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Moon Amulet

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Kingdom Hearts II
Moon Amulet
Moon Amulet
"Highly increases strength and magic and also greatly increases maximum AP."
Japanese ムーンアミュレット
Rōmaji Mūn Amyuretto
Strength Magic AP
+2 +2 +3
Buy Sell
Item Synthesis
Kingdom Hearts III
Moon Amulet
Moon Amulet
"Grants a small boost in Strength and Magic, and a slight boost in Maximum AP."
Japanese ムーンアミュレット
Rōmaji Mūn Amyuretto
Strength Magic AP
+2 +2 +8
Damage Syphon
Buy Sell
Photograph 15 Lucky Emblems; Item Synthesis

The Moon Amulet is an accessory that is found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III.


The Moon Amulet is a silver, triangular charm. The charm's edges are decorated by silver crescents and spikes, the lower half of the charm's face is adorned by a silver fleur-de-lis, and the upper half of it is decorated by a black crescent moon symbol.

The Moon Amulet's name clearly references the crescent moon adorning its face.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Moon Amulet KHII.png Moon Amulet
Requires Amateur Moogle (LV1)
Moon Recipe
Ingredients Orichalcum KHII.png Orichalcum x3
Mythril Crystal KHII.png Mythril Crystal x1
Twilight Stone KHII.png Twilight Stone x1
Twilight Shard KHII.png Twilight Shard x1
Rank A
EXP 22
Star Charm KHII.png Star Charm
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Crystal KHII.png Serenity Crystal x 1

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Moon Amulet Moon Amulet
Requires Complete Photo Mission #7.
Ingredients The Mythril Stone material sprite Mythril Stone x2
The Pulsing Stone material sprite Pulsing Stone x3
The Writhing Stone material sprite Writhing Stone x3

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