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Wooden Sword

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Kingdom Hearts
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword
"A toy sword made of wood."
Katakana 木剣
Rōmaji Bokken
Strength MP Recoil
+0 +0 30
Critical Rate Bonus
x1 +0
Awaken from the Dive to the Heart; speak to Riku after landing at Hollow Bastion.

The Wooden Sword is a weapon introduced in Kingdom Hearts. It is wielded by Sora and Riku at Destiny Islands, and again by Sora at Hollow Bastion, when Riku takes the Keyblade. It is also seen in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as Ventus's practice weapon before Terra gives him the Wooden Keyblade.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Ventus used a Wooden Sword as his practice weapon in the Land of Departure. At this point, the blade of the sword has many nicks and dents in it from practice fighting. Noticing the damage, Terra bestows Ventus with his Wooden Keyblade as a replacement and encourages him by pointing out that the dents show improvement.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

On Destiny Islands, Sora and Riku would often use these toy swords to spar against each other, or against Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. They would pass the time on their tiny island with friendly matches against each other—Sora and Riku even having a friendly rivalry.

During the destruction of the islands, Sora attempted to stave off the Heartless with the toy sword while making his way to Riku and Kairi, but has no effect on the Shadows. When he and Riku were engulfed in darkness, Sora received the Keyblade, which he then used until he arrived in Hollow Bastion.

It appears, however, that Riku kept his with him after washing up at Hollow Bastion, even after Maleficent gave him the Soul Eater. When Sora arrived in Hollow Bastion, he and Riku had a short standoff, and Riku's stronger heart prevailed. Taking the Kingdom Key for himself, Riku tossed Sora his old wooden sword, telling him to go and play hero with it instead.

With the help of the Beast, Sora made his way into the Entrance Hall of Hollow Bastion, where he and Riku had another showdown, and this time, Sora's heart held out. The Kingdom Key chose Sora once more, and the two fought. It is unknown what happened to the Wooden Sword after this.


The Wooden Sword is easily the weakest weapon in the game, and possibly the weakest in the entire series, with its only rivals being the Struggle Bats in Kingdom Hearts II and the Wooden Stick in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

As its name suggests, it is indeed a toy, crudely made from pieces of wood to look like a real sword by the boys of Destiny Islands. It has next to no effect on even the weakest of Heartless, although Sora can still cast magic through it if he knows any. Despite his swordsmanship and magical training, Sora is nearly helpless when using this sword instead of the Keyblade, and must rely on his ally or spells to destroy his enemies.