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"A precious material that can bring a rare Spirit to life. You almost need sunglasses to look at it."
Japanese 輝ける
Rōmaji Kagayakeru

Translation Radiant
Item Buy Bargain Sell
Fantasy 1000 Munny

Brilliant is a Dream Piece material type that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is used to create Spirit Dream Eaters.


A Brilliant Fantasy consists of two interlocking jade stars, detailed with an inner series of green, blue, and yellow stars.



  • Brilliant Fantasy:
  • Symphony of Sorcery: Reward for Riku's sixth Special Portal (100%).
  • The World That Never Was: Reward for Riku's first Special Portal (33%); reward for Riku's second Special Portal (67%); reward for Riku's third Special Portal (100%).

Other methods[edit]

  • Malleable Fantasy: Obtained for an expired Lord Kyroo or Keeba Tiger; obtained for an expired Kab Kannon[KH 3D].

Synthesized Spirits[edit]

Brilliant materials can be used to create the following Spirits:

Notes and references[edit]

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