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This article is about the synthesis material. For other uses, see Twilight (disambiguation).
Twilight Shard KHII.png
"A gem fragment filled with twilight. A very common ingredient of item synthesis."
Twilight Stone KHII.png
"A stone filled with twilight. A common ingredient of item synthesis."
Twilight Gem KHII.png
"A gem filled with twilight. A rare ingredient of item synthesis."
Twilight Crystal KHII.png
"A mysterious crystal filled with twilight. A very rare ingredient of item synthesis."
Japanese たそがれ
Rōmaji Tasogare

Type White Ingredient
Item Rank Buy Sell
Shard Material Class Icon C KHII.png 200[1] Munny
Stone Material Class Icon B KHII.png 400[2] Munny
Gem Material Class Icon A KHII.png 800[3] Munny
Crystal Material Class Icon S KHII.png

Twilight is a material type available in Kingdom Hearts II. Twilight materials contain the essence of twilight, and are colored white. Once all Twilight materials are obtained the Moogle will reward Sora with a Serenity Crystal.


Twilight materials are represented by white jewels and have an Elemental material structure.

The material's name simply refers to the "essence of twilight" it contains.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Synthesized items[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Twilight materials are used to synthesize the following items:

Notes and references[edit]

  1. The Twilight Shard can be purchased once 30 have been deposited.
  2. The Twilight Stone can be purchased once 25 have been deposited.
  3. The Twilight Gem can be purchased once 20 have been deposited.

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