreak's little brother had got that Nintendo DS (which didn't have Gameboy backwards compatibility) and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (along with other games). Yes, FFFreak loved it too, and a bit over a year later he would also buy Re:Coded for that very same system.

Then came sadness, for FFFreak didn't have a PSP, a Gameboy, a 3DS nor a Japanese-game-compatible-system, so he wouldn't be able to play Birth by Sleep, Chain of Memories (nor Re:version, as it hasn't come out in Europe... yet(September, yay :D)), Dream Drop Distance nor any of the Final Mixes, respectively. Well, it didn't end there, for you see, Freak learned an efficient way to emulate these games, and he's now able to play them all, save for Dream Drop Distance. He's still waiting to play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Re:Chain of Memories, but he only has to wait til that 1.5 Remix comes out.

And 1.5 HD ReMix did come out and he got it very quickly. Freak was overjoyed now that he could play Final Mix and Re:CoM. He's still struggling to win Sephiroth and Unknown, also Marluxia. He's a noob. No I'm not. Yes, you are. Why am I fighting with myself?

Freak made it into University of Helsinki in 2014 to study English philology, to become an English teacher. He got the incentive to buy 3DS, at last, as well as Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. All was well and Freak enjoys the game, although not as much as the 2.5 HD ReMix, which he immediately picked up when it came out. Now Freak takes pride of having played each and every single game in the series. Minus the mobile ones. Who plays those anyway?

That's about it then.

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This space could be filled with any kind of random crap.


How about this? Banana. Heehee...

You still reading my boxes?

Now? OK.

Island of Favourite Things and Star-Shaped Lipstick Bottles... Or Not

Here Freak has made short descriptions of his favourite aspects of the series, from characters to worlds to Heartless to Gummi Ship-parts. Enjoy!

Favourite original good guy

1st: Sora

The Keyblade's chosen one, Sora is the main protagonist of the series. He's goofy, friendly, always there to help. A friend everyone wants but only a few deserves (I'm looking at Riku).

I chose him for those reasons and because he's lovely to play with, with his awesome skills and move sets. Also he has the best Keyblades.

2nd: Ansem the Wise/DiZ

One word: Christopher Lee. No, wait, that's two. Well, whatever. 'Nuff said. Well, jokes aside, the world wasn't very fair for Ansem, putting him in a state of vengeance. Still, in the end, was his vengeance fulfilled? Was he rewarded? Maybe, maybe not. Still, replacing Sir Lee with Corey Burton, though understandable and forgivable, is quite incomprehensible and unforgivable. Wait... Gosh darnit! Anyways, he's number two for this sole reason.

3rd: Ventus

Much like his well-famed lookalike Roxas, Ven's life isn't exactly glamorous. Either he's getting his heart broken or his dark side gets extracted from him, yet there are friends for him. Also he moves neatly.

Worst: Riku

Ugh, I've never liked him. He's that friend who always brags while not even bragging, he's annoying, he became a puppet of evil, yet redeemed himself. Still, while working in the background, he helped Sora and his friends. Still, he's annoying. And gay. Or maybe not. I hope he dies. Well, that's harsh. I hope... ah, forget it!

Favourite Organization XIII member

1st: Luxord

The Gambler of Fate, The Thrower of Dies, The Flipper of Cards, The Mysterious Walking Oxford Dictionary. Luxord is calm, collected, intelligent, and he'd rather skip the formalities (read: boring taunts). Though the Nobodies he controls, the Gamblers, aren't very special, he's the number one member (or number ten, actually) for me.

2nd: Vexen

The Chilly Academic, Number Four in the Organization. He's an old scientist, who wants to be taken seriously. Yet I think he isn't. Oh, well, you tried. Also, he played Riku like a fiddle, making a replica of him. Hehehee...

3rd: Xigbar

The Freeshooter, Number Two in the Organization. He could be defeated, if he was just an any old guy. 'Cept he's not. Nothing any old about him. He looks pretty old, but apparently he isn't. He controls the Snipers, which are my favourite kind of Nobodies. Also, his boss fight is pretty fun, though difficult.

Worst: Lexaeus

The Silent Hero, Number Five in the Organization. I've never been one for brute force. And... since I've yet to play Riku's story in Chain of Memories (ugh, how I'm NOT waiting for that), I don't really know much about him. I only know he's a... silent hero... and he's strong as heck. Well, all in due time.

Favourite Disney party member

1st: Donald Duck

The Royal Court Wizard, Donald Duck accompanies Sora through his adventures. He's the most useful party member, healing his friends and dealing magical damage to his foes. Also, he's funny, like D.Duck should be. I hope he was playable in KH3, that would be awesome. Well, at least I got to play with him in Days.

2nd: Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films and Jack is absolute number one in the film. He's charming, funny and quite eccentric. His world is also one of my favourites.

3rd: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

Another Jack. He could be higher on this list, but truth is, James Arnold Taylor isn't Johnny Depp. Not. By. A long shot. Yet, he manages to be quite funny in Kingdom Hearts II as well.

Worst: ???

I'm sorry. I simply can't decide which would be the least good Disney party member. Since none of them is really bad, I can't say.

Favourite Disney bad guy

1st: Maleficent

The antagonist of the Disney cast, Maleficent is cruel, epic and evil. She is my absolute favourite Disney villain of all times and I liked her boss battles in the original KH. I only curse that she wasn't a boss in KH2. Oh well, KH3, this fight will be resolved.

