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The Road to Dawn

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This article is about the chapter from the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.
You may be looking for Riku's Signature Keyblade.
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Episode 13

Yen Press translation

KHCOM Manga 13b.png
Publisher Tokyopop
Yen Press
First published February 2007 (TP)
June 2013 (YP)
Cover date February 2007 (TP)
June 2013 (YP)
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Kimie Kim (TP)
Edits by Peter Ahlstrom (TP)
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories


Marluxia leaves, taking Naminé with him. Axel, though disappointed to see Marluxia gone, tells Sora of Marluxia's plan. Meanwhile, Marluxia restates his previous command: erase Sora's memory. Naminé refuses, enraging Marluxia.

Axel tells Sora to go after Marluxia. Sora is hesitant at first, still holding his Keyblade. Axel prepares to leave, expressing how he doesn't want to fight Sora. As he leaves, Axel wishes Sora good luck. Further down the hallway, numerous thorn stalks are wrapped around a large door. Sora unlocks the door with his Keyblade, finding a dark room filled with roses and sharp thorns. Also in the room is Naminé, constricted by the flowers. Marluxia steps into the light, explaining how the roses in this room reflect Naminé's feelings for Sora. He continues, saying that Naminé wanted this, instead of continuing to hurt Sora. Enraged, Sora begins attacking Marluxia. Shortly into their battle, Donald, Goofy, and Naminé are trapped by some of Marluxia's plants. Marluxia toys with Sora, saying their lives can be saved so long as he provides the correct answer. Donald shouts at Sora, telling him to worry about taking Marluxia out. Unable to hold off Sora, Marluxia again grabs Naminé, using her as a final defense. Sora jumps overhead, saving Naminé and striking Marluxia.

With Marluxia gone, Naminé takes the trio to a different room, one containing three [pod]]s. Naminé explains that in order to regain their memories, the group will have to sleep in these pods while she reconstructs their memories. Before stepping into his pod, Sora promises to see her again. As Sora begins to sleep, his memories of Kairi start to return...

Riku has progressed further into the castle, now on the Destiny Islands. Riku runs into Zexion, who shortly transforms into Sora. Zexion begins to recall Riku's past with darkness. Riku, caught in Zexion's illusion, is attacked by a blinding light. Held in this light, Riku questions if he will be consumed by the light. A new voice speaks, claiming that although his darkness is deep, if Riku can accept it willingly, he will have a newfound strength unlike any other. Choosing to use both light and darkness, Riku finally accepts the darkness within him- releasing him from Zexion's illusion. Riku swiftly eliminates Zexion, claiming his true enemy was his own weak heart. Ansem then appears, asking Riku to become his servant once again. Riku refuses, and eventually defeats Ansem. Still trapped in the darkness, Riku is saved by King Mickey. Mickey reveals that DiZ brought him here. DiZ introduces Riku to Naminé, who offers to seal Ansem in Riku's heart and memory. Riku declines, saying he would rather remove Ansem on his own. Riku then rejoins Mickey and DiZ. Doning black coats of their own, Riku and Mickey leave Castle Oblivion, walking forward, towards the slowly rising dawn.

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Entelechies Heartless
Castle Oblivion
Destiny Islands


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