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Game:L'Impeto Oscuro

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Track Plate (Castle That Never Was) TWTNW KHMOM.png
L'Impeto Oscuro
KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]
Track information
Track type Field Battle Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
Regular Performer
Beginner difficulty icon 3 111 34Performer Style icon
Standard difficulty icon 9 153 74Performer Style icon
Proud difficulty icon 14 253 86Performer Style icon
Dropped materials
Material Initial M. LV4
The Twilight Shard material sprite Twilight Shard 75% 74.3%
The Twilight Gem material sprite Twilight Gem 25% 24.8%
The Wellspring Crystal material sprite Wellspring Crystal 0.9%
Collector's Card pack 17

World Tour information
Temporal Melody
Magenta star icon Defeat 65% or more of ground enemies
Magenta star icon Hit all ability crystals
Magenta star icon Defeat 70% or more of aerial enemies on Proud difficulty
Clear Reward
Collector's Card icon No. 181 Young Xehanort - KH 3D [Dream Drop Distance] x2
Track information
Track type Co-op Field Battle Co-op Field Battle
Diff. Lv No. of Notes
P1 P2
Beginner difficulty icon 4 90 86
Standard difficulty icon 8 115 113
Proud difficulty icon 14 131 132

"L'Impeto Oscuro" is a Field Battle track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Field Battle stage is set in the Sanctum of Time in The World that Never Was as it appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is unlocked upon obtaining 20 magenta stars on World Tour.

The Co-op version of the "L'Impeto Oscuro" Field Battle is unlocked after clearing 12 Co-op stages.



Standard Moving Multi-Attack Ranged Attack Jumping Pop-Up Ability
Ground Near
Drak Quack (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Drak Quack
Keeba Tiger (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Keeba Tiger
Skelterwild (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Toximander (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Zolephant (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Aerial Far
Peepsta Hoo (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Peepsta Hoo
Eaglider (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Ryu Dragon (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Ryu Dragon
Peepsta Hoo (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Peepsta Hoo
Eaglider (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Ryu Dragon (Nightmare) KH3D.png
Ryu Dragon


L'Impeto Oscuro (Proud Mode)