2nd: Hades

I love how they got the original voice actor of Hades to voice him in KH series. All of the games where Hades's voice features! James Woods brings humour to this ghastly character and he's the god of Death. Who wouldn't love that?

3rd: Ursula

The sea witch from the Little Mermaid, she has also been one of my favourite Disney villains for quite some time. Her boss fights were awesome (yes, I even enjoyed the KH2 one), though I wish she'd show the same malevolence and madness as in the film she originated. That's why she's so low on the list.

Worst: Scar

OK, let's make one thing clear: Scar is absolutely one of the greatest Disney villains. But in KH2 he gets barely any screen time, he's not as gruesome and cunning as in the film and he looks silly. I wish he had been better in the game. He was a disappointment.

Favourite World

1st: Symphony of Sorcery

After playing for a minute as Riku in this world I instantly fell in love. Get that, playing as RIKU! The background music is classical music for Pete's sake! And it's just beautiful! OMG!

2nd: Halloween Town

That background music, that art style, them characters. Is there anything you wouldn't love about Halloween Town? Well, Lock, Shock and Barrel-battle from Kingdom Hearts. The only reason I dislike HT. Anyways, I love Christmas Town as well, and it's even better in KHII Final Mix, what with different background musics and alternate forms for Sora, Donald and Goofy.

3rd: 100 Acre Wood

OK, mini-game world, I know. But still, Winnie the Pooh and friends are adorable and adorably half-witted. KHII's story almost made me tear-jerk. And half of the mini-games aren't even bad. I know I don't enjoy the Blustery Rescue nor the Tigger pot-shooting from the original one, but I really like the bouncing game (whichever it was) and the humour in the world.

Worst: Space Paranoids

Argh, this place! It always gives me a headache and the story there isn't that interesting. The boss fights are uneventful and dull. The computer-themed language the characters speak... The LIGHTCYCLE!!!! OMG, how irritating! The only redeeming quality in this world is the Solar Sailer, where I spent hours grinding my Forms. Fun, yes. But not otherwise.

Favourite Keyblade

1st: Oblivion

It's cool and it's in most games. Darkness is always a nice theme in stuff and Oblivion brings up the theme perfectly.

2nd: Ultima Weapon

Just because it looks cool most of the time and it has the ultimate power... well, not always, but anyways. It's nice

3rd: Master Xehanort's Keyblade

Yes, not playable, but very cool design. If there's any Keyblade I could play with, it's this.

Worst: Gull Wing

Seriously. I think I've never used this blade. Though I'm crazy enough to enjoy FFX-2, the design in this is ugly, the YRP in this game are ridiculous (as if they weren't in X-2) and it's useless.

Favourite Heartless

1st: The XIII Mushrooms (or any Mushroom, save for Gold Tricholoma)

All of them. Though I'm yet to encounter half of them, they're fun, and in general, the Mushroom-type enemies in KH series are very cute and nice to play with (save for Gold Tricholoma, the only one I hate)

2nd: Dark Thorn (and Shadow Stalker)

Cool boss battle, cool design, love the battle musics in these fights. Dark Thorn is far superior to Shadow Stalker, but both are cool.

3rd: Phantom

One of the secret bosses of Kingdom Hearts, Phantom is the coolest. Its battle is difficult, yes, but rewarding, leveling up one's Stop-spell. Also, its design is creepy-cool.

Worst: Snowy effing Crystal

These little suckers are effing annoying. They won't stagger and they're fast, freezing the player and zipping around the field. Though they fall easily with Fire, they're as easily the most annoying Heartless there is.

Favourite Nobody

1st: Sniper

They're cool, their Reaction Command is nice and they're controlled by Xigbar. Awesome.

2nd: Dragoon

Dragoons are cool in Final Fantasies and they're cool as Nobodies in KHII. One can use Jump when fighting these! :O Oh, and Xaldin controls them.

3rd: Samurai

Samurais have a cool Reaction Command, but they're deadly with their blades. Roxas controls them.

Worst: Dancer

These are annoying. Plus, I don't like dancing.

Favourite Unversed

1st: Symphony Master

This boss was nice and fun. Also nice design. One thing I don't understand, though, is that when this Unversed crashed the Royal Ball (with the Prince, Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters and the Grand Duke), the Duke mentioned that the guests were just about to enjoy themselves. My point is, WHAT EFFING GUESTS???!!!

2nd: Jellyshade


3rd: Chrono Twister

I don't know, I've always considered them to be quite cool. If Luxord would control Unversed, it would be this.

Worst: Tank Toppler

I just hate them. If one happens to hit them even slightly wrong, they roll and 'xplode. Why must I hit their valves. I just end up hitting their front and then miss my droppables.

Favourite Dream Eater

1st: Fishboné

A skeletal fish. How cool is that? Also, its Link attack (with Sora, duh) is awesome. A beam of high-pressure water!

2nd: Ryu Dragon

They're dragons. And Ryu. Whatever that means. They're awesome.

3rd: Escarglow

They're cute. Reminds me of Gary from SpongeBob. That's why I named mine Gary.

Worst: Aura Lion

When writing this, I didn't know whether they were useful as Spirits or not, but as Nightmares, these Lions just shred my character with their apparition-jumping attack. I hate when someone shreds my character with their apparition-jumping attack.