Draw Ring

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Kingdom Hearts II
Draw Ring
Draw Ring
"Draws in nearby orbs."
Katakana ドローリング
Rōmaji Dorō Ringu
Chest at the Rabbit's House;[KH II] Item Synthesis[KH II FM]

The Draw Ring is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Draw Ring is a gold ring with its outer edge covered in a thick, intricate weave pattern. There are two teardrop-shaped holes in one side of the ring, from which a large, gold charm hangs. This charm is slightly rounded and has similar designs on it to the ring. The most prominent symbol on the charm is the crown symbol on Sora's necklace, which is dark gold and in the center of the charm.

The Draw Ring's name is a clear reference to its use, to increase the distance Munny, Health Orbs, and Drive Orbs can be drawn from.


Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]

The Rare Document recipe is a reward for completing the "Duality" Puzzle. The Draw Ring is a rank S synthesis item, and its upgrade is the Lucky Ring recipe.

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