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"A rare gem. You can use this material to synthesize panels."
Japanese ダイヤモンド
Rōmaji Daiyamondo

Item Buy Sell
Diamond 2000[1] Heart Points 1000 Heart Points

Diamond is an item used for panel synthesis in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is used in synthesizing a number of high-level Ring panels.


Diamonds are represented by jewels with a Gem structure and a white color scheme.

A diamond is a highly valuable, highly durable gemstone—named for a Greek word meaning "unbreakable", which is also the source of the word adamantite. Fittingly, Diamonds are often used to synthesize Ring Panels with high defense.



  • Chest at Agrabah Street in Mission 16 (requires High Jump, Air Slide, or Glide); chests at Hedge Maze Entrance and Bizarre Room in Mission 63; chests at Red Rose Hedge Maze (east section) and Red Rose Hedge Maze (west section) in Mission 65; chest at Red Rose Hedge Maze (east section) and two chests at Red Rose Hedge Maze (west section) in Mission 81



Synthesized items[edit]


  1. ^ Available after attaining Agent rank.
  2. ^ The Bully Dog drops a Diamond in Mission 83.
  3. ^ The Aerial Master drops a Diamond in Missions 82 and 90